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  1. youztheclue

    Whining baby!

    Thanks I'll have to look at this stuff in depth when I start to put the car together. Rn I'm going to try and pin point the sound on a lift and see from there.
  2. youztheclue

    Whining baby!

    The higher pitch is me blipping the throttle. When coasting it's quite and on acceleration where the engine is actually pushing i.e. going down hill faster than gravity, it has this whine. The last transmission flush had an inch of shavings on the magnetic drian plug. I have a 4 speed 260z and a unknown welded diff. Plans to swap out to spare open diff. and swap in a 5 speed 240sx transmission. Any info on that swap would be helpful to have!!! PS 75mph is actually 60mph
  3. youztheclue

    New house, bigger Garage!

    Wooo!! Awesome thanks!
  4. youztheclue

    New house, bigger Garage!

    Lights, shelves, retractable air hose and electrical reels from the ceiling, and over head storage. I'm thinking of doing the ceiling storage over the garage of one of the days and getting a maxjack on the other. First thing though is probably going to be a nice shed in the back yard for the extra space and storage.
  5. youztheclue

    New house, bigger Garage!

    Any tips on garage organization? Tips on project organization? How to save money? Best plans and practices? Fire them at me I'm a big boy. What do you lovely people think about keeping the factory color wheel I repaint my 260?
  6. youztheclue

    Dec. 260z door windows parts

    I know the front nylon block slids nice in the front. I also have a problem with the passenger window crank teeth. It was messed up by a pair of vice grips. Is there a way I can get the teeth of the gear back?
  7. youztheclue

    Dec. 260z door windows parts

    I have cleaned the channels: two on glass, one on inner door near armrest, one on the front inner door angled back. There is the trim of the window frame but it doesn't really touch the window. When rolling up or down it feels like it is binding on the front it's better with grease but the nylon guide seems undersized by a cm or so.
  8. youztheclue

    Dec. 260z door windows parts

    I'm working on my 12-'74 260z. the side door windows have everything I have seen online except the "Window Glass Roller Bumper Guide". This is just for the side to side movement and rattling. my problem is the front to back alignment when rolling up my window where i have to walk it back and forth with my hands on the top of the glass to make it roll up smoothly. I know I have to buy this part, but will it help me with my issue as well?
  9. youztheclue

    Sean O'Bryan

  10. youztheclue

    How to: Diff fluid service

    I live 20 mins out of east STL. I warm my bottle in a hot water bath for easy flow. basically what brought me to this point was the lack of info on my set up it is all for a different style diff, and just biting the bullet and taking some parts off the car.
  11. youztheclue

    How to: Diff fluid service

    This is my first video how to, and first time doing the diff service. it might not be the correct way but its the best way i could get the job done. hopefully this helps others out so they can get out there and enjoy their car as well.

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