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  1. Ha! My wheels will actually be 15x7 VTO Lemans (0 offset). I looked at the 205/55 to get just a little less sidewall. The performance tire selection for 205/60 is almost non existent (Tire Rack).
  2. I did use the calculator and a 205/60 15 has only a -.59 variance. I do not want to roll fenders I suspect we don't hear about 55 series because the tire offerings haven't been that great and not because of size. 205/50 and 60 do seem popular.
  3. To go plus 1 would be a 205/60. I am willing to deviate from that.
  4. Thoughts on a 205/55 on a 15x7 wheel with car lowered about 1"? I think that would be a sweet spot. Current offerings from Tire Rack are Kumho Ectsa, Dunlop Direzza, Yokohama Advan. What are experiences with any of these?
  5. Why? Why have people been hot rodding cars since forever? Never mind the 3lb hammer to get the drums off...
  6. Ok so I suppose this is one not to get...
  7. I thought there would be more discussion on this one. Who makes the best rear conversion that is not total overkill for a non-track application?
  8. I did bushings and wheel bearings. After the spindle pin and rear wheel bearings, I feel like I climbed Mt Everest.
  9. I haven't started the front yet. I am finishing up some more work on the rear. I will keep you posted. Rear went smooth.
  10. Oh boy! Well, that explains it. The Captain lives up to his namesake.
  11. Another observation from today. Factory Service Manual says to put 290cc of oil in the strut tube. That is way too much. I had oil spilling all over when I put the strut in. Also tightening the gland nut and keeping the strut rod from turning was interesting.
  12. I have a 12/71 build date. I will let you know how the front's fit. aj
  13. I have a 12/71 build date. I will let you know how the front's fit. aj
  14. Did the original 240Z Nissan U Joints on the half shafts have grease fittings?
  15. I just put the Koni's in the rear of my 72 and had no issues. The Koni gland nut fit fine.
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