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Lightweight Flywheels?


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On 3/7/2021 at 7:07 PM, adivin said:

MSA sells the Fidenza, but their web site says, "Clutch Note: Centerforce II or ACT™ clutch strongly recommended at minimum. Not for use with stock or Centerforce I clutches."  The stock 240z clutch and the Fidenza seems like a popular pairing.  Why is MSA strongly advising against the stock clutch?

I suspect it's because MSA wants you to spend more money on an expensive clutch. I run a 10lb Fidanza with an OEM 225mm clutch behind an L28 that makes about 200whp/185lb-ft. It's been in for nearly 8 years now with no issues. Engagement is buttery and the lighter flywheel really just requires quicker shift timing. The gearing and low-end torque of the L28 make taking off no problem, unless you have a numb left foot.

I also run an 8lb flywheel + OEM clutch on my street/track S2000 with great results. It did make for a slight increase in NVH (gear rattle) and requires a bit more revs to get moving but its 4 cylinder engine generally has less inertia than the L6 and less torque so is more sensitive to flywheel mass. With that said, it's nothing but a joy to drive.

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To echo some of the comments above - on my modified L28 with north of 240 bhp, I run fidanza fly wheel on exedy clutch (240mm) rated for a 280zx 2+2 turbo. I wanted a relatively light pedal but a clutch that could take the additional power.

The pedal feel is great - not too light or at all heavy. If you want or keep your existing pedal feel, then just replace the clutch disc. The pressure plate is what gives you that heavy / light feeling.

As for the flywheel and drivability, it’s sooooo much happier revving now and a joy to drive. Sure, on the very slow stuff it can be a tiny bit jerkier than the stock set up but never any drivability issues in town or stop/start traffic. You do have to dial in 300-500 more rpm every now and then but that’s it! Oh and slightly quicker gear changes. I can still drive mine at 1200-1500 rpm without issues.

I have never looked back since going lighter fly!!!

Interestingly, I found my AP1 S2000 didn’t like pulling out of junctions below 2000rpm! But boy was it worth the 9krpm redline engine note!!!

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On 3/10/2021 at 6:47 PM, adivin said:

Yes, they said I would need the adapter.  Thanks for the heads up.  How do you like that flywheel?  What clutch did you go with?

I have that adapter that I will never use if you need one . I couldn’t use the RB flywheel 

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