Blower Motor Upgrade - Not a Honda

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11 hours ago, arcdef said:

Hi All,


Can you confirm if this is the right motor? We didnt get the 1999 model in the UK and this looks the same except it has some kind of hose coming off the back also?



Kia used the same blower in many different models and years. I have seen many with that hose to circulate air over the electric motor. You can modify your blower box to use it or block it off. Here's a picture of the Kia blower I installed in my 260Z (Goldie) all those years ago and a picture of a spare Kia blower that I have. I think most of the guys doing the swap lately have just bought them new from the dealer. Maybe Amazon... (edit: Yup, Amazon has them...)


20191230_140751 (2).jpg

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