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  1. Yeah, i think it shoud come right off.. To long ago that i removed mine but take a few pic's and pinpoint the problem in the pic with a pen or screwdriver.. someone probably has the answer..
  2. Must be funny but i don't get (the translation) please elaburate? 🙂
  3. Also, when you drive the car daily.. those cars with the tripple webers are a pita when cold they always seem to run very bad .. Lots of fuel is needed to keep them running.. I also took a look at a set of webers, dell orto's or better (More original) micuni's but they make not a lot of power extra and are expensive. A extra is those SU's ( THEY ARE HITACHI"S !!!!! DAMN IT!! Not gonna say this AGAIN! 🤬 oeps...sorry...) Are SO EASY to balance and tune! 👍
  4. As you see he has one and ... was/is a pita... enjoy! 🙂
  5. Yeah, i know that car.. i think... is it the same car Hoovies garage has one in orange? Oef.. what a ugly car.. sorry just NOT my cup of tea!
  6. Haha funny stories.. My 240z once had 7-8 owners in half a year!! (or so.. if I.R.C. ) This was back in the early nineties, in the States.. haha it had a terrible floor and a lot of people fell for the nice red color of this turd! I got some paperwork that came with it and on it are A LOT of names! After that it was bought by a firm overhere in the Netherlands for peanuts i guess and someone bought it but never repaired it, then in 1998 i bought it and in 2000 i got it a licence plate and drove it, now for about 30000km or so..
  7. Yeah, i think so too.. I've been offered a lot of money for it but i keep it for another year i think.. (much more than i bought it for, 15 years ago, this is a good way to drive a beautiful car (to a sertain limit) and let the next owner pay for your runningcosts as well... oeps! This kind of hobby brings.. at the moment.. much more than the interest on savings. (is at the moment about 0%!)
  8. What hobbyist did make that front part? what a damn ugly car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yeah, a lot of money! I wonder would a nice 55k miles (he's at 88555km last week.) euro version bring that too as these are also less made in euro version i mean? At the carwash.. Complete history, like 4th battery or so but original everything haha and also the exhaust!!. never driven in winter, i can prove this by all the registrations at our RDW!! if you look at it's reg. number you'll see all the winters since he was 5 yrs (in garage Nissan for 5 years..) For example the aircon or climate control is never refilled and never had a defect! It still works perfect after 30! years.. howcome? i start the car every 4-6 weeks!! VERY important for oil and for the clim.control!!!! (I can not emphasize how important this is!) Many papers with this car but few repairbills.. this car costed 173000 guilders in 1992.... pff it took about 5 years to sell in the netherlands haha.. for the same money you had a Porsche turbo.. so funny.. this i like more! Don't want no porsche on my drive! At his summer spot.. This one i have seen earlyer..
  10. It turns out to be a creation of a handyman... nicely done i must say.. And with dutch reg.
  11. I always say: He's less than a pile of s-h-i-t ... because that's useful to get some great potatoes or so!! Maybe he wants to come on the top of the list? You know... where hitler is on?
  12. edit....can't put it here with english titles you have to switch it on.. sorry..
  13. click the little wheel left of "youtube" on the lower right select language click the v on english... i can get the english undertitles .. no problem. I tried to make a link with the undertitles in english already on.. but it didn't work.. 😟
  14. Super funny! in these miserable times.. Enjoy !! (Switch your english undertitles ON!) Let me know what you found of it!!
  15. Yes.. i made them myself and it turned out not to be to difficult.. Bought a small "english wheel" and made them myself.. Look here..
  16. Very good reason then but, it raises also the question: do those technicians not know if that what you want to do is possible? RIGHT !! I've learned A LOT by trail and error, as many here will have.. i think..😉
  17. Maybe you can find out if the manufacturer for nissan is the same for subaru (and many more car brands..) i really don't know. Offcourse that's no guarantee that it will fit. Why not change to a complete R180 from a subaru? (With LSD) Just gears are very difficult to find i think.. (Also: I would be very careful with LSD type diff's because most will/can be wornout..)
  18. Never had a subaru, so don't know.. i only can say that if you want another ratio or gear, you always have to change 2 ! gears.. not 1..
  19. Wow, exiting to see your perseverance! Wow!! I would sell the roofskin to someone that had a sunroof in it! I think there are enough enthousiasts that need/want one.. For repairs i use 0,7 0,8 and 1mm special car chassis steel with zinclayer.. The best handling stuff is the 0,8 mm as it's pliable and weld-able. I sprayed the welds with special zincspray and before welding you should take off the zinc on the spots you weld because of the damps, not so good for your health.. (Watch out.. you have only one body.. we all think we are invincible when we are young but please buy good stuff to protect yourself! Sometimes i think i feel so damn bad of the fumes i got when welding a old Z.. or took the old paint off.. i don't know but there is bad stuff in these old cars.)
  20. Yes, ...... and less when writing on this site! (when i look at your sentence structure! 😉 )
  21. @kats maybe in Japan, but there it would be a RHD i Guess? Has anyone seen these 2 seaters ??
  22. I don't have parts for the 300zx of 88 but.. do you mean the stainless steel on the rubber from a front screen or rear or?? No idea what a molding retainer is..
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