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  1. You are right, here is todays public service announcement; Disinfecting with Clorox, Today, I wanted to make a mixture of Clorox to disinfect the counter tops in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. The working mixture of bleach to disinfect is 1:10 (initial volume/final volume). I assumed that the amount of Sodium Hypochlorite (SH) in the Clorox bottles was 6-7%. I checked the several bottles of Clorox (4 of them) we have in the laundry room and I could not find the amount of SH on any of the bottle labels. These Clorox bottles are all of the “Splash-Less” type, commonly available in the stores, and therefore the amount of SH, although not stated on the label, I have found it is no more than 1%. So if you dilute it further 1:10, you end up with a mixture with 0.1% SH, just good enough to brighten your laundry, and that’s about it! Furthermore, on ONLY one of the 4 bottles, it states clearly that this type of “Splash-Less” Clorox is NOT made to disinfect anything! The solution is to buy REGULAR BLEACH CLOROX, that is if you still can find it, which has the right concentration of SH (It is shown on the label), or use another make of beach, but also checking first the SH concentration. -Copied from somewhere-
  2. That is a blanket generalization that polls have never been right. Sometimes they are, in this case I would believe that there is an uptick in the approval rating otherwise it would not be reported as such. We would be seeing contrary information if President Trumps approval was sliding.
  3. At this point it is pretty clear who President Trump is. The fact that 55% of Americans support his response to this crisis makes me wonder about that group of Americans. The bar has been set so low for the office of President because of this person I am beginning to think even I could do the job.
  4. I quickly changed the channel when it was time for the Trump Show. Here is today's plot synopsis; Lie. Lie. Blame. Self pity. Euphoric hyperbole. Lie. Obfuscation. Much obfuscation.
  5. Perfect illustration of his namesakes selfish and self centered philosophy.
  6. Another plus, salvage yards down here are still open. Real easy to remain socially distant whilst pulling parts!
  7. Wonder if that will come to pass in the USA?
  8. Me neither. I wasn't besmirching American workers but underlining the fact that next to no Americans would be getting any bailout from their employer...if it indeed trickled down that far. Side note; workers on cruise ships are "allowed" to be inebriated, provided they can hold their booze and it isn't obvious.
  9. While they employ a total of around 250,000, Americans comprise something like 4% of that figure. Mainly because it is a brutal industry to work in and Americans don't want to work that hard...but still.
  10. So much for free market capitalism. Wonder where all the budget hawks with their whining and complaining about the "nanny state" are?
  11. Well the megarich business owners are not going to be miserable if they get their bailouts. Can anyone tell me why the cruise ship industry needs a bailout? What do they contribute that outweighs their fiscal irresponsibility? Socialism for the rich, capitalism for an average Joe like me. BTW Harvey Weinstein tested positive for the Corona virus.
  12. Bad times can bring out the good in people.
  13. Exactly, thank you.
  14. Show me any enjoyment in my words, that is your interpretation. It's more like relief. Self righteous? Please show me evidence. Are you aware that written word has no tone or subtext? It's all in your head. I prep because I love life. You are showing me what is really inside you with all the projection on to me. You are scared and you know what, it's okay everyone is.