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  1. Any of you guys do serious surgery on your car yourself like rear quarters, roof, plenum, rockers, firewall?
  2. Grannyknot, great idea to tie the frame rail into the rockers. How does it look with fenders on. ie can you see the support. Alot of unitized structures tie these together.
  3. Not angry at all Azdatsun. Dont try to stir up stuff because you are embarrassed. And the google search only brought up 240z gaskets.. i need both for a 280.
  4. Did you read what I initially wrote?
  5. Any of you guys have a 280z blower wheel laying around. I need some measurements of it. I am not going to do the replacement and cut the housing. I have a catalog with a ton of wheels listed in it.
  6. Yes but the A pillar rocker connection is outboard of the front frame rails. I believe its just the firewalll doing the work. And in my case, its rusted out.
  7. Any of you guys use the Rockford 430-10 u-joints to replace the original staked in ones?
  8. What ties the front frame rails into the rockers. Hard to believe just the sheet metal firewall.
  9. Where is a good place to get parts like brake booster gaskets, arm bushings, etc. I tried rock auto, nothing.
  10. What is this hole for in the passenger fire wall. Also is the blower housing suppose to be open like this?
  11. Is datsunzparts and showcars-body parts one in the same?
  12. Where van i get that top battery frame with bracket to firewall
  13. Zedd, norm and charlie. Is that like moe, larry and curlie? Who runs datsunzparts? Still looking for a more reliable place.
  14. Datsunzparts is not a real place. Probably some guy making parts out of his garage. No email replies. Sny others who make $300 280z floors
  15. Does this intake go to the plenum and if so how does water stay out
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