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280z Bumper Conversion: Who Kept 280z Lower Valence?


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Converting my 280z to the 240z bumpers, but trying to keep some of the original style of the car. I love this version of the car from Ryan Labrosse out of Canada who kept the 280z stock lower valence, but his car is one of the few examples I have seen like this.  

  • Does anyone else have this style setup? (if yes, pictures please)
  • If you do have this style, would you do it again? Pros/cons? 
  • If not, any reasons to not go with this style? 




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I kept the 280Z lower valence when I switched to early bumpers.  I built a new lower grill out of a couple of spare grills.  I drilled out the old rivets,  stacked the extra bars, and pop riveted it all back together.  Here's how it looks.



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I added a little more info.
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Add me to the list of folks that doesn't think the 240z bumpers work with the 280z valence. Actually, I think the stock lower valence on both the 240z and 280z is kind of a miss. A replacement air damn or the BRE style spook air dam is a much better look. One more hot take: the placement for the turn indicators is better on the 280z than the 240z.

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Good discussion and timely for me. I recently bought the xenon front air dam. Bought it direct from Xenon and I’m so disappointed I don’t have words . It’s not even usable. It so warped that it’s unusable. It has flaws all over it. I’d avoid this product like Covid-19.
I’ll post pics of this garbage later. My stock lower valance is banged up so I started looking for alternatives. I think I may have found it and might be something you like. I think it’s was used on the European 260’s. Take a look at these pics. Wish I had better one but this is probably what I’m getting.


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