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  1. I've got a kent-moore j25400 analyzer, does anyone know how a j25400-36 extension looks like or has one? i've got 2! j25400-13 extensions.. one i can sell or trade for a j25400-36 (that i could use for my 1979 280zx s130) (Maybe i can convert a j25400-13 into a j25400-36?) It's not neccessary but nice to have such equipment.
  2. Hihi.. just curious.. you blew the 25A because now it's a 30A fuse (green) ??
  3. Hello Guys! I think we are getting somewhere... This pic i got from oc carpets, they are the 2+2 carpets they sayd and.. i think thats the case.. Now i made a video of mine ( so you can see it all) some sugar and milk to keep the measuring lint on it's place hahaha… (if it's bad engish… f it!) 20200212_120210.mp4 I sended OC Carpets the video and i think they can only conclude they made a mistake… does not matter, only proves they are people to.. i'm excited what the answer is going to be! I would agree to send the 2 peaces back for the longer ones.. don't know what it costs but it was not my fault.. ican't help it that my former painter fu***-up and took so long, the warranty is gone after 2 years but i need the right set of carpets.. the ones i got are brand new but the wrong ones.. Oh let it please go right for ones! ( just kidding, but this aquire went wrong..)
  4. Thanks Cliff! But i think the problem will be adressed.. Today i got a mail and i sended one back with measurements and the adress of this thread! I also said sorry for my short fused behaviour.. Here are the pic's that, to me, explain why they don't fit.. The 16-17 inches should be around 20-22 inches somewhere.. I'm not going to measure it the difference is clear… Yesterday i came at my car and discovered that there was a dent in my brand new hood.. someone careless left the vacuumcleaner under the car and the lift was not on lock.. it went down slowly and hit the handlebar of the vacuumcleaner.. grrr… more work.... 🤮
  5. The number for what i bought was the #4586 on their website https://www.ocautocarpets.com/catalog/auto-carpets/1979/Nissan/MjgwWlg%3D/
  6. I looked at the invoice and the sticker pic just a few posts back but no.. Can't figure it out yet.. on the invoice it says: 1 unit EA description is : 2012 nissan flooring passenger A I can't find that number 2012 anywhere in the shop listings.. I'm sure i bought a 2+2 complete set for the car, it surprised me they do all the carpets exept the (very simple square) trunk cover! (you know, that peace that hangs on a single hook ) I was just a little bit kidding, about getting angry.. Much to soon for that.. i think i get/hear a solution today or so.
  7. Hello, Yours is a 280z 1978? I'm still not sure what color my 280zx 1979 is i thaught it's #510 sky blue metallic also but i can't find the paint color number on my car.. what do you guys think? see pic. Thanks in advance! Mart
  8. HAHAHAHA 😅 Not yet.. NOT yet!! Cliff!! L.O.L. Thanks for chipping in.. I'll wait for their answer on my explaination, Do you (OR ANYONE) know of any brand car that made a different size car for different continents.. I SURE DON'T …. As we say OVER HERE IN THE Netherlands: go fool the cat!! (dutch.. MAAK DAT DE KAT WIJS! )
  9. Zed head, here the label from the box.. (blanked my adress..) Auto custom carpets from alabama
  10. Oh Man! It gets even funny-er! Look at my pictures! The new ones are laying on the OLD ONES!!!! !!!! in all the pic's!! People who follow my restaurations here at home... they are .. to say the least.. "surprised" that an american firm just tells me.. my car is altered the carpet is fine, my car is the problem! I'm not far from getting very angry now… 🤬
  11. Hahaha…. Today i got a funny mail from The USA.. from OC Carpets.com I ordered a set of 2+2 280zx blue carpets in sept. 2017 for my car but they don't fit! Here some pic's! So i sended them some pic's and explained that i was testfitting these last Friday.. Also sayd it's a euro version 280zx 1979 2+2.. i think they sended me a 2 seater carpet set but they said in a first reaction it was'nt.. It's made for a 2+2 and i would have A LONGER VERSION CAR!! 🤣 HAHAHAHA… 😂😂😂 i'm shure the US and EURO version 2+2 cars have the same length! SO i told them to give me a better solution than just to say my car is a special version! (I'm a special version maybe… i am 6 foot 4 ! 😂) Are there more people here that ordered a carpet from them? i'm interested what your experience is with this company? I'm convinced they solve this problem.. if not i'll make a new topic here about the way they work and do business! With al the shippingcosts and the stupidly high taxes i payd over 400 euro for this set so i expect it to be fitting my car! TO BE CONTINUED!
