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Found 13 results

  1. I am looking for a rebuild kit for my 1972 Z car mechanical fuel pump. The original equipment model is a Kyosandenki. i am trying to keep the original unit and do not want to go to an electric pump. There are a number of replacement options but i want to rebuild this one. Have checked all the sources i can think of without success so far. Wondering if i'm on a fools errand. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have an early 1971 Z with four-bolt round-top carbs. I am rebuilding both carbs. I was told by a number or sources that the Walker 15566 was the right kit. Imagine my surprise when I compared the provided float needle and seat to the original. It was about 0.25-inches shorter than the original, or at least the one that has been installed for at least 20 years! The shorter assembly would not allow the float height to be set correctly. Is this the wrong kit or am I missing something? I did pick up some OEM braided hoses for the connecting the float bowl to the body of the carb. Can anyone
  3. Rebuilding an f54 block and p79 head, only have two questions I haven't really been able to find an answer too. Probably simple questions. I"m looking for main bearing studs for the 83 f54 block and all the bolts I can find say 70-78 which would be an N42 block, right? Will those studs fit the f54 block? I was hoping to use arp hardware for the main studs, rod bolts, and head studs. Also, I'm going to be doing the "high compression mod" for the p79, which involves shaving the head .080" , shimming the cam towers .080" (which I found proper shims for on datsunspirit.) running n47 val
  4. Long time listener, first time caller I figured I should start a thread for the restoration of my 260Z. I knew the previous owner of this car, the father of Captain Obvious. I hope he likes what I do with it. Maybe I should start with pics of the usual rust? Typical frame and rocker issues, front strut towers, nothing left of the floor.
  5. Im looking for cast flattops to rebuild my 83 f54/p79, having a hard time finding ones that arent forged but I stumbled upon these. It says theyre for 75-79s but as far as I can tell those were the same as the pistons in the f54 block. Can anyone see any reason these wouldn't work or if I shouldn't buy from this source? https://zcardepot.com/engine/engine-rebuild/piston-set-of-6-pistons-l28-020.html?search=piston
  6. Hello everyone I'm Lance. As you may saw earlier I bought a 240z with a L28 in it( The owner didn't even tell me he have a L28 in it until the car has been delivered all the way across America). Now the engine is out and apart and I'm ready to rebuild it. This engine is a N42 block with dished pistons and I'll guess it's a early one since the number stamped is small. It's got a E88 head and 3-screw SUs which I believe came with this car in 71. I'm not sure about the specs of the parts but it seems pretty stock to me. Anyway I have completely disassembled the engine and the block looks fine exc
  7. As mentioned in my earlier threads, I recently purchased a '71 240Z with shifting issues (F4W71A 4-speed manual transmission). The transmission would not reliably shift into 3rd and the lever was so loose you had no idea what gear you were in or shifting into. Getting into reverse required slamming the lever to the right against the plastic console before pulling back. My plan was to replace the clutch disc and pressure plate and to rebuild the transmission. From the beginning I planned to drop it myself, but I called around for quotes to rebuild at shops, in part because I have never done thi
  8. Alberta car Manuf. in '69 S/N 00072, Engine L24 2192. Missing: original carbs, transmission, original steering wheel, bumpers. Seats. Rear brackets have been modified for Jeep bumperettes. Added: 3 piece rear spoiler, louvres, front air dam, 2nd rear hatch piston. Everything else original including engine. I have all the original pieces, markings, etc Metal all very good. Many extra/duplicate parts, (Quikor front swaybar and 2+2 rear swaybar). Rear glass is clear. Front dash has no cracks. Garaged since '86. Other than front glass
  9. Hi all, This is pretty much my first time on a forum apart from a short time on rotary car club, so please excuse me if I do things a little wonky starting off. Anyway, I absolutely love s30's and intend on rebuilding one in the near future. I'm here to try and get started. My plans have changed over time from an ls swapped 300zx to a 350sbc swapped s30 to just realizing I wanted to retain the L platform in these cars and just go for lightweight, and great throttle response and handling with modest power. So I'm set on an L28 and after a bit of research here actually have come to the conclu
  10. Hi everyone, So it has come to my attention that Cardone does not rebuild the smog pumps up to a suitable standard, and they are only barely useable. I can post pictures to prove this theory, but it's not a theory. It's just a fact at this point that I am now well aware of. They are absolute crap. I would go so far as to say any of the "cast grey" looking ones you see online as rebuilds are all rebuilt by the same place, and they are all just terribly assembled and refinished. I have been looking into buying the necessary items for rebuilding the factory smog pump to spec, and I am wond
  11. Hi all, I am in the middle of rebuilding my 5 sp. trans (FS5W71C) . I am stuck at getting the OD gear bushing off - it's just about the last thing I need to get off to be able to replace a noisy main bearing. Anybody have any experience with this problem? Do I press on the main shaft and the other side of the adapter plate or do I try to get behind the reverse gear on the shaft? Heat it up with a torch? Thanks!
  12. is it possible for a garage hack with very little trans experience and ALOT of spare time to rebuild my gearbox myself?? i installed my 82zx engine and trans into my 71 240 and now want to fix my 2nd gear synchro problem. seems on 1-2 upshift there is a very brief grind with the clutch, impossible without. i have replaced slave cylinder (was leaking in the zx) and properly bled the system. grind is/was present in both cars, don't believe it's the clutch master cylinder. sorry if i'm in the wrong forum, but most racers i know do or have done their own mechanical work. if you think i could fix/
  13. I wanted to take a quick minute to introduce our newest sponsor, Rebello Racing. I've worked with these guys in the past and even have one of their engines in my own car! I only like to work with good and reputable companies, and Rebello Racing is certainly one that I'm excited to promote. Let's give them a warm welcome. Don't forget to mention your membership at the Classic Zcar Club and you'll get the red-carpet treatment! (I'm sure they give that to everyone, but, hey we do have some clout!!) Click on their banner at the top/bottom of the website or you can click the following link to
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