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  1. Rick said he would get them for me Monday He said Sorry he forgot He manages Kirks transmission in Fall River. Smile John
  2. I live dead center penthouse (small) in Sofia but my z is in the USA I will have some toys here in 2017 maybe a Z also. I have a Group 44 TR8 also and just sold my 2004 4.7 liter Thunderbird. 3.9 is standard motor but Austin Martin 4.7 is the same motor different firing order. A jaguar guy sleeved his as an xk8 has the same motor. I just went to a junk yard. The Thunderbird was a pain (motor was OK) but it just would have sat here in Bulgaria always some light failure and it had 50K only. Maybe I got scammed by the people who sold it to me with 9K miles. Tell your friend I play chess.
  3. I live in Bulgaria so please pay attention to the time but I would enjoy talking my phone number is Mass USA email me at jlozinsk@yahoo.com and I will send you my phone number. I had a friend call me last night at 2 am as I was going to sleep we talked for an hour the wife was not pleased.
  4. I just told by Rick Kirk's shop manager he will take dust filled pictures for me and try to get it out.
  5. The car is in Fall River mass My son will take pictures it should be out by mid January I will call my friend Kirk If you need a title my friend in NH who sold it to me can get one easy as NH is not a title state so I never worried about it I assume you love z cars that is important for me to sell it to someone who does. Smile John
  6. Yes $8,000 works because for $10,000 to $15,000 I can buy a nice running Z thanks for making me think!
  7. Sequential are mechanical and you can not skip a gear but they are the fastest. Quafie 6 speed costs over $6,000 and rated at 375 HP google a 620R Westafield builds with this trans 0 to 60 in 3;2 seconds with 310 HP They also have a new 7 speed good for 250 HP THANK YOU FOR THE NEW ZEALAND INFO as I might want one I have been thinking of a Westafield (used) SEIGHT (rover V8) as a home for my P76 motor I can build to 5.8 liters or 5.2 litters with a supercharger the Quafie will probably not handle the torque and the Muncie bolt pattern works perfect.
  8. Yes I have been to Panama I stayed with my mom 3 years ago for a few months and at 91 she died in my arms as I sang the songs to her she used to sing to me This car was a race car. The motor was last run maybe 8 years back I have wanted to convert it to street. I guess I did not explain this. THe Arizona Z car $8000 in parts in my mind even though for race would have with a supercharged hydraulic 3.05 N51 motor with ported P90a heads been the ballz on the street. My group 44 wpreasureould shut it down but never be as pretty. I forgot it comes with a whale tail. (like on a Porsche) My friend Sandy is in El Valle extremely ill at 69 his daughter is taking him back to the USA why do you mention Panama? Yes a real race car and the one time I drove it it was fast for a 1970 car and I drive fast toys like I had an IMSA IROC with a supercharged 700HP motor and worm gear rear end. Jim Wolfs first 300ZX TT with 4 wheel steering he built for a multi-millionaire client who married my friends ex girlfriend. She sold it to me at 48K without oil preasure. for $12.5K the crank alone had cost $15K $5,000 later i turned 10.2 @ 142 and they would not allow me a second run as I did not have roll bars etc. I has not even hit the Nitrous. 17 lbs boost on JW big turbos I had the car on the street till 187K miles my plate was FSTRNU Smile John
  9. A running sports car would be best as I am 63 and it would be nice to have one less build project. I have chevy supercharged DZ302 motor a stroker 280z motor a 5.8 liter rover motor and a 5.2 liter rover motor I can build as I have all the parts. (Just finished a 5.2 Rover) The 5.2 could become a 5.8 if sleeved. All these motors need homes. I have a few 5 speed and 6 speed trans and other things. Honestly I want someone who will love it. Someone who will not suggest I am shady I do not know exactly what I want. I have to be practical I can not build everything even if I do earn lots of money the next few years Someone i like to get it as I believe it is a stunning line of a car. With these flairs I find it as pretty as anything ever built. Just my opinion and I have owned some famous pretty things in my youth. examples hemi cuda XKE 275 and others. would be nice to own one of those today. My problem is if I build it I will go the most expensive way and it does not have to be that way it just has to be good. I was hoping one of my sons would want to do it but not one of them knows what Quaife is or POSI traction. let alone how to swap a motor. They all wanted to play computer games take daddies (me) Karate classes or in one case DO NOTHING except eat. (5 foot 8 and over 300 lbs director at Wendy's) It is not practical to bring it her to Bulgaria NO PARTS terrible roads drivers that are terrible. With my Group 44 I can replace the fiberglass but with this I can not. A 240 260z or an MGB or a TR6 or a TR8 or an el camino or a 95 convertible vette all are reasonable swaps depending on condition. I am not here to rob someone but I do not expect to get nothing. I said what I know I know it is a different car. With my other toys I know pretty well what they are worth. With this one I am not sure. As I am going to be in the USA soon MAYBE I wrote this.
  10. I have 3 ex wives because I did not have a pathfinder with 248K when we had lots of kids.
  11. The TR8 is my build from a TR8 convertible I had with 70K miles on it. the motor software says with the Hydraulic roller cam in it and 8 pounds of boost the motor should do about 470 HP We calculated with Dave Crowers software before Dave did approximations. May Dave rest in peace. We are looking at rear ends, I have a rebuilt T56 and aluminum fly wheel special clutches forged internals Rhodes bleed down lifters. I had the best buick porter port the heads 181 intake 142 exhaust at 25 and this one I remember. Large 1.7 something intakes etc. sleeved stroked but only 3.4 I have another 1/2 inch taller P76 block coming with a 3.85 crank. I like, I just sold my 4.7 liter 2004 Thunderbird. yes original motor was 3.9 but someone else made the same motor 4.7 liters and it bolted in with lots of work. Some Jag guy sleeved the 3.9 to to 4.7 using the Rover 4.4 crank but that was not how mine happened. The Thunderbird with 50K was nothing but trouble the foreign motor was never a problem just everything else broke or was a problem. I heard from other Tbird owners they had all sorts of little pains like i did nothing major just PAIN Everywhere I went I carried a special analyzer in the trunk that I soon moved to behind me head the car was a pain.
  12. Jimmy Wilkinson knows the name of the guy who raced the car the mans son was Jimmy buddy I forgot long time ago JIMMY DOES NOT REMEMBER THE KIDS NAME! I will ask him on Facebook. and let you know he sold me the car I do not know if Bob Sharp put the car together or his friend but the flairs are from Sharp Smile John
  13. Correct it was raced by Bob Sharps friend who was shot in the head. The mans son sold it to Jimmy and I have had it garaged since 1980 but not in a heated garage so i am sure it is not perfect. Right now it has a ton of dust on it as even when I turned the motor I did not clean it so as it was painted in 1994 and scratched up in one or 2 places when I got a divorce in 1998 it did spend a few weeks here and there outside under a tarp but since about 2000 it has been in a garage in Fall River behind my friends transmission shop. The flairs are as in the picture here they are not TR8 My TR8 is further along that this picture they promised they will finish it in a few months. Motor is finished but no water intercooled supercharger mounted yet the mechanic does that not the machine shop. forged internals sleeved 5.2 litter (have a 5.8 litter coming on a P76 motor I imported from Down under.
  14. There is a reason I said MIGHT SELL I want someone who understands this link http://www.arizonazcar.com/TRACK-PAK.html
  15. I will once it gets out from the back of my friends garage. Slight problem I am in Europe and car in in Fall River Mass. I have no control over how fast it is moved out. My friend said he would have it out 2 months ago. I hear progress is being made.
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