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  1. thanks again. love this site almost as much as the z, and call of duty 4
  2. have a diegrinder or something standing by if you plan to use the iron exhaust manifold from ZX injection engine. i had to do some VERY minor trimming of the exhaust manifold flange to fit my 71 su carbs and manifolds with 82 iron exhaust. didn't use the 71 exhaust manifold because the collector bolts were frozen. fuelie exhaust collector or downpipe from ZX will also have serious clearance issues in early Z. i had major frame and tension rod interference. kind of an experiment. i plan to correct this before finishing out my ebay.
  3. is it possible for a garage hack with very little trans experience and ALOT of spare time to rebuild my gearbox myself?? i installed my 82zx engine and trans into my 71 240 and now want to fix my 2nd gear synchro problem. seems on 1-2 upshift there is a very brief grind with the clutch, impossible without. i have replaced slave cylinder (was leaking in the zx) and properly bled the system. grind is/was present in both cars, don't believe it's the clutch master cylinder. sorry if i'm in the wrong forum, but most racers i know do or have done their own mechanical work. if you think i could fix/rebuild my gearbox, where do i get the technical books and parts for a good performance-autocross build. thanks in advance for any positive feedback. my first post EVER!:stupid:
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