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  1. Is the tank mount off center and the spare tire center?
  2. Does anyone make door jambs for the body, not the door. Rear quarters and lower a pillar? Maybe even a full rear quarter.
  3. Does anyone sell 4 hole custom wheels for the 280z. Maybe 15". Would like black rims with chrome ring.
  4. Because the msa driveshaft cost half as much as i paid for my car.
  5. Will any parts from a 280xz fit a 280z. Ie the driveshaft?
  6. Who sells cheap floor pan supports. Ones i have seen cost close to the pan price. Would also like full length. Is that 42" for a 280z?
  7. Any of you have a 240 driveshaft laying around. I need measurements of the bolt pattern, X and Y. and....the hole size also be nice if someone has a 260 driveshaft for measurements too
  8. The 240 and possibly 260 shafts wont fit. The rear flange is too small and the 4 mounting holes are too small also.
  9. Thats the point to me posting the picture. The head broke off because the bolt is thinner then a pencil. As long as one too. And thats not a bad design?
  10. Speaking of being into the engin, should i replace the head gasket or is it a hassle abd should leave it alone.
  11. So the non tensioned side is loose as a goose. Is there a measurement spec for the play?
  12. Cover is off but for the record, it does not drop down at all. There are alignment pins that prevent that. Also, how dumb is this thin long water pump bolt. I have worked on engines for over 40 years and have never seen such a bad design.
  13. sawzal time. its off. question: how do you get the dist. gear back in to perfect alignment?
  14. ps the cover wont come off because there is a bolt by the engine block that comes down into it.
  15. I used heat, a hammer, punch, slide puller. This guss wont come off. Can get the cover off either, bolt broke off, its stuck too. I am going to drill the housing and crack it apart. I just want to make 100% sure something wont get damaged like the crank gear or shaft while I am trying to remove it.
  16. Anyone make rocker panel patches? This guy made one out of a full rocker: https://www.google.com/search?q=280z+rocker+panel+repair&client=ms-android-verizon&ei=DZx8YZ3uM92UwbkPw52zuA8&oq=280z+rocker+panel+repair&gs_lcp=ChNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwEAMyBQghEKsCMgUIIRCrAjIFCCEQqwI6BAgAEEc6BAgeEAo6BQgAEM0CUIQgWKUwYM83aABwAXgAgAGJAYgBtAWSAQMwLjaYAQCgAQHIAQjAAQE&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:89f99493,vid:60WVwZ1pgsc,st:0
  17. It that a water freeze plug? Hope not
  18. I dont see that gear and shaft for the dist driver on the exploded views of the engine. Pics would be appreciated
  19. A 45 year old jap car without rust? All z's i have seen are rusty. Only only i have seen that was rust free sold for over $100k
  20. What drives the oil pump and distributor
  21. Did all 75' S30s with manual trans come with the R200?
  22. Do the door sills sit flush on the rockers or is there a slight gap where i can weld patches on the rocker?
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