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  1. No, never could get the damn thing out. The next step would be a hydraulic ram puller. I found a replacement strut. It should arrive next week.
  2. So in my attempt to pound it out from a hole in the bottom, I ended up putting a hole in the bottom of the insert. The bastard has not come out.
  3. I think this is going to be my next course of action.
  4. Ok, I am fighting a strut insert now. Just like all the post above, this thing is putting up a fight. I've done everything but chain it to a tree and car bumper or drill a hole in the bottom to pound it out. This could be worse than the spindle pin!
  5. Well, I managed to change the parking brake cable with just removing the exhaust. This was so much fun on jack stands. Thank for the help once again!
  6. I actually have this set of pry bars and it's what I used. Good call.
  7. There is no way I can do this with the driveshaft and exhaust in place. I can't get to the square nuts or the cotter pin.
  8. I'm wondering how the adjustment screw is secured to that equalizer pin. Is it threaded or should it just slide out once I loosen the square nuts?
  9. Ok, now I'm ready to deal with this. Could they have made this anymore difficult?
  10. Shoot, I just pried one bracket open to the cable out before I saw your reply. The other side slid right out just like you said. Thanks!
  11. Damn! Snug is right. It seems like the gap in that bracket is too narrow. I will keep prying...
  12. I can't get the cables out from the brackets where the clips were.
  13. 7 year thread resurrection. I got the clips off but still can't get the cable out from the brackets.
  14. How do you remove the e brake cable from the two attachment points under the car? I was able to finally get the two retaining clips out (what a bitch) but still can't get the cable out from between the bracket that is on the car.
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