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  1. Well, a timely thread. I just ordered a driver’s door seal because mine is gone. Got it from Zcardepot so I hope it works. I’m also about to buy a rear hatch seal. MSA has an aftermarket one for $69 compared to $190 for a OEM. They said this one is improved and has been working well. A previous aftermarket one was problematic but it’s been fixed. We shall see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cliff, you have a great memory. That Memphis incident was due to me running out of time. I was working on installing the replacement fuel pump. I didn’t have time to finish so I capped off the fuel lines with a bolt. Over the course of a few days pressure built up in the tank due to normal expansion from temp changes and that allowed fuel to slip past the bold. It was a bad leak that time. Probably upwards of 1/2 gallon. My roommates were very unhappy, and it also put a nice stain on the owner’s Epoxy floor. You really have a good memory, they forgot but you haven’t! A pilot light in
  3. Had to execute and emergency repair this AM. Last night while at my son Lacrosse practice my wife texts me that the master bedroom and bath smell like gasoline! [emoji15] I knew right away It was the Z. I had just put 5 gallons of gas in it and it had to be a leak somewhere. I blamed it on the pressure washer which I had been using that day and uses gasoline. So today I got up and pull the car out and replaced the two fuel lines coming off the tank (return and one to pump) I also replaced the online filter. They didn’t have the cheap one so I opened for a different one? After puttin
  4. It’s cleaned up. Mold all gone. I replaced the clutch master today and bleed the system. If you don’t need a chiropractor you will after replacing that master. It was a nightmare getting under the dash to hook it up but this time I decided to unscrew the shaft from the bracket that connects to the pedal vs taking the pin out. I have no rear brakes but took it for a spin around the block anyway....watch out granny!!!!. Runs like crap. Lots of work ahead. Tomorrow, I’m repacking the front bearings, installing new rotors, calipers and brake pads. She doesn’t need my password just ne
  5. Update.... My Z is finally home, tucked in my garage. Quite a journey getting her here. With a busy job, home construction delays, COVID, push back from my wife and logistical challenges it finally made it home. Thanks for all the help from the members of this forum. Now it’s time to get my hands dirty and make it ready to run like it was meant to be. Today is interior mold removal day. If my wife sees that mold it’s game over, she’s push it out and set it ablaze! Where is was stored had a serious mold issue and the interior has a light blanket of mold everywhere.
  6. I like the 280z front with the chrome bumper. I considered changing mine to a 240 style but didn’t think the juice was worth the squeeze. If I had to replace a damaged valance, lights and was already gong to incur the pasts cost then maybe.
  7. Here’s a good looking 75’ on eBay, https://www.ebay.com/itm/124689955114?hash=item1d0819b92a:g:JpcAAOSw2gJgfyMJ Suspension looks a bit rusty but nothing too scary. It’s one of my favorite colors....wonder why. 😎
  8. Time Left: 7 days and 23 hours

    • WANTED
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    Looking for a stock air cleaner to go on a set of 240z SU carbs.


