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  1. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    To All who are interested. At this time, I am only interested in selling the entire vehicle and all parts together. One Exception: a spare Japanese 280 Zed engine and engine mount on wheels.
  2. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    By the way.... This car was registered as s/n 060 from the guy I bought it from and continued with this registeration here in Ontario when I brought it here in my name. I am not planning on spending any more time on this issue. If you are a Purist from the states and think you may have problems registering it ...don't buy it. Thank you all for your comments. Chris
  3. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    My name Is Chris... Geojoe is my handle To clear up a few things 1) I dont remember where I got the replacement floor pans but it was from a wrecked car- no idea of the actual year. Could have been a 71/72?? No biggie, it fit and was rust free so I bought them and had them professionally welded in. I was very happy with the job. 2) This car has no connection to Ontario... its just where I live now. Neither s/n 60 or 72. I bought it after close inspection, in Edmonton...everything except fiberglass body parts looked original and I saw no evidence of any tampering at the time. The Vin on dash, doorjamb and strut posts all matched and there was no evidence that rivets attaching them were not original. It is only 2 months ago that I noticed s/n engraved on firewall said 72! I was very surprised! So. Possibly a) prev owner (back in "82 in Edmonton) had a cracked dash and saw this pristine dash (still is) on a wrecked?? zed with 060 s/n and swapped it out while also swapping the 2 identity plates... Why he would do that instead of swapping only the dashboard plate with his correct existing 072 s/n on his dash (maybe he had already disposed of it before he realized his mistake? OR There was some error made on the production line at Datsun back in '69. I contacted Nissan last month about this but all records are no longer available....A real mystery to me!! We will likely never know. I may have original Bill of Sale but so far have not located it. I do have some records still from my Edmonton days, boxed... just need time to search thru them. Perhaps if found, previous seller may still be alive and reachable and willing to share what he remembers about it. 3) EVERYTHING in the engine compartment, and I do mean EVERYTHING appeared 100% original and untampered with. In fact, I was so amazed, this was one of the main reasons that I bought the car on the spot. The 060 s/n clinched it! Is it a first day production car?? Could be. Certainly in the first couple days!. ASKING $15,000
  4. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    All metal except headlight cowls Replaced: NEW- fenders, rockers, rear quarters, inner wheel wells.Floor pans and hood from a wreck. All else solid. Very nice fit/even gaps. Expertly done.
  5. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    This car is legally registered as VIN 60- on all three tags
  6. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    People can call me at 416 2019564 I am not a Z purist. I bought the car cause it was a first run model and I wanted to tweak its performance a bit. I loved the styling except for the dinky bumpers. The side 240z insignia are instantly recognizable as a "70 model year. That's the ticket. I sincerely doubt that anything except the dash was replaced for the pristine 00060 vin. I assume he previous owner was just lazy and found it easier to stick those engine compartment an door jamb plates on. Still, it is what it is. And it's obviously rare.
  7. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    I have the door jamb plate and the dash Vin Both Were s/n 00060 and engine # 2215 This is how I bought the car in '83 I suspect the car # 00060 was wrecked and the prev owner bought its pristine dash. I did not know that the actual stamp on the firewall had a 00072 number Engine compartment plate matches the #60 with a '69 production year although I need to rummage through some boxes to find it- I am waiting for warmer weather. When I bought it, there was no evidence that the identification plates were changed or tampered with. In any case, 060 or 072 its still a 69 year with original 69 parts as listed. Any reasonable offer... I want to sell it no later that May. I would say not many project cars in this shape and from '69 are left out there...price accordingly. It's a gem, ready to transform into a rare diamond. Cheers, Chris
  8. GeoJoe1

    1970 Z for sale

    Alberta car Manuf. in '69 S/N 00072, Engine L24 2192. Missing: original carbs, transmission, original steering wheel, bumpers. Seats. Rear brackets have been modified for Jeep bumperettes. Added: 3 piece rear spoiler, louvres, front air dam, 2nd rear hatch piston. Everything else original including engine. I have all the original pieces, markings, etc Metal all very good. Many extra/duplicate parts, (Quikor front swaybar and 2+2 rear swaybar). Rear glass is clear. Front dash has no cracks. Garaged since '86. Other than front glass being attached, the car is stripped and ready for final pre-paint touch ups.