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  1. wow that is some really nice work you have there!
  2. just engage two gears a the same time, that will lock the trans so you can tighten the nut. push two of the shift rings into gear to select two at the same time.
  3. indeed, I tried a few of the bolts and they were not having it. Its at a local rebuilder that has lots of exp with these, I like the fact that they are local saves on time and shipping (both cost and possible damage).
  4. I found the PN KL1669 and 410581-3 for garrett on the turbo tag. I think I found a CHRA that should work for about 300$ Garrett TB0306 CHRA Cartridge 410581-0007 (invasionautoproducts.com) I am using this as a cross NISSAN410581-000314420P9000CHRAN/ATB0306USE 410581-0007 This is turning into quite a research process to run down the needed part.
  5. The compressor impeller is smoked (chipped blades) otherwise i would be all over that kit. Not sure if you can get a kit that includes impellers also. Would need to balance that as well.
  6. OR, tomorrow I give these guys a call found them on hybridz Rebuilding (gpopshop.com)
  7. it looks a LOT like this (nla but id as a replacement for a 280zx turbo) Remanufactured Genuine OEM Turbo Turbocharger CHRA For Nissan Datsun 280ZX - BuyAutoParts 42-00133R Remanufactured, Turbochargers - Amazon Canada
  8. it looks a LOT like this (nla but id as a replacement for a 280zx turbo) Remanufactured Genuine OEM Turbo Turbocharger CHRA For Nissan Datsun 280ZX - BuyAutoParts 42-00133R Remanufactured, Turbochargers - Amazon Canada
  9. I found this after a brief search, not sure if its a cheap knock off since the price is just for the CHRA Mercedes Benz 300TD 300 SLD Garrett TB03 Turbo Turbocharger CHRA Cartridge Core | eBay
  10. I am trying to get some help on finding a way to either fix my existing stock turbo charger (looks like may have some broken compressor blades, and is very sloppy in the bearing). any one know of a good stock replacement? I am not looking for an upgrade as I want to keep the orig EFI system intact. Hopefully a direct bolt in replacement. OR should I get it rebuilt? if so any recommendations for a rebuilder?
  11. Indeed, I had ended up melting some solder into a aftermarket wood shifter I had to alter the weight. odd noise went away. I assume its some kind of resonant frequency (Kenneth), that was happening in my setup.
  12. what shift knob are you using?
  13. water temp switch on my 75 Cali car was for the EGR system. It is disabled during warm up with an electrically controlled vacuum source. I have had a few of both the thermotime as well as the temp switch. Most of the used ones did not function. I presume corrosion was the factor. The temp switch in my case was a NC below 140f IIRC, I ended up making my own with an old housing and a new temp controlled reed style switch, epoxied into place. I think the main problem I had finding a new temp switch was most were NO at below 140f and would close once the engine would warm up. Not what the EGR wanted. I think on others the temp switch had to do with switching the dual coil distributer pickups for different advance one full temp was achieved.
  14. for me it was going back to steel rims and new tires. I never tried the new tires on the slotted alum mags, so it may have been just a defect in the old tires. I have the orig struts (the stock rebuildable ones) on the front and some non gas filled carts on the back. I have ZERO vibration at any speeds. My guess is the tires, I may go back to the slotted mags if I lose another wheel cover, I have thrown 2 now and its getting aggravating.
  15. looks like you lined up the hole in the new bushing with the oil gutter correct?
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