    , North Carolina

  9. View Advert 240z stock air cleaner box Looking for a stock air cleaner to go on a set of 240z SU carbs. Advertiser Av8ferg Date 04/21/2021 Price Category Parts Wanted Year 1972 Model 240z  
  10. Okay, so you just need to find a junked motor and steal the caps off it. Might be a hard find. See if you can find a cheap F54 block on CL or a salvage yard. Where do you live? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. How much did you pay for this engine? Hopefully not too much. You said you want to keep it for a long time then the only answer is to do it right. If I were in your position I’d find another long block. You can get one for pretty cheap. I see them all the time in junkyards for $400+. That’s what I paid for mine. A cheap rebuild will cost you about $800 depending on what you do. Could be more or less. You have use this other engine that’s missing caps for parts. Was it a full engine or just a block? If a full engine there are parts you can sell to help cover your losses like the head
  12. I was on my way to the airport today for work on a road I’ve driven 100x that’s 18 miles from my house and out of the corner of my eye I spotted what appeared to be a Z. I hit the brakes, turned around and behind a shed with a bunch of other cars next to a trailer home was this 240z. I couldn’t get close because he has a no trespassing sign and probably a shotgun or two and I had a flight to catch but once I get back I’m going to see if it’s worth buying and if the guy will sell. I’ve never see a 240z in my area ever. I can’t tell from the pic what year it is ,either way it will be an adv
  13. Thought you all might appreciate this 240z Buyer’s Guide video Hagerty’s put out 2 days ago. I think he misses a few finer points but overall he makes a good case for why one should buy and own on of these beauties.
  14. Well since this is a phonetic alphabet there is no telling what it means. I bet it has something to do with the production process for some identification purpose and no actual meaning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I was a Japanese minor in college. They have 3 different writings Hiragana Katakana Kanji This is clearly Katakana which are not words in the traditional Japanese language (typically western words like “baseball”). This is translates to “Switzerland” like stated above. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yes, you will have to adjust the timing once you get the new chain on. Did you get a sprocket with the kit (should have). Some kits have the timing notch on the back of the sprocket and some do not. Guys on this forum have recently figured out which company’s do and do not. It’s not a big deal but it helps if later you want to adjust timing as the engine chain stretches. There are 3 different positions to put the new sprocket on. Assuming your head has never been shaved, position 1 with a new chain is the starting point. I’s make sure the engine is a TDC before you remove anything and
  17. I agree with Captain Obvious. That chain tensioner looks extended too far. You might have some serious chain stretch going on. Another possibility is when you rotate the engine (clockwise -looking at chain) and then back it off going CCW you might see some chain slack build up on the left but it still looks like you have too much. Here a pic of my tensioner and chain following my rebuild. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Thanks Cliff, mine came with chrome lug nuts. They look pretty good. We’ll see once I mount them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Hey, I’m going through my parts collection today and thought I find stuff I want to sell and move out of here. I picked this rear 240z light metal valance with license plate light at one of my junk yard scores. I had at one point considering putting this on my car but after thinking it though I want to keep the stuff original on my car and preserve it for was it was in 77 minus a few items. (Wheels, bumpers, tranny, diff) So I was
  20. Tires and wheels came in and I just got them mounted and balanced. These tires look pretty nice. Overall I’m happy when you consider the total cost for everything including shipping and mounting was $901. That’s hard to beat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. It’s just stuff. Nothing replaces the value of family, friends and health. My mother-in-law went into hospice today, We’d trade it all to get her back. The grass is only greener where you can be with the people you love and care about otherwise it’s all brown no matter how big the house is or how any toys you have. I’ll trade the Viper for the 240 🤫
  22. ‘Cliff, interesting idea. I bought mine through Walmart.com as they were $12 less per tire than Tire Rack. I really like the Rewinds too but the Rotas were a very close second. Price and availability made the choice pretty easy, I got home on Wednesday night so the credit card will be in an official cooling off period. I’ve been working like a dog since Covid became the underlining global issue and I’m finally getting some good time off. Looks like about 30 days. The garage is ready for the Z. Bought the lift installed it in between trips and now I just need to rent a car hauler
  23. Thanks for the feedback guys, So after finishing up my research on tires I went with one not on the above list. After reading many reviews and looking at the spec/value ratio I came up with the General G Max RS. This tire hasn’t been on the market long (2018) and is outperforming it’s completion in almost all areas. Tire Rack has so much information and research available that it’s really a one stop shop for tire information. This tire either beat or was on par with the Yokohama, BGFs, Falkens and Dunlop’s at an unbelievable price. I paid out the door for 4 tires $370 shipped to my doo
  24. I’m on a work trip, presently sitting in a hotel in Nottingham, England. The country is on a extreme lockdown. Nothing is open and can’t dine in or out. So being trapped in my hotel room during the day my credit card burning in my pocket as I shop for stuff for the Z online. In the days of COVID it seems supplies are limited in many things, especially wheels and tires. Was looking at Konig Rewinds and Rota Rbr but it’s seems the wheel world is on back order in most places including MSA. Now I’m looking at tires,. Same problem on many tires I’m interested in, I wanted to see wh
  25. Where on the car is it mounted. I frequent 280z’s in salvage yards all the time and next time I can take a look for you . It might be a 6-8 weeks before I go back. I’ll put it on my list but let me know if you buy one somewhere else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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