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  1. On the drivers tie rod. Which way loosens the nut? Iam thinking these might be reverse threads
  2. I know what the rockauto ad shows but moog is misleading people. The k9011 does not have a grease fitting. Buy another brand.
  3. What with moog balljoints, no zerk fittings. I guess they want you to buy them all the time.
  4. What with moog balljoints, no zerk fittings. I guess they want you to buy them all the time.
  5. Have any of you guys replaced the strut boot? Would like to see the setup.
  6. Should be interesting getting a torque wrench under the car in that area and applying 80lbs.
  7. Ok you tighten on the ground, then it goes on a lift with wheel hanging or lots of suspension travel. I dont think the rubber was designed for torsion, was made for radial load.
  8. The kyb boot is different then stock. I believe the original snapped to the top spring support. The kyb sits in the top support but would fall, the bottom of the boot is too loose.
  9. When i tighten the bolt for the lower control arm it pinches the bushing preventing it to move. It needs to move, preventing the rubber from tearing.
  10. How come the 280z has a hole in the passenger side of the firewall for a wiring harness but a 240z does not have the hole.
  11. How do i get the top nut/cap off the strut? I tried heat...nothing. the nut is sheey metal and trying to bend
  12. What holds the new strut in? Looks like there is something on the bottom of the new strut?
  13. I see that front struts are being made but my factory manual talks about removing the rod and filling the tube, packing the top seal. So does the new strut fit inside the existing tube?
  14. Have you guys looked at the price of shipping on parts for our cars. I need a bunch of parts but the shipping is around fifty percent the price of the parts. There are a ton of places like summit and jegs that offer free shipping on orders over $99. I think the issue is our parts are not here in the usa. Zcarsource appears to have the best shipping prices.
  15. Is there a book or online ref that shows every single part and placement on the car?
  16. I have heard bad things about canadian vendors. There are a couple up there and unreliable.
  17. Wonder how different 240 and 280 sheet metal is. There are alot of 240 parts.
  18. Does anyone sell the front engine frame rails individually
  19. Does anyone make the engine compartment liners that close off the frame rails?
  20. Ate a 3 holes required in the inner jamb. I know the lower hole has wiring
  21. Have any of you guys replaced the outer rocker piece by itself or used one of those slip over pieces?
  22. Mine car is a 1975. Doubt the tab was used for tie down. Not much material there.
  23. First pic is my floorpan on the ground, hat channel on right is original. Tall with factory primer. Thin hat channel to left which would be next to the rocker. Both my car and the one in the picture have the tab welded across the channel. My car is original, before bad dog existed. I have seen so many variations.
  24. Look at these. They are alot taller, tie into front frame rails, and go full length
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