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  1. Nissan just released a new commercial featuring that attractive young blonde....and the opening shot is her driving a 240z.
  2. Woah, 15 year necropost!
  3. Prince would make the most sense so thanks for showing me the proper rabbit hole!
  4. This is the drip tray which mounts under the hood and left ( driver ) side hood vent on the 77- 78 280z vented hood. There was never a similiar piece for the right side but one can be custom fabricated out of a left side hood vent.
  5. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/cto/d/buffalo-1972-datsun-240z/7208101926.html
  6. You can repair that with Plastic Welder Epoxy and it will be stronger than [email protected]#$. Just make sure that each of the 3 sides is epoxied in place and the 2 pieces of the circuit board are lined up. It might help to unsolder the brake wire from the broken piece first. Remove any excess cured epoxy with a Dremel or the like, and reassemble carefully. P.S. JB Weld Plastic Epoxy is okay but I prefer Plastic Welder. Good luck!
  7. Looks like American citizens are being detained with no due process. That sure looks political from where I stand. Trump and Barr want their own Sturmabteilung in the guise of Homeland Security. Still think it can't happen here? Thankfully Trump lacks the attention span and is too greed addled to consciously pull this off without tons of help.
  8. Then we got this empty headed bim dispensing whatever insanity is currently consuming the White House; https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2020/07/16/mcenany-science-should-not-stand-way-schools-reopening/5454168002/
  9. What does a country do with citizens like this? https://www.forbes.com/sites/tommybeer/2020/07/16/anti-mask-rallies-continue-in-us-amid-rising-coronavirus-cases-and-deaths/#4db470112246 Sadly, it seems the only thing that may teach them some humility is a newer and and deadlier virus...
  10. Actually I am tripping on these bushings. I just checked the 10 or so mustache bars i have on hand and they all have sleeves, but they are flat inside the circular aperture of the mustache bar. When I saw the sleeve that Toolboy "custom notched" it reminded me of the sleeves I distinctly remember as being sometimes found on late r200 mustache bars. Later r200 mustache bars had the original sleeve but there was also an extra bit of metal (which if memory serves was also notched or similar) surrounding the bushing so the rubber cylinder had a smaller diameter and the rubber in these w
  11. Those "sleeves" only came on (to the best of my knowledge) later era 280z mustache bars; like '77 or '78. On earlier mustache bars there was just the curled around spring steel which the stock bushing was molded into. These bushings shredded easily. With the sleeves there was less rubber used so the bushings had better longevity. The mustache bars with the sleeves I have found have most always had good rubber and have been reusable. The sleeved bushings look like they were pressed into place during manufacture. I think maybe because both bushings were integrally d
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