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  1. distributor has done its job, and my z is alive again!!! I am so happy. Yes I know it could have been done cheaper, maybe an extra feature or two, but the install took 30 mins and I was the cleanest I've ever been when working on my car. Granted its recently cleaned and rebuilt. The distributor came with a black cap which I really wanted for oe type look. The tune isn't good, the carbs aren't set and I'm just happy the thing runs.
  2. Woooo!!!! what the h happened? did it back fire so hard it blow your engine?
  3. Thank you guys for the resources. I knew about the gm hei and actually bought one, but decided to return it. I will defiantly keep that trick in my sleeve to pull out in the future if needed.
  4. The first paragraph will be a little bit of back story. I rebuilt my 260z mechanically this past 2-3 years, paycheck to paycheck, learning from my first project car. I have tried to do a sensible OEM+ type modifications. Last year I drove it 100 miles burned 2.5 qts of oil and decided to rebuild the engine. Fast forward i have redone the engine bay wiring harness while the engine was out. RELOCATED the ignition coil to the other side of the engine bay. i drove the car 50 miles after the rebuild then lifted it back on jack stands to do the suspension bushings and shocks. I also did a bit o
  5. I have decided to install a 123 on my 260z this thread has contributed to my decision, as I am highly curious of an upgrade potential: and adding complexity to the car doesn't deter me. My 280zx non-t dizzy upgrade was installed by PO many yrs ago with a reman unit, has failed. I would like to tune my engine with the app, and see the results. I will update when I can.
  6. I already have the engine back down to the block in 21/2 hrs. its really easy after doing it the first time.
  7. The bolt was snapped already and is the old bolt. I have a fresh one ready to replace it. I milled the head and all that. I just took everything apart. It could be the front cover gasket leaking? I'm not sure, the thing is it my first time with z's and having a project car like this.
  8. I rolled the dice and I lost the bet:(
  9. Okay sorry I need to clear the info up. 3 years ago bought 260z and spent 2 and half year in the garage fixing/correcting/maintenance of the car on a shoe string budget. I had a cruise for STL Z club it made the cruise 100 miles 2 qts oil used. this is a stark contrast to the ~40 miles its driven since I've owned it. Parked in garage and pulled everything off the block. Everything is back together after a couple months, with one thing i know for sure is bad. butttttttttt is it what is causing my oil/coolant mixing? Here's a little picture story, my z is in the back of
  10. I rebuilt the head on my 260z. I drove it 100 miles and burned 2 qts of oil. I parked it and started tearing everything apart. I found a snapped head stud in the middle of the block. I couldn't get the bolt out at all so with 13 others how bad can it be?https://youtu.be/Ib9RJ3x2_Rs Please whatever help you can give is tremendous because I don't want to redo what I just did and then also take the engine out and the pistons, rods, and bottom out to give the block to a machine shop. There is 1-2qt from the top of the coolant leaking into the oil only. Not the combustion chamber because the e
  11. I just put my engine back together and started the engine up. Also all the electrical components are working. So now that I know everything I have is working good I will start updating this with all the notes that I have. Also I will do the same on GitHub.
  12. The mostly OEM harness and the added on wires from: horn, HIDs, LEDs, dual electric fans.
  13. Update on the wiring. I have the whole front engine bay harness unwrapped. It's undone all the way to the firewall. I'm going to remove and add a couple wires, shorten some, replace others. A nice rewrap and the electrical will be good while I create the really nice loom on the bench.
  14. im striping my engine bay now and also trying to learn GitHub which is no easy task. tomorrow i will be stripping back the wiring loom to get and accurate readings.
  15. I just bit the bullet and took the head off the block gonna do a whole top end service and see if that fixes it.
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