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  1. I talked to the guy. It's not a junkyard, it's his house. Sometimes stereotypes are true...
  2. View Advert WANTED; '72 240z Headlight Switches Any condition... Advertiser dhp123166 Date 04/06/2019 Price $0.01 Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  
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  4. Seeing as I am a sucker for Datsun esoteric minutiae, here is something for y'all. Step lights were offered rarely on a 240z. How about step lights for a 260z or early 280z? The top panel in the first picture is a 240z with a light cutout of about 3 1/2" X 1 1/2 inches. Below the top panel in the first foto is an early 280z door panel with the same looking type of cutout measuring about 3" x 1" . The second picture shows the location of the cutout (behind the window crank). I searched far and wide for a part number or illustration and found...nuthin'. Is this one of those phantom non- existent Datsun parts?
  5. Did you sell this stuff off eBAY?
  6. Not worth the price they are asking. I would give'em $1000
  7. Unless we have the wheels side by side ( which I have in the past by the way) you have no grounds to tell me that there is no difference between the two I have owned other than deterioration. Thanks for your help I am done.
  8. Again though, the one you have is like the one I had; with much higher quality rubber.
  9. So the real stitched leather covering I have seen on some wheels (OEM and aftermarket) was not done by Izumi? I guess it would be par for the course to call a foam rubber steering wheel "leather" since they are also calling a plastic one "wood".
  10. I think the steering wheel probably is an Izumi which is minus the leather cover as there is slight sun damage on the top of the foam. Gives me a real clear plan as to restoring it!
  11. Metal hatch grilles were available on some 510 wagons. I don't know WHICH years of 510 goon, but I do know that I pulled a pair myself a long time ago. Seems like one of those popular Nissan cost cutting measures from back in the day; "Hmm, these auto trim items are too expensive to produce made out of metal, we can do it cheaper from plastic!".....
  12. Thanks. I have owned an Izumi steering wheel before and it was foam rubber like the one I have now. The thing is the positvely identified Izumi foam rubber was much higher quality than the foam rubber which is on the wheel I have currently. There was no deterioration whatsoever to the denser Izumi foam and it remained attached to the substructure even with a few elapsed decades. The foam rubber on the one I have now looks and feels one exactly like a stock 260z or 280z steering wheel. The foam is not that dense and has come detached from the substructure at the top of the wheel as a result of sun exposure. I will not rule out Izumi though as the shape and description are very close.
  13. Exactly, and once the sticker is removed I have a generic steering wheel that might have been made in Pratt Falls, Iowa!!
  14. Hmm. Thanks. Probably better to leave it place however.
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