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  1. resurrecting this one, when changing the pinion flange will it not mess up the pinion pre-load or if its torqued back to spec will it be ok?
  2. View Advert s30 rear speaker bracket Hi, Looking to buy a pair of rear speaker brackets for an S30, specifically a 280z. Many thanks, Ash Advertiser arcdef Date 11/10/2020 Price $1,234.00 Category Parts Wanted Year 1976 Model 280z

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    Hi, Looking to buy a pair of rear speaker brackets for an S30, specifically a 280z. Many thanks, Ash


  4. Yeah I found the 1/2inch fits in the drain plug but It's the fill plug that I'm struggling to get to. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, What socket are you all using to get off the fill plug? I cant seem to find one that i can fit properly as the plug is square not hex and also it hits the moustache bar. Also is it normal for the plugs to be this far out? thanks Ash
  6. arcdef

    No heat

    Would a direct vacuum line from the engine not work then?
  7. arcdef

    No heat

    I can't take credit for that I'm afraid. The previous owner done a very nice job of it though!
  8. arcdef

    No heat

    Yeah literally only the master cylinder left. I will give that ago using my mouth over the weekend and see if it works! Thanks for your help! Ash
  9. arcdef

    No heat

    Yeah this a '76, was originally LHD but converted to RHD. It has also had an engine change and the vacuum reservoir is no longer there. Sorry to be a pain but what steps could I take to bypass/eliminate this so the heater can work again? Can I force the vacuum cokk to stay open? Thanks
  10. arcdef

    No heat

    Interesting. So I assume these are the start of the vacuum lines? And this is where they end right now ?‍♂️ Not traced the passenger side but my guess is they go nowhere. Is there a way to bypass this system.of is it just a case of plugging them back in and the system will work again? Where does the system get its feed from? Thanks!
  11. arcdef

    No heat

    Hey, I am trying to establish why my 260z's heater does not work. The cables seem to be functioning correctly and moving in a full range but heat never arrives even when engine is up to temperature. I have taken a few photos, can you see if everything looks right or point me in the direction of what to do/check. Only thing I noticed that could be wrong is that nothing is connected to this? Other than brackets being corroded does the rest look correct? this is when set to heat this is when set to cold Thanks, Ash
  12. Yeah looks like either expanding foam or from a hot glue gun ?‍♂️. I take it the left and right hand drive cars would have different units? Also would a 280zx unit fit? Thanks, Ash
  13. Functional is not how I would describe it. I think a fart would produce more cooling power! It has been attached to firewall with some kind of ducting.
  14. Thought as much. The car was fully rebuilt by previous owner and this is another thing that isn't standard! Looks like I need to find a new housing from somewhere! Thanks
  15. Thanks, that was one of the posts I've used for research. My question is more if anyone recognises the housing installed in the car. It looks different to most I have seen on the web. Thanks
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