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  1. Buddy Guy, doesn't look like him but that sound...
  2. While my two 240s are far from stock, every time I read a post showing NLA parts being reproduced makes me smile. Who knows I might have a third Z in my future, one I keep stock. Of course I would have to keep a third Z a secret from my wife. A tip of the hat to nix240Z.
  3. 1/battery cable clip - I have never seen this but could do this one. I would think it is metal with a rubber coating. More pictures and a size drawing would help out. 2/fuse cover - the white lettering would be hard so leaning to no. 3/fuse cover stopper teeth - could do this one. 4/flasher knob - I cant figure how to get the knob off 5/early spare tyre holder rubber cover - working on this one right now. 6/luggage belt clip - could do this one 7/door dove tail original style - no 8/ 1971 and later shoulder belt clip - could do this one 9/seat belts clip -could do this one 10/early shoulder belt anchor washers - could do this one 11/early tyre stopper rubber band - would pass on this one, new urethane rubber does not like to be stretched for a long period. 12/ early seat bottom side cover - working on the set right now. I really comes down to what I need for my car and then the demand.
  4. My Z about a week old. I recently purchased a complete set of used gauges. My gauges, actually my oil & temp gauge was fluctuating after I thought I had solved the problem. So I removed my 46 year old gauge and installed a 46 year old gauge. Much to my surprise upon trying the oil & temp gauge, it worked perfectly. Then I tried hooking up the clock. It didn’t work. Because I have a functioning clock that I built I had nothing to loose and opened it up. I hooked a 9 volt battery to it and watched as the motor tried to wind the spring but it seemed weak. I tried it on 12v from the car. It acted the same. I removed the motor (simple to do) then carefully wound the gear the motor was supposed to wind. It started ticking, a good sign. Decided to spray the clock gears with 3n1 penetrating spray to get gunk off of the gears. Tried the motor again with the same results. Decided to take the brush assembly out of the motor. I didn’t see anything wacky but wondered if the motor was just tired. When the motor was operating outside of the clock, it ran well. Looking at the brushes and armature I could see there wasn’t noticeable wear. Thinking through how electricity works best, I took the brushes out and bent them closer together. Inserted the brush assembly back together and ran the motor. It seemed stronger. I attached the motor back into place. Using the 9v battery the motor was able to wind the main spring. That’s when the magic happened. Tick tick tick, a working original clock. I would have made a video of the motor repair but I would have had to bleep every other word. If anyone wants to tackle this motor fix I can help you do it bleep free. I am not guaranteeing your clock will work but it might. 1972 clock probably built early 1971. Phil Smith
  5. I thought about that once, I check the numbers but had a hard time finding any information. Ill get those numbers again and put them here
  6. If the EFI system checks OK and fuel pressure is OK then it is possible the injectors may have been swapped with larger ones from a turbo for example. Please try to read any numbers on the injectors and report back.
  7. this is what I did, best to use analog meter, I setup a simple voltage divider using some 9v batteries. Hopes its just a ground wire, but if you are still getting no where after checking that, you could get all 3 out on the bench and do a test like this.
  8. Hihihi.. Jeff, if i did that, my bed has to be 50 feet high haha... But yeah, it's great if you have a problem with the ... or one of .. your cars to just pull the right part of a chelf.. (My cars are daily drivers..)
  9. I bought several AM radio faceplates from Steve, very happy with his products! Packaged very nicely and quality is great.
  10. I'll give an enthusiastic nod to reproduction of early items. As someone with 3 early-ish cars. I am always happy to see some of this stuff being made. Thanks Steve! PS: I always recommend your site to people looking for pieces you sell.
  11. Thank you nix240z, I am glad that some are already started to working on, and also most of others have potential to be made . My friends in Japan are very interested in your products, but most of them usually hesitate to contact and have fear for paying online payment. Even they are worried about shipping from the overseas. Kats
  12. https://www.b-quiet.com/ Love it. Low cost, no odour (butyl ultimate product) and sticks like rumours to Trump’s administration.
  13. one step ahead of you on the defrost blank plug...in the mold as we speak... Also I mailed your parts back today with your other order.
  14. Steve, for #1-battery clip I have examples I can send if you're interested. You are correct, it is metal covered with a rubber coating over it. Really glad to hear you are working on #12 - early seat guards. I've got originals for my four early cars but most are damaged to some degree. Another item to consider is the defrost blanking switch for the early cars with no defroster. Other markets like Australia and the base JDM S30 also had no defroster so they may be interested as well. Sent from my [device_name] using http://Classic Zcar Club mobile
  15. Nix240z, I could loan you one of my battery cable clips to model after, as long as no disassembly is required. Dan
  16. Hi, seeing those conversations of 'reploduction' here and there, now something is coming up in my mind. I am having fun to list parts which are NLA from Nissan and other venders today, not only that , I picked those parts up which are visible at a car show and are very likely missing or deteriorated through the years. I do not want nix240z to feel that he is obligated to do it. Do not take it seriously, just I want to show what is in my mind. 1/battery cable clip 2/fuse cover 3/fuse cover stopper teeth 4/flasher knob 5/early spare tyre holder rubber cover 6/luggage belt clip 7/door dove tail original style 8/ 1971 and later shoulder belt clip 9/seat belts clip 10/early shoulder belt anchor washers 11/early tyre stopper rubber band 12/ early seat bottom side cover Kats

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