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  1. gnosez

    Torque specs link mounting braces

    And locktite because having them loosen would make for a very interesting day......
  2. gnosez

    Front strut cartridge removal

    or you could just hang the shock from something, soak the shock with oil and then tap the strut
  3. gnosez

    Need info on this z car

  4. gnosez

    Need info on this z car

    Looks like a Jim Cook Racing body kit.
  5. gnosez

    I’d like to do new Panasport wheels

    The dirty one is the 15 X 7 "sport" Panasport version I purchased in 2001 and had powder-coated last year. The others are much older and are Panasport "race" wheels that got the same treatment. This is what they looked like on the 006 car.
  6. gnosez

    Triple Weber long term storage

    I believe one of the questions to determine if you're a Z-nut is: "Do you store parts under your bed?". With the corollary being: "No dear, I DID take a shower, I have no idea why you keep smelling gasoline".
  7. gnosez

    Interesting read

    The primary answer is weight. You take a 240 and turn it into a 280 which was heavier than a 240. The difference could be as much as 200 pounds and while you will need to meet the new minimum weight you get to locate it where it does the most good. The second reason is simple; you have an already sorted out car with a history at the tracks you will race (again) and all the suspension & drivetrain data needed to dial in the car, all for the cost of two corner valances, a front air dam and a set of taillights.
  8. gnosez

    Interesting read

    Carl - so they made the same changes that other teams did by cutting out the rear taillight panel of an already equipped 240 and installing later 280 versions. I'm thinking of doing the same thing over the winter by including 280 valances and the BSR chin spoiler. Here's a few pages from my archives, a purchase order and an R200 diff calculation sheet for the Camel GT Pace car. I don't have access to a scanner right now but will get some other pages done in the coming weeks.
  9. gnosez

    How to: Diff fluid service

    Weld a 1/2 piece of bar stock to a section of flat or 1/2 inch stock which will be your handle. Measure the clearance before welding. Wrap handle if you like. Now you have a tool that is long and strong enough. If you have an outie and not an inie for a fill plug take a 17m wrench you can either put the other end in the cup of a small jack and use the hydraulic power of the jack or cut the end off the box end of wrench and insert a length of 1/2 or 3/4 pipe to leverage the wrench.
  10. gnosez

    Questions for Bob Sharp

    I think I'll pass on the PLN sauce question but I will look in to see if there were any DNFs in the first two years. As to renting out the GTU car, you're out of luck if you wanted to drive the #33 car as Bob crashed that at Road Atlanta when a rear tire blew doing over 150 mph. He rolled it at least twice if not three times, The #38 GTU car that Fitzy drove is privately owned and as far as I am aware it has not been run on the track in many, many years. If you had $$$$$$$ you might be able to buy it.
  11. So if you had the chance to ask Bob Sharp just one question what would it be? Here's some general areas you might think about for your question: Racing in general BSR race car drivers (Fitzy, Sam, Paul, Walter, Paul, et al) Competition (other drivers) Managing a race team Interactions with other race teams Interactions with Datsun/Nissan/Nissan Comp/Coventry, etc I doubt Bob will remember technical details like what camber settings or cam profiles did you use in the 1985 300ZXT that Newman drove. I know I can't remember every detail of my set-up and my season ended 6 weeks ago. A few years back I asked Bob if he could only get to drive one of his race cars which one would it be and he never hesitated - "the GTU car with 15 inch rear rims", "I could put that car anywhere".
  12. gnosez

    Interesting read

    Very interesting take and right on as far as I'm concerned. Bob Sharp has voiced this opinion for many years and was shocked to learn that the 370 is actually slower than the 350Z. Just a minor correction: That's a 260 or 280 IMSA GTU race car not a '72.
  13. Perhaps this will help you understand what they were trying to do without the aid of a wind tunnel....
  14. gnosez

    Roof joints

    Sorry for the late reply. The late John Coffey and I had several conversations regarding why the "C" pillar develops a crack with the leading reasons being (in no particular order): Age of the vehicle Usage (rough roads, track or autocross, etc.) Prior damage Addition of a full cage Addition of continuously seam welded BDP frame rails As Matsuo San stated the leaded connection between the rear quarter panel and the roof ( C-pillar) was done to ensure if anything cracked it would be this and not the windshield connection. Picture in your mind a failed A-pillar causing the windshield to fall back into the driver and passenger or fly off and crash into another vehicle. I can only imagine that these were considered along with the number of lawsuits Americans file each year and they decided to just lead that joint instead since Mr. K was very much against a different style door window trim design. He went on to say that under normal driving conditions it should not crack but then turned and gestured towards me and said "unless you drive like John". People install our frame rails for any number of reasons but I suspect that most do so because they have increased the HP/torque in a 40 to 48 year old unibody made to house a 150HP engine.
  15. gnosez

    ZCON 2018 Roll Call

    I made it to Hollins, VA, a 678 mile almost no hassle slog in 10 hours towing the race car. Depending on traffic tomorrow I should be there by mid-day. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.

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