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  1. Interesting… as an (old) electronic engineer.. i think it's a nixie tube display? let me know what the problem is.. first find out where the electronics are sitting for it.. and that will have a lot of wiring to al sorts of sensors everywhere in the car.. the display doesn't work or does it light up partial..? Nice 280zx just the color is not my cup of thea.. as the english say haha... good job!
  2. If you just want to drive a nice restored classic, don't restore it yourself, just buy a good restored car. If you have to pay someone to do it you will have to pay 10's of 1000 dollars/euro's whatever.. I'm in the last let's say half a year of my 280zx 1979 slick-top sort of restauration ( engine and so was perfect because of low mileage (kilometers in my case) and i'm after a perfect paintjob that will take place in a month or so i'll be going over 15000 dollar and then i'm NOT COUNTING THE MANY, MANY HOURS I GOT IN IT MYSELF.. Yes it is... and should be a labour of love. otherwise you don't have to go through all the trouble. And if you think you can do it yourself, you need to be a handy man.. otherwise forget it.. (i have seen some people who started it but it never came to an end.. it ends like a bad dream and a big moneypitt.
  3. BTW... does someone know what part this is.....???? it's about 3,5 " wide.. (8-9 cm?)
  4. First part in color.. (without finishing layers of colorless) End result will be much more shiny 😎
  5. Start of the repair of door.. Door lower edge were not perfect so welded some new steel in.. the 2 doors are ready for paint by now.
  6. Just a pic. of my rear 280zx 2+2 shocks.. these are the Original 40 year old still good working ones.. Cleaned them up around march 2019, then i heard that KONI is going to make new ones.. oh well.. test these first and can install new ones any time later!
  7. Ow... Don't think thats normal.. maybe after a few years of wear.. not with fresh installed ones.. but.. what do i know.. last time i installed (Original nissan ones) is 12 years ago.. 😮
  8. Looked it up on google? there are better ways.. Press the loudspeakerbutton and listen on this site: https://www.vertalen.nu/vertaal?vertaal=draaibank&van=nl&naar=en
  9. I would use your "contraption" to.. but without the 4 nuts that hold the bolts in the head? not really necessary ..? And the ring made on the Lathe can be just a peace of (copper) tubing?
  10. Good to hear you found the problem.. only thing i wanted to ad is clean your injectors with injectorcleaner.. you put it in the tank with some new gas and just let it run. most times these old injectors don't give the same amount of fuel each time they fire.. it's just an extra.. maybe it will run even better after a good clean.
  11. No..no… I live in the Netherlands.. HOLLAND... The Dutch! Haha.. confusing hey? Des pay bas...
  12. Most likely.. your heaterdoor has lost the foam that ones was on it. when you restore this you can also look for problem #2.. because you have to take it out of the car.. sorry..
  13. As a teacher ones sayd: there are only stupid students that don't ask.. Maybe the 3 is a marking from a head restorer so he knows it was one of him.. is it 123456 in all of them or just a 3 (in the 3th cylinder?)
  14. Btw.. those hubcaps are also pretty rare... i've seen a ad on ebay (was last year or so..) someone askt 3000$ for 4 new caps in the Original boxes.. pfff...
  15. No no.. the rimcolor! Where this one on the pic (from a car from a ex-Nissan dealer) is black.. i've got some Original wheels with first Original paint on them and it looks like a dark grey, a bit blue-ish .. THAT's were i want the paincode of.. but it is going to be difficult i think.. I ask these things because i want to start later... next year or so(?) with a restoration on my 240z early 1971. (and yes i know those are 260z wheels but i think they look good under my 240z.) Those hubcaps i have also. i believe they came in a few colors, i've got these blue ones also. and a few without the blue, they are chrome were the blue normally sits around the Z..
  16. Draai =turn or turning and bank = Bench.. so…. a draaibank is a turning bench.. haha.. sometimes things are called completly different.. a Lathe (zeg maar lèèthe.. met de engelse th..) is a nice example..
  17. As an (ex) electronics repair man.. i also look for the better stuff... ( I HATE CHEAP JUNK!!) In 2012 i designed and build my own new kitchen.. I told the german kitchen man (german quality still good..) i need a new kitchen without the appliances .. huh?? he sayd.. Yeah.. i'll give you the dimensions from the apl. and we design together a nice kitchen.. he agreed.. I bought almost all my appliances. second hand out of showrooms from the german brand name Gaggenau! It's wonderfull, prime quality.. My coffeemachine was a used one.. in the showroom.. It had made over 10000 cups of coffee, i overhauld it after 10642 cups and now i'm going to make my 18558th cup of coffee!! cheers! I bought the coffeemachine with a steamoven for 1600 euro.. not cheap about 2 years old maybe 3.. sitting in a showroom the oven was as new.. both appliances together are over 5000 euro.. so i think it was a good deal.. (again.. after repairing a lot of appliances.. I HATE JUNK!!!!!!!! )
  18. Nice picture! I ran to my glass store.. and yep! It has 20 lines also..
  19. Wow... some bondo there!! I ones restored a door where i hit the underside door with a hammer.. a piece of bondo broke of about 2 by3 inches big!! came from a California-car! Hi .. Ive got a Original new 240z/260z doorskin, years ago bought it from a ex-Datsun/nissan dealer. It's possible it has the 260z partnumber on it.. but it has a orig nissan partnumber on it. If i had a micrometer i could tell how thick this orig. one is.. :-( Another question, does someone have the colorcode for this type of (260z) wheels? It's a blue-ish dark grey i see on my originals.. (the pic shows a restored wheel by a Nissandealer where i saw this one.)
  20. Is your new (but not Original) seal thicker than the one that came out there? (hope you still have the old part..) In this time of many aftermarket parts.. maybe the new seal of bearing is .5 mm bigger and thats a problem..
  21. In this topic you can put parts with (real or unreal) high prices people ask these days for Datsun z (and zx?) parts.. Reason is i got a set of 240Z AND 260Z doors… The 240z door set is in still Original black metallic without rust! and the 260z set is with new doorscins (one is on the door already, the other comes with a good door.) (Not complete doors only the metal part, no glass or handles and..and…) One time i askt 600 euro for a door.. i got questions like: are they made out of gold? To tell you the truth, here in europe a door is no where to find… i'm not selling but what i ask myself is: what's the price in the U.S of A on a very good door (one with no rust or dings in it!!) ? Another one… A early as new rear window glass with naturally vertical heaterwiring in good condition! What do you think or "have seen price" .
  22. By turning bench 😁 Bart means a Lathe.. Oh and by the way, how did you know the castlenut had to be fastened to 70 Nm? just kidding!! ... as they say: just busting your chops (of zoiets.. 😉)
  23. Glad to say: Euro version does not have that (crap).. haha. the only dual filament bulbs are the running light/brakelight. (and some people manage to push the bulb so hard into it's filament that the brakelight becomes the running light and viseversa.. watch carefully the side tabs on the bulb.. they differ in hight position on the fitting. When you push them in and turn it has to go easy.)
  24. Side markers that brighten when braking?? Hahaha… somebody has made some changes in the elec. cables and you must have side marker bulbs with double connections on back? huh???
  25. Yes.. btw.. i didn't look into a elec. diagram but know there are a lot of wires onthat hazard switch..😎
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