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1975 280z parts


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#4 look to be the metal pieces that go over the rubber pockets at the hatch hinges

#8 look to be generic hinge shims

#17 looks to be a master cylinder reservoir cap

#1,2,3 & 5 look to be dash brackets

#9(edit) looks to be brake booster vacuum line

#10 might be glove box light switch


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1 and 10 are for the glovebox. 1 is part of the latch mechanism, and 10 is the light for inside when you open the door.

2 is (I believe) the brackets the hold up the center of the dash. One end screws to the trans tunnel and the other end screws to the underside of the dash.

3 is the radio support bracket.

Not sure about 4 and 5.

6 is a bracket that holds the center dash panel (with the two HVAC outlets and your FUEL light) in place. There should be a second one that is a mirror image.

7 is a bracket for your coil wire.

9 is one of the vacuum lines that run to your power brake booster.

11 is your roof mounted dome light. Missing the white lens. it's probably turned to dust.

Not sure about 12. Obviously a vacuum hose, but not sure which one offhand.

13 is one of the clips that holds your shifter boot in place on the underside of the console.

Not sure about 14 and 15

Not positive on 16, but I think it's a window roller. Should be inside one of the doors maybe?

18 is your FICD. Fast Idle Control Device. It pulls the throttle open a little bit when you turn on the A/C

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