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  1. The hypothesis we had when messing around with it was that it might be to keep dirt/grime out of the bushing/bushing holder that is behind it. Mine came with on on RHS too.
  2. You know me Zed, I love to know the "Why".
  3. Any idea the. Pros/cons of that option? I get a little clunking from my diff and would love to reduce it, though I would be a little worried about vibration coming into the chassis.
  4. Thanks Steve! You are a hero. Had the the same idea with the snap ring pliers, just haven’t been able to find my set haha. Will give another look tomorrow morning and if I can’t find them, I will try the needle nose again.
  5. Exactly, thanks Dan. I tried using the screwdriver but no luck. Do I need to do screw drivers on either side? Is there a tool I can buy that makes it easier?
  6. So sorry, had it uploaded but must have deleted it. Blue one at the center of the screen
  7. Anyone have any advice on how to get this blue connector out from the passenger side wiring harness holder? I have been working on this for 20 minutes or so but I can’t get it out. I tried using a set of needle noise plyers to get play in the plastic, but it’s pretty rigid. Pretty sure I am going to destroy it getting it out. Any advice? Is there a tool for this?? -muze
  8. Hey Guys, Got most of the wiring undone in the engine bay and am almost ready to send this thing off to paint. Two questions: 1. What is the best way to get this harness through the firewall? Or is it easier to pull the connectors in the cabin through the other way? Haven’t started trying to take the old rubber seals off yet because I am sure they are going to disintegrate the moment I do. Also, do they make replacements for these or is there a good substitute? 2. Any idea what this vacuum line goes to? And can I remove it and reinstall it from here? Or will it require removing the dash to reinstall?
  9. Sorry for the delay in response guys, baby was sick for a couple of days. This is perfect. Will let you know how it goes this week!
  10. Hi Guys, Stripping my 280Z to send it out for paint. Last thing on my list is removing the brake lines and brake booster from the engine bay. Two quick questions: 1. Are there any any issues with storing brake lines empty for 6-8 months? If yes, is there a way to remove the engine bay lines and cap downstream? If no, is the best way to drain to open a bleeder on one of the wheels and then pump the brakes till dry?
  11. I do like a good snuggle. But I imagine my wife might be a little frustrated sharing the bed with something else and its been a while since I slept on the floor. 😛 Its pretty clean now but I will probably deploy the hair dryer method. Worse case the shop I occasionally work out of has a few barrels of barrels of Iso for parts washing, so maybe I can grab a gallon when I'm there next.
  12. @Zed Head yeah, I haven't yet run into any overheating issues (knock on wood). Was going to take my gas tank to a rad shop and get a quote on the recoat so I can take the radiator at the same time. For cleaning it out, I think I remember someone mentioning to rinse it with isopropyl alcohol to dry up any remaining water and then cap it. Does that sound right?
  13. I still have the original fan and fan shroud which I was planning to put back on, but now that I need to replace the radiator, I am open to other options. Would the alternative be to switch to electrical fans? Or is a shroud not necessary with the copper/brass setup?
  14. So I was putting my parts in storage to make space for breaking down the engine and I found some previously repaired damage to the radiator that I didn't see before. There wasnt any visible igns of leaking or rust when I pulled it or in the coolant, but it looks pretty rough. Three questions: 1. This thing is junk right? 2. Assuming it is junk, anyone have a recommendation for a drop in replacement? Saw there are a few 3 rows from champion and mishimoto that don't look too crazy assuming they don't require fab to mount. 3. In the very unlikely chance that it is not junk, should I fill it with something for storage?
  15. Bought and shipped! Thanks for the recommendation. I don't have to be worried about my dad being Whizzed. He's an engineer and understands the theory of engine design, but chose to focus his mechanical knowledge elsewhere. Whenever I talk about my car, he always asks "Have you sold it yet?" My biggest complaint with the Haynes stuff is its not always well organized and misses important stuff. I mostly use it to fill in when the service manual doesn't cover a topic. I am sure I will have a thousand questions but you guys are always good at answering and being there. Saved by bacon when I yolo lifted my engine a few weeks ago. 😛
  16. Mainly because this will be my first time doing it and I am a little terrified that I would c&%k it up. 😛 Mostly worried about snapping the head bolts and resetting the timing correctly and just generally getting beyond my abilities. Bad reason since I set off on this whole journey to learn. Good point though on the cleaning and checking the internals. I will do it. Will start disassembly in a week or so.
  17. Well. Engine and Transmission are out and I am almost healed from a minor surgery so I am ready to get back out to the garage. Next thing is checking for oil leaks. Trying to decide if I should be replacing the head gasket. Included some photos below. If anyone has any advice, let me know! The sides of the engine block don't seem to be too oily except under the #3 spark plug. There is a little buildup around the plug itself which makes me think it wasn't torqued down well at some point. The major area of oil buildup is where the front of the head meets the timing chain cover. There is sealant around the water pump to suggest that someone replaced it in the past. None of the compression numbers were off when I tested but they were a little lower than I would like. It was my first time testing though so it is possible I messed it up (can't remember if it tested hot or cold). 155 PSI 159 PSI 163 PSI 162 PSI 157 PSI 160 PSI Also, what is this mounting point for on the front right hand side of the engine above the alternator ? For more on the engine / trans removal, there are photos here.
  18. Thanks @Patcon & @Jeff G 78! You are life savers.
  19. Yeah. It was like the second thing I did on my car with 0 knowledge about car maintenance or restoration. I thought to myself, this thing only has 30k miles, it will be way better than everyone else. Mistake lol. If have a moment sometime over the holiday break to PM me a picture, would love to see it. I need to do the other spindle pin at some point but the immense feeling of dread keeps that at the end of my to-do list.
  20. I already removed 1 of 2. What a harrowing adventure. I will buy the spindle pin tool next time since my "walk the pin out using 1234353245234645324 stacked washers" technique ended in tears. Ends up that tightening and loosening hardware a few hundred times under load is not good for the threads, who knew. 😛
  21. Thanks @siteunseen. Its a life long dream to do it so it feels great. I have it resting on two wooden stands under the bolts that connect the oil pan to the block. I don't have any junk tires at the moment, but will get it on the engine stand in the next 2-3 hours.
  22. Thanks @siteunseen. Was definitely nervous. I didn't put it on chassis stands. Instead I raised it up with some wheel stands just enough to get the legs of the lift under. Can send a picture in a bit but it worked well. @Patcon I wish I had capped the coolant in the back of the engine. Put an old crappy carpet under the engine to catch the fluids as it got lifted, but it drained down the transmission just past the edge of the damn carpet lol.
  23. Safely removed! Just need to get some longer bolts to get it on the engine stand since the stock ones look like they are too small. Only one hiccups, forgot to remove the shift knob so I tore the rubber gasket which pissed me off becuase I just replaced it. Anyone have a photo of their shift lever? Trying to make sure I didn't bend it, but this thing has more curves then some women I have dated so it'd hard to tell :p
  24. I have the rubber cap! I listened! 🙂 I think I have seen you mention it on 3-4 other posts. Sounds good, will shorten the chain in the front.
  25. @Jeff G 78 @Patcon moved the strap between 5 and 6 and then around 6. Need to adjust the tension so it is level from start. Going to wrap a backup strap around the bell housing. Thoughts?
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