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JDM fender mirror dimensions

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I’m looking for some dimensions of the long arm original JDM fender mirror. 

Planning to buy a cheap set (https://zcardepot.com/mirror-bullet-style-black-240z-260z-280z-70-78.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw2dvWBRBvEiwADllhn0PO9n9E9yaRQdEEbrvl-4P9_Ckc5zkTip-ZyPXSaW-JEToJ8ncwhxoCuZkQAvD_BwE)

and rebuild with longer arms. I will model the parts in fusion 360 then 3d print the arm sections. Also will look to add a spring mechanism at the base. 

looking for height A, offset B and side offset angle C. 




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Hi, googling around I stumbled upon your post, did you ever get that info?

If so,  could you share it ? In planning on fabbing the arm as well.





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Guillermo, I did get the info. In fact one of the members was kind enough to lend me one to make measurements. 

I've have modelled the externals and some of the internals in Fusion360. 

I am still working on the internal spring mechanism. 

I have a set of short arm mirrors. I will replace the arm and bullet with 3d printed versions. 

Full replica version - 3d print v16.png

Full replica version - 3d print v16-back.png

Mirror-Underfender Parts v3.png

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