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  1. How many of you Z owners still have your original spare with Original Japanese air. ? yeah, I got nothing else!
  2. My 9-71 z came without the seat belt red light. I purchased the fasten seatbelt light, installed it and wired it to come on with the choke light. It is basically there to remind me to fasten my seatbelt which after 47 years I do without thinking. It looks better with the light. Phil Smith
  3. I will measure my tires and spare ASAP and let you know. Thanks Phil Smith
  4. At 65 mph checked by radar and GPS I am turning 3800 rpm. I felt that was higher than my memory recalls. I want to upgrade to 15 inch wheels and the correct tires to achieve a proper reading on the speedometer. Thanks for the the replies. Phil Smith
  5. Before I got my z running again, it sat more than 25 years in my garage. So I took the wheels off about 4 years ago and had new tires mounted so I could make it a roller. Once I was driving it I noticed my speedometer was off by 10 mph. 65 = 55. Figured out the tires weren’t the same diameter as my still original spare tire. A long way to go to get to my question. What should my RPM be, cruising at 65 mph on the correct size tire? I am assuming the RPM runs higher on smaller tires, but I defer to anyone who has this knowledge. 4 speed Manuel transmission all original drive train. Thanks.
  6. What about the fuse that keeps blowing? Phil Smith
  7. Thanks for showing me the back side and I would agree that those two white wires are actually sharing the power as the 72 Z had a single larger wire. We wait for a reply from timsz. Thanks again. Phil Smith
  8. Exactly what I was thinking! Or, somewhere in Japan at the Sake bar is this little old gentleman telling all his friends about his days at Nissan building the Z car and how someday someone would notice that screw, post comments and then every Z owner would pull their cowls just out of curiosity. I’m checking mine tomorrow. Damn. Phil Smith
  9. Also, for curiosity’s sake, take apart your MSA fuse holder and inspect it for shorts to ground. Don’t mount the fuse holder to the car to see if that stops the fuse blowing. Good luck. Don’t be con•fused • Phil Smith
  10. When does the fuse blow? Stepping on the brake pedal? Just inserting the fuse in the holder? Turning the key to accessory? Turning the key to on? If I blows when you step on the brakes then disconnect the tail light assemblies and the park and side lights. Insert fuse. Step on brakes. If the fuse doesn’t blow then plug one item at a time back in and step on brakes. Did your old fuse block blow the same fuse and that is why you bought the new one? I looked at the pictures you provided earlier the first one shows the old fuse holder next to the new one. The old one shows two white wires with the same female connector both burnt somewhat. What does the writing on the wire tags say. Since both connections look identical and your new fuse block has two yellow connectors that look like splices, and in your latest picture you seem to have electrical tape wrapped around them. I am not familiar with the 71 wiring and long pigtails so I am guessing they go somewhere in the ammeter circuitry one possibly positive the other negative, but I am not sure. When you replaced the ammeter with voltage gauge did you observe the polarity? Are the two white wires observing the possible polarity? Someone jump in here that knows more than me! When does the fuse blow? Phil Smith
  11. Definitely a 72. Mine is 9-71 and a 72 model. Phil Smith
  12. Your car looks like an early 72. What is the date of Mfg. Phil Smith
  13. Are you using the side marker kit. If so, you have to keep the socket from touching ground. The rubber insulates the sockets but the screw can short out to ground. You may need to insulate the screws that hold the side markers on. Phil Smith
  14. If you unplugged it in order to plug the MSA fuse box in then there should be a female socket to receive the male plug white wire. It goes to the horn and stop lights. Phil Smith
  15. Looks like they had room for 100,000.0 but I think they left it off thinking the car would return to the earth before it rolled over. Phil Smith
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