  12. WOW.... yeah it can take some time.. in the 80's i once made me a plotter.. i made it including the full set of letters,numbers and all signs like #$%^&* and so on.. it took a lot of Hex coding then…. and that was on a commodore 64.. can you imagine… 😂
  13. Like Whee is restoring a 280z i'm restoring a 280zx.. and i do also a lot of work myself. just the fine bodywork i leave to a specialist, he's doing this for over 50 years now! so he is an older guy but very good at it. ( the shell is strait as an Arrow.. haha) I'm considering to do the paintwork myself also in a pro booth.. (then i don't have to pay a painter..) I have kept record of all the working hours (from everyone who worked on it) and i can tell you they are going in the direction of a Thousand hours.. Ones (25+) years ago i did a 240z that was rusted away and it did take over 3000 hours to restore .. but then i counted every hour, also when i was sitting behind a computer to look for parts or tech info and so on.. Also it was my first restore and you have to learn a lot. If one asks himself is it worth to restore a 240z? The answer should be:No.. unless it's a special model or has a interesting past.. or you'r just crazy about the model!! 😉
  14. "We" ...europeans read 310 dollar.. that's a bit low aint it??? we work with the point in 310.000 not 310,000 so.. 310,00 is 310 dollar and zero cents... can i have 2 for that price? 😀 ( no.. i;m not going to ask for 10 Z's or so! i am not that greedy..)
  15. I see it's "made in italy" that explains a lot... i make a double left turn when i see "made in italy"…. 🙄
  16. Series-One Z sells for Record Breaking $310,00 USD Eh... where is that extra 0 gone… @Mike ?
  17. I've got an inlay sheet of paper in a 280zx folder with the tech. data.. but you can google it and print it out, thats the same..
  18. don't know what they want.. but the normal german papers that come with the car are more than sufficient to register a car.. Normally..
  19. Thank you very much for your efforts! Nice to have a partnumber. i think i can order those if the glass guy doesn't have them, thanks!!
  20. Yes! That could work for my '79 car.. Normally they are on a rubber band that is layd down in adhesive. ( one for lower side and one for upper side.. probably 2 different width's??) I don't know if the 1979 and later 1982 cars had the same width stainless strips on the front screen... If the strips of stainless fit on those clips, i would like to know where i can buy these? Should be 2 different sorts of clips (diff. width).
  21. So… these last 2 weeks busy with making the gaps perfect between the 10-11 parts a 280zx has in the front! My bodyshop guy is making them flawless.. Nothing to show for now.. in a few weeks i hope to get into the paintbooth with the 280zx.. For the windscreen rubber maybe the Carglass guys have some clips for me (???) to put the stainless strips on.. (round the windscreen so i can get them off when a screen is broken.) and not laying in the silicone or other gummy mess... PLEASE, if you have a good solution, tell me here! thanks!
  22. Look in your navigation.. hihi... you where here in the south… you bought my perfect new in the box rear lights 240z.. now you remember.. 😉
  23. Now i have to buy me an alarm for my daily driver 240z type1...
  24. THANKS GUYS !!!!!! This time the right pictures, thank you very much! I didn't know that there was a plug in the big hole! It's not completely round i see now.. could be that the EU model does not have the plug, iv'e had 3 280zx's but never seen those plugs.. (i think i put in a normal rubber plug like in the floor..) My bodyshop guy will be very glad with those pic's, thank you!