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    Going to pick up my '73 on 8/10/16 from an old friend I used to work with who doesn't have the time it deserves anymore.

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  1. It sold tonight. The car did have pretty bad rear end damage that extended into the spare tire well and a rusted out passenger frame rail, and a hole in both floor boards and bondo work on the rockers. I got $2500 for it, maybe I could've got more but in the end I have room to work in my garage now, and the money is going towards a supercharger for my other car. I decided to go the new car route. I might be back later on for another Z, if they dont end up getting outrageously expensive.
  2. @grannyknot Not that I'm going to raise the price, I have someone coming with a trailer right now. But what do you think its worth?
  3. orangething

    1973 240z

    I'm selling my 73 240z, if interested heres a link to its craigslist posting. It will need to be towed. https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/cto/6301637614.html
  4. Rebuilding an f54 block and p79 head, only have two questions I haven't really been able to find an answer too. Probably simple questions. I"m looking for main bearing studs for the 83 f54 block and all the bolts I can find say 70-78 which would be an N42 block, right? Will those studs fit the f54 block? I was hoping to use arp hardware for the main studs, rod bolts, and head studs. Also, I'm going to be doing the "high compression mod" for the p79, which involves shaving the head .080" , shimming the cam towers .080" (which I found proper shims for on datsunspirit.) running n47 valves, which I have, that are .080" longer, and shimming the valve springs by .080". I read about this on datsunzgarage, and he mentions that the valve springs come with a .040" shim from factory, and to add two more. I can't for the life of me find those anywhere. Does anyone who has done this or knows about it know what I should use to accomplish this? He specifically says not to use washers, I assume because the metal is too soft or something. Additionally, having a little bit of trouble finding oversized flat top pistons in stock anywhere. Datsunspirit has them listed on his website as out of stock, I'm sure if I contacted him about buying some he could get a hold of them for me.
  5. Alright, got the head off tonight. Ended up putting the hoist on it and having my girlfriend stand on the back of the hoist with me. After a few tries it popped off. The bolt that kept spinning I hit with pb blaster and got out with a punch. But the bolt I snapped off in the block I couldn't get out with freeze off and vice grips. Probably gonna have to have someone weld a nut on it. Thanks everyone for the advice!
  6. Wow, what a process. No it hasn't moved at all. I'll give that a try, I have a few pry bars maybe try to find some plastic wedges. Guess I shouldve searched first thats a good post gave me a few things to try
  7. I'm pulling as hard as I can on it..just kind of worried about damaging the aluminum head.
  8. Yeah I got the two bolts in the front, the pry bar is in an intake port
  9. I can't get the head off, is my problem.
  10. Trying to remove the head of my n42/n42 the bolt circled in green snapped on me with one thread showing on the piece removed. Which means it should be below the block surface and not preventing me from removing the head, right? The bolt with the blue arrow felt as though it was cross threaded all the way in, and now that I have it backed out as far as it will go it just continues to spin. Ive tried prying up on it while turning it, ive tried tightening it again, ive tried beating on it in frustration...right now I have vice grips on it trying to pull it out. I dont know if they put a long bolt in a short hole and it mushroomed out on thebottom and is preventing me from getting the head off or what. I have hit it with a rubber mallet and have a pry bar wrapped in paper towels inserted in the intake port trying to yank on it, but the darn thing wont budge. And yes, I have removed the two head to front cover bolts. Does anyone have any helpful advice?
  11. While I have your attention..where do you guys buy e12-80 icm's from? I need to replace the one on my 83.
  12. Alright, was having trouble finding oversized. Found the ITM pistons .040 over on ebay. Yeah, the reason I wanted to go cast is the price. And I plan on staying NA, at least for a good while. Thanks everyone!
  13. Im looking for cast flattops to rebuild my 83 f54/p79, having a hard time finding ones that arent forged but I stumbled upon these. It says theyre for 75-79s but as far as I can tell those were the same as the pistons in the f54 block. Can anyone see any reason these wouldn't work or if I shouldn't buy from this source? https://zcardepot.com/engine/engine-rebuild/piston-set-of-6-pistons-l28-020.html?search=piston
  14. Thanks for the quick responses guy's. That gives me a few good places to check out when the time comes!
  15. My l28 n42/n47 will be needing a bit of head work soon, specifically a valve job. Wondering if there is anyone located in Washington that has any recommendations for a shop to go to have this done in the near future, probably around January/February. Western Washington would be preferable, I'm located near Olympia.
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