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280z Bumper Conversion: Who Kept 280z Lower Valence?


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I have the xenon air dam too. I'm not overly impressed either. With it on the car properly the flat surface underneath the grill is wavy. Not much to be done about that. I wish they would make them out of TPO like other bumper skins.  I could cut it and plastic weld but nothing to be done with the urethane one

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4 hours ago, Yarb said:

Hey John, You already might know this but Skillard has the grill all in one piece.

Skillard make excellent grills, but you need to know what end result you want before ordering. You have quite a thew options to play with.

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On 10/26/2021 at 12:21 PM, EuroDat said:

I was all over the place when I started. First tried a 240Z valence, but it is way to high and does not clear the 280Z frame under the larger radiator.

@EuroDat bummed to hear that the 240 stock valence won't fit, but I am glad you told me before I went out and bought one. That was my second option.

With fitting the 240z valence and the BRE front spoiler, is the only issue the slightly lower ground clearance and that you really can't take off the BRE front spoiler or you will see the bottom frame? Or does it suffer from other issues like vibration? 

As a third alternative, do they make a air dam with brake ducts that is not PU?


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So with some disappointment I’ve changed gears. I’ve let the xenon sit in the sun a week now. It’s almost 100% but this thing is so flimsy I can’t imagine it being a great solution. I dropped off my 3 stock lower valance pieces off for minor repair and paint. Actually only left two because the passenger side has a big dent and she said it was 6 hrs of labor to remove a palm sized dent. Not worth it. I’m currently shopping on eBay for a passenger side valance. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know. I’m going to try the stock valance with a maybe a. BRE carbon lower lip I think. I’m not sure if this is the look I want but I’ve run out of ideas. I want to keep the 280z turn markers too. If I hate this stock lower valance then I might try my Xenon in the future. Thanks Chas for letting us now about the clearance issues.

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Are you guys mounting the Xenon on top of the OE middle lower piece? I had to keep that so the Xenon didn't vibrate at high speed. It's like a backing reinforcement that you can't see. If I remember right it's adjustable, like tilting the stance up and down.

I can get pictures if we're not on the same line of thought. Let me know.

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Cliff, I didn’t know that was possible, I’d love to see some pics .  I know you can put on the Skillard lower splitter and it apparently really stiffens up the Xenon Valance, see first pic.   
The problem with the BRE lower lip is it hangs very low and is too big,  anyone know of a smaller lower lip?  See other two pics.  I’d rip this off the first drive. 





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