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  1. $2000 is fair market price for that considering all the red flags on that vehicle. Why waste your time and money?
  2. I think Mr. Carl Beck enlightened me vis a vis the A550x to 240z design "evolution". A550x vs. 240z
  3. Would this be the Albrecht Goertz contribution?😉
  4. Yes I have seen the pictures. BMW bumper guards had rubber back into the early 60's. I guess the question for me now is who was being more derivative, BMW or Datsun?
  5. The one up top is a front bumper could be found on a BMW 68-73 E3 BAVARIA 2500 2800 3.0 3.3 The one behind it is a '73 240z. Thematically they seem to be on the same page, surprisingly the steel is the same gauge but I would be surprised if they were made of identical steel. The BMW bumper is much more stout and the better quality is evident, I guess the late 60's early 70's Japanese production philospophy of "How cheap can we make it and how much can we make?" was in play.
  6. I neutralize the muriatic acid with a strong base. Any industrial strength greasecutter is great for this.
  7. Up to 8.71 the console with the ashtray was installed in the 240z. After that was the other console version with the switch plate. Another way to be absolutely sure: whatever one fits in your vehicle as they are not interchangeable.
  8. I am seeing 1/2 of a 280z tail light in this iteration. Not seeing a hatch glass rubber though, just steel trim. Are we looking at glass or plastic?
  9. Thanks for the pictures. Those test taillights look somewhat reminiscent of the "Mexican 510' or even a 210. The steering wheel is the same template as 510 Bluebird SSS.
  10. That piece can be hand fabricated ( depending on your skills) out of Delrin plastic and a Dremel Mototool. Delrin is dang near indestructible.
  11. Wow the earth is flat? Tell us more!
  12. Sure bro' that is just philosophy 101. People say (and write) lots of stuff ( not my judgement to label as "foolish" or not) which may or may not be true. If I have an opinion about it, it is where opinion has replaced factual evidence as de riguer. For example, I cannot wrap my mind around the reality which some choose to live in where they believe that the earth is flat.