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  1. I shot a short video of the difference in the used seals vs the new ones. the opening is noticeable larger on the use seals, I don't know how significant that is, given there is spring pressure to start with. I will post it up later for those interested.
  2. good point about burrs, I liken it to the jam nut should be super easy all the way down and then get real tight real fast as it hits bottom. Any resistance along the way is bad. Sort of the same with head bolts.
  3. oh and I will triple check all the jam nuts AND will use some locktite on the spray bar nuts. Really would like to take car out, but with lockdown, only thing I can do is wait for food supply to run out before having to make a food run.
  4. I guess the real takeaway is always always always check the obvious and listen when others tell you to check the obvious. I was so fixated on the idea that it could not have been an exhaust (since I KNEW I was not going to touch them) that somehow I had a mental block. Spouse suggested I should just roll video from start to finsh, then I could review my work and see if anything done out of order (like messing with an exhaust and then forgetting I did it). Guess this is why QC was developed.
  5. wasted youth watching movies and TV pays off now and then. :)
  6. purring like a kitten. for those that don't follow movies from the 70's see "dirty harry", that opening scene is a classic.
  7. this may sound silly but I am slow walking the adjustment, guess I want to live in the idea that this is it, enjoy the moment, make it last for a while just in case I am wrong... Tomorrow Tomorrow
  8. Dave WM


    orange county FL
  9. Dave WM


    whoo hoo, on lockdown starting Thursday, gotta get my z fixed for one more cruise around the block...
  10. Smoking gun?1 ok #6 EXHAUST completely loose, jam nut up, multiple turns and I am still not there. I just had to come in and shout this out!! Keep your fingers crossed, seems like this has to be it. Now how did this happen, being old (see covid) brings along a condition known as brain fart. I MUST have started there, or just got confused/distracted and loosened that one up before moving on the intake. anyway taking a break to let the possible joy last for a while just in case I am wrong.
  11. Dave WM


    interesting I watched the Dan P interview, seems he was advocating old people be more guarded since they are at the greatest risk, while allowing younger people get back to working while they still can without resorting to a complete collapse of the economy (and the risk of them requiring critical care is very low). Guess my thought experiment is getting out there(had this idea awhile ago when the stats of who was at high risk were being reported), I did not bother to post it at the time since I figured it would be viewed thru a political red/blue lens and be attacked (as soon as it got mentioned by the news). I don't see that as this seems like a level headed group.
  12. Dave WM


    that was my point (compare to chicken pox party). Seems to me the idea is to not overwhelm the hospitals with people that have serious complications from the virus. So the current thinking is flatten the curve and then the 1-3% that get sick (eventual all) will be spread over time, thereby not over taxing the critical care needed in a hospital. My thinking out loud was based on the idea that steep curve but short timeline where the infected group being the 99-97% that don't require critical care. the 1-3% group would have to undergo strict quarantine since there will be a short term abundance of carriers. Looking at the stats of how long it takes to recover with a steep rate of infection could maybe give a good estimate on how long the 1-3% need to be holed up. Again this is just a thought experiment, My own thoughts, not what may or may not have been covered by the news. The goal was to try a different look and just wonder if it has been discussed already by the experts, perhaps it has, I have been busy working on my Z and not following every development.
  13. one last course of action besides the above, I plan to remove the valve cover, drape the bay with an old blanket, hole for the top of the engine, and run it with the cover off (vacuum plugged) figure I could feel the noise better this way. will make a mess, hence the old blanket to suck up the thrown off oil.
  14. I will give it a shot.