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  1. Wrong side of the country. These are great autocross transmissions with a closer 2-3 gearing. I would take it in a heartbeat as a spare. I am putting one in now for next season.
  2. Drivetrain and suspension will all be swapped in from my autocross car. Do you know if a 73 dash will bolt up to a series one shell? That and the doors are my main concern. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it.
  3. I have a straight Series one shell that I want get back on the road for my use, not to sell. I couldn't find any threads although I'm sure they exist on swapping parts. I have many 1973 parts, doors hood, hatch, dash and wiring that I wonder if they will fit on an early chassis. I don't want to do any cutting or adding welded tabs to make things fit. Does anyone know if the things I have listed will work? I'm guessing later door hinges to handle the extra weight. I will get an early brake booster. It will be a dual purpose track day and street car so I'm not worried about the interior.
  4. They were called Wheel Specialties. A real racing wheel that is no longer made. Corvettes used to run them. I saw a set at the Monterey Historic races on a Corvette still. A 2 piece wheel that had the center glued to the outer ring using "NASA" glue. Kind of scary in my book. They are different with seven spokes instead of the usual eight. Andy Craig used them on his FP National winning autocross Z back in the day.
  5. The Mustang wheel doesn't look as "creased" to me. The owner says they are 14 inch wheels.
  6. I saw this on a facebook Datsun page. It looks familiar but I've had no luck identifying by google. Anyone familiar with them?
  7. I bought some Datsun Comp stuff and my first issues of Auto-X magazine (now Grassroots Motorsports) there. Got this license plate frame in a group of parts I bought. That's all I know .
  8. Good catch, I didn't realize it was the same car. Someone got a deal.
  9. Some videos I shot last August at Laguna Seca of 3 IMSA Zs. I am still working on one more. http://youtu.be/it_opPokCDg http://youtu.be/_5eH0kGS8wU
  10. I picked up some 15x9 Rota RKRs to use with 225 45 15 BFG Rivals for an arrive and drive set up for this season's autocross. Miata drivers have some success with this combination of wheel width and tire choice. I can't wait to try it. And yes, there's some fiberglass repair work ahead of me. Here's what the flares look like with the 15x10 slicks. the fenders are all fiberglass.
  11. The skinny boy is my brother, a 3rd degree black belt. I'm the chunkier guy on the right, and it's only been downhill from there
  12. Autocross in the late 80s at the Oakland Colesium and the De Anza autocross with my brother. The Scott Performance L28 when new. On the first picture you can see where I hit a cone and knocked half the Datsun emblem off and the magnetic F in FP askew.
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