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New house, bigger Garage!


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Go to a ReStore shop and buy used all-wood cupboards to get you going.  (Sort of like a goodwill but with building materials).


You can get great shelves at home depot. Edsal make units and parts to customize nicely. They also sell under Husky and other brands.


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It took me 30 years, but I was fortunate enough to purchase a home with triple front garages and a rear 24x24 shop.
Having a separate shop is key to a long term restoration, as nothing in that shop escapes the dust and mess accompanying the restoration process.
I would never want to work on a car like this in a shared parking space! I know, it is the case for many without options, but I waited an additional year after buying my project car to find a house that would accommodate a happy wife as well as a happy car nut....
Also, hang thick poly from the ceiling to create a separate work space to contain some of the mess. I used 6 mil vapour barrier. Good luck!

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2 hours ago, jfa.series1 said:

Congrats on the new digs.  My long-time dream is a 3-car garage with a small cottage attached.  Then my wife slaps me awake and says "You're having that dream again.  It ain't gonna happen, deal with it!" :finger:

Yes a large garage/shop.  House only needs to be be big enough for my bed and a kitchen / bath.  I would be living primarily in the shop anyway.

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