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  1. I found these Z concept images by someone called Adan
  2. Found this about a Nissan trademark. https://www.motor1.com/news/405136/new-nissan-z-logos/
  3. Disappointing Update: https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/nissan-400z-to-be-revealed-late-2022-on-sale-in-2023-report/ar-BB18sBlC?li=AAggNb9#image=BB18sBlw|2
  4. My advice for this car would be to find a good frame rail cut from a donor car. You could use a reproduction rail but I think a good OEM cut would make a better repair and if done properly would be nearly invisible. This car is worth the effort
  5. I recently acquired a 1970 240Z #00664. The car is all original condition with a documented 74k on odometer. The car has sat for 20 years and unfortunately the frame rail is rusted through(Assuming from the battery tray) I am looking for some advice on how to handle the frame rail. Should I find a donor car and cut the rail out and weld the new one in or should I look at some aftermarket frame rail replacements? I would like to keep this car as a survivor car(Still has the green distributor cap) but looking for advice on the right route to take.
  6. I kinda like the concept images I linked in this post:
  7. Do you want to keep it? If so, pick away at the clean-up and make repairs using early Z parts. If not, flip it now for a great reward.
  8. at this point if I was looking for a new car I think I would have to look at a miata, small, rwd, manual, much closer IMHO to what the S30 was, and looks way better than later model 350/370z
  9. I don't necessarily agree that you need a body shell, but if you find something appropriate, why not! Again, be careful with your alignment. So what you basically have is an early version of the early HLS30 builds everyone refers to as "series one" and you are going to find some very unique parts throughout the car. This site is going to be a treasure of information. I have much of my stuff documented. You'll find information about the European imports as well as what was made in Japan and how the cars differed from the export models. Great car, more pictures!
  10. The holes exist .. maybe because the japanese fairlady or the 432Z had a elec. pump.. i don't know..
  11. Owwwww....yea, you need a frame rail. My previous advice. Noticing the picture of the exhaust pipes with the 'Z' medallion. I always thought that that collector style was exclusive to the auto trans cars. You see how one pipe is welded into the other - no collector fitting? Interesting.
  12. SteveJ you are in my town. I know you are itching to come put together a car!
  13. This is the best I could come up with. It's a little goofy but damnit my grill, bumper and valance fit now and honestly it could look a lot worse. After all the extra metal was cut away that I have chalked up it left the gaping hole in the radiator support panel which had to be patched. The holes are different but everything else is basically the same. I did leave the extra metal on the backside of the support panel but its not hurting anything.
  14. My favorite “in between the Nismo and Airtex” price point and functionality is the Facet FEP60SV or 477060E. Same form factor as the Original and Nismo, internal easy to change filter too. The best price is actually from aircraftspruce.com or or .ca Installed several for friends and myself, never had one fail. My two cents for the day
  15. Some more progress photos. Slow progress but we finally got some high build primer on the hood and doors tonight. The plan was to have color on by end of the month but looks like it will be a week or so behind! Getting there!

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