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SU fasteners suppliers/throttle shaft?


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11 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:

You're not talking about cutting internal O-ring grooves into the (bushing that's pressed into the) carb body, are you? If so, call me and I'll do my best to talk you out of that.  LOL

If that's not what you meant... I've seen a couple simple seal versions. First is on the round tops... The outboard ends can be capped off completely. Only the inboard ends need some sort of rotational seal.

And someone many moons ago did a simple "crushed O-ring" compressed up against the outside of the carb body. (@Blue @240260280 maybe)

 No o-ring grooves. I'm much more primitive than that. The crushed o-ring and cap were what I imagined. Or maybe I didn't dream it up it and I don't remember the source.

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