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  1. If anybody ever needs a cheap hood (that needs work) mine, the one posted by CO, will most likely be available. I think if you used a cutting disk to slit around the dent and then pull the material from behind you could do a pretty good job with a hammer and dolly then tig it all back together. It would be a PITA but not impossible. The steel on most of these panels is rather thin and dents easily. I'd be surprised if you can find one that doesn't have depressions that need filler. My 'Good One' had a twist and a few 'handprints'. Good luck :)
  2. CO sent me a link to a thread you were on concerning running wires out to the door.  Before I drill any holes, do you have any pictures of actual wires run into the doors?  I'd hate to screw this one up!


    1. zKars


      The only trick is to look inside the door toward the hinge side and see where you can drill that is clear of the glass and guide channel. I do not have a picture of where I drilled mine, I'm currently Z-less.  It was somewhere in the upper half of the door. 

      It is also determined by the type of bellows or grommet you will use to span between the door jam and door.

  3. I will see if I can get some pics later tonight...
  4. CO is correct, I was getting ready to try all sorts of things but all I had to do was put the caps on first, then mount the wheel to the hub. Note that I also had to flatten the dust caps to the point where they were almost rubbing, make sure your cotter pin does not go over the end but around each side instead and smoosh the cap flat to the axle...
  5. If you really want a Holley Red, I have one out in my garage. I ran it for about 200 miles then went for the Carter. I don't link the Carter was that much quieter, at least not worth the effort of changing it out. If you are interested we can work out the details. BTW what are you using for a restriction/regulator? I had CO modify a Holley non BP regulator to make it a bypass. I'm not sure that it is always working... That is on my short list of to do's when warmer weather gets back.
  6. I started out with a holley red but it was just way too loud. I switched to the Carter and it is a little better but not much. I have never had any issue with fuel delivery affecting performance with either pump. I like the carter design. It is hermetically sealed so the motor is cooled by the fuel. That may be what also makes it a tiny bit quieter. Do be prepared to hear them though.
  7. Wouldn't be the first time CO used a fake ID 😉 Hopefully my car makes the trip! I have 280 miles on it now... CO and I will give it a good once over on Sunday, hope to see you all at the judged show on Wed.
  8. I wouldn't shake his hand, you don't know where its been. Drink his beer though!
  9. Guess I really need to get my fuel issue figured out!
  10. I also have electric fans that are wired straight to the battery that will keep running after the car is shut down.
  11. MSA twice pipes stacked over under instead of side by side. Not sure if I'm keeping it, may be a bit too loud for long highway runs. If just driven locally I like it...
  12. The finished result, thanks so much, greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks! Now off to measure 10 times before drilling :)
  14. I'm putting a 240 mirror on a door skin that currently has no holes in it. How far from from the leading edge of the door should the mirror be or what is the distance to the centers of the mounting holes.
  15. So I'm finally forcing myself to get my car on the road, hopefully making it to Atlanta later this year. One of the things that I knew I would need to deal with was the throttle linkage. I have an early 260 and while I am still running the Flat Tops, I got rid of the pollution control bastard balance tube and replaced it with a balance tube from a 240. The issue is that the throttle linkage that I have is now too short. My stock 260 linkage from the balance tube to the firewall is ~9" so it doesn't engage the part that is attached to the firewall - it actually falls short by less than .25". I called Capt. O and he confirmed that the linkage on his 76' is longer. Of course if I ask him about anything his is longer.... I think I should be able to find a linkage part from a later model and it will work fine. Does anybody out there have any experience with this, or even better old linkage laying around after they converted to tripps? Looking on Ebay it looks like there are linkage parts that are about 11.5" long....
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