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  1. Easy there Stevo, me first. That's a '73 240z headlight switch. Is that dollar amount in Canadian dollars?
  2. Your wife gets in your Z? Wow, she's a keeper! 😁
  3. Because I appreciate that some Datsun owners are fanatically obsessive about detail but am wondering if it really makes a difference to the average owner. I have a bunch of nonfunctional Hitachi AM/ FM radios and need to make a decision what to do with them. One of my vendors is a business in Sacramento whom repairs these old relics but repair time is getting frustratingly long (like 6-8 months on end). For years they did a very excellent and cost effective job for me but I am pretty much of the opinion at this point that they are unreliable. Solid state radio repairmen are a dying breed and trying to find another is a dauntless task. Perusing the internet, there seems to be a fair amount of repairmen whom replace the old guts with new circuitry while utilizing the stock case, knobs, plug and dial. So I guess I am doing cost/ benefit analysis for both directions. Thanks for the help folks! daniel p.
  4. Hello, I have a query for 71-73 240z Hitachi AM/ FM Radio owners both current and prospective. Does it matter to you if the the insides of the radio are not OEM? If the obsolete 40 year old circuitry is swapped out for new digital innards does it make a difference as long as the exterior is identical to OEM? Thanks, daniel p.
  5. Wow, look what it is valued at, this one ain't gonna last! DEAL OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was guessing...looks like you guys found it.
  7. I talked to the guy. It's not a junkyard, it's his house. Sometimes stereotypes are true...
  8. View Advert WANTED; '72 240z Headlight Switches Any condition... Advertiser dhp123166 Date 04/06/2019 Price $0.01 Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z

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  10. Seeing as I am a sucker for Datsun esoteric minutiae, here is something for y'all. Step lights were offered rarely on a 240z. How about step lights for a 260z or early 280z? The top panel in the first picture is a 240z with a light cutout of about 3 1/2" X 1 1/2 inches. Below the top panel in the first foto is an early 280z door panel with the same looking type of cutout measuring about 3" x 1" . The second picture shows the location of the cutout (behind the window crank). I searched far and wide for a part number or illustration and found...nuthin'. Is this one of those phantom non- existent Datsun parts?
  11. Did you sell this stuff off eBAY?
  12. Not worth the price they are asking. I would give'em $1000