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Found 25 results

  1. Hey Team I have spent a lot of time on this forum and i want to say thank you all so much this is an incredible community. I have hit a brick wall and looking for a little help. Background story; I'm helping a friend of mine fix his 280z with 30,000 miles on it all original. Car has been garage kept all its life. Really really well taken care of. Apparently some one A-hole mechanic tried before me and failed miserably and i don't know what he/she messed up or touched. After them the car didn't even start. Fixed that issue. (FACE PALM) ?‍♂️ When you try to start the car i
  2. I need help, im trying to restore a 240z. The engine I currently have is the original one but I was gifted a 5 speed transmission, l28 engine and Weber carbs. I just need help with assembly. I've been doing some research and I have a basic idea but here are some questions I have. Are the crankshaft and other pulleys interchangeable with current engine and new l28? Does fuel line material matter? Is there anything else I need to replace in order to complete the swap?
  3. Hello, this is my first topic and I would like some help on my current project. I recently bought a 71’ 240z and I am planning on engine swapping an L28 w/ 4 speed that I also plan to turbo in the near future. I have a couple questions. 1. What driveshaft would I use for this conversion. Would I use a 240z driveshaft or should I use the 280z driveshaft? (I’m not sure if my Z is series 1 or 2 at the moment) 2. When turbo charging an NA L28 what components should I upgrade and what additional parts do I NEED. I’m on a tight budget so don’t tell me I need the most expensive parts. (Have a $1500-$
  4. Just recently bought a 280z and was trying to get it up and running again but ran into a few problems. I'm getting no spark to the engine. I have replaced the ignition coil as the previous one did not carry resistance. Also the distributor rotor spins and the connections do not seem to be corroded. But still no spark to the engine. When hooking up a spark plug tester I'm getting no light which I am told means a ignition system issue. My last resort is purchasing an ignition control module but, ya know, it's expensive. Would like your guys' take on this. Any help is appreciated. And btw it
  5. Stunning Body Style, which was how Nissan originally designed the 240z. However the safety laws in the United States became stricter and the 240z was only built as a Fastback with a hatch (that commonly leaked in the rain and caused many 240zs to rust out in the back). Fiberglass kits were sold years ago to turn the 240z into a convertible. This is one of those cars. Originally sold in San Diego, it went to Utah. I bought it 10 years ago off Craigslist. During that time I got it running and made it safe to drive. It is registered legally in California. Because it is a 1973, it does not require
  6. Rebuilding an f54 block and p79 head, only have two questions I haven't really been able to find an answer too. Probably simple questions. I"m looking for main bearing studs for the 83 f54 block and all the bolts I can find say 70-78 which would be an N42 block, right? Will those studs fit the f54 block? I was hoping to use arp hardware for the main studs, rod bolts, and head studs. Also, I'm going to be doing the "high compression mod" for the p79, which involves shaving the head .080" , shimming the cam towers .080" (which I found proper shims for on datsunspirit.) running n47 val
  7. Hey everyone, this is my first time posting here on the forums. I've poked around and read on here and a few other sites for a couple of years now and have finally gotten around to making an account. Majority of my problems I've been able to solve either by reading on here or in one of the manuals but I've come across a bit of problem. I own a 1981 280zx 2+2gl N/A 5spd, over this last weekend I started tearing the top end of my engine apart to have head work done. I have the car torn down at a friends house and his dad is really wanting the car gone so I need to hurry up, figure it o
  8. Trying to remove the head of my n42/n42 the bolt circled in green snapped on me with one thread showing on the piece removed. Which means it should be below the block surface and not preventing me from removing the head, right? The bolt with the blue arrow felt as though it was cross threaded all the way in, and now that I have it backed out as far as it will go it just continues to spin. Ive tried prying up on it while turning it, ive tried tightening it again, ive tried beating on it in frustration...right now I have vice grips on it trying to pull it out. I dont know if they put a long bolt
  9. Im looking for cast flattops to rebuild my 83 f54/p79, having a hard time finding ones that arent forged but I stumbled upon these. It says theyre for 75-79s but as far as I can tell those were the same as the pistons in the f54 block. Can anyone see any reason these wouldn't work or if I shouldn't buy from this source? https://zcardepot.com/engine/engine-rebuild/piston-set-of-6-pistons-l28-020.html?search=piston
  10. My l28 n42/n47 will be needing a bit of head work soon, specifically a valve job. Wondering if there is anyone located in Washington that has any recommendations for a shop to go to have this done in the near future, probably around January/February. Western Washington would be preferable, I'm located near Olympia.
  11. HI guys, I need your help. I've been searching the whole web (almost) and still don't know more than before I started my search. I want to swap my L28 flywheel/clutch to a 240mm unit. I use a stock 4-speed gearbox (out of my 240z). I've read that the 280z 2+2 as well as later 280zx turbo cars use a 240mm flywheel. However, if I look up the flywheel at rockauto, I always end up finding the same (225mm) flywheel for all models (240z-280zx), even though it says 280 2+2: Rockauto I also heard a SR20DET clutch + some other flywheel could work.. If someone had a parts number or a lis
  12. Hello everyone I'm Lance. As you may saw earlier I bought a 240z with a L28 in it( The owner didn't even tell me he have a L28 in it until the car has been delivered all the way across America). Now the engine is out and apart and I'm ready to rebuild it. This engine is a N42 block with dished pistons and I'll guess it's a early one since the number stamped is small. It's got a E88 head and 3-screw SUs which I believe came with this car in 71. I'm not sure about the specs of the parts but it seems pretty stock to me. Anyway I have completely disassembled the engine and the block looks fine exc
  13. Dyno results (flywheel) for an L28 prepared for rallying - plenty of torque for street driving too. some weights and spring rates too. Combined DYNO, Weights, Spring, Damper files.pdf
  14. Hi all, This is pretty much my first time on a forum apart from a short time on rotary car club, so please excuse me if I do things a little wonky starting off. Anyway, I absolutely love s30's and intend on rebuilding one in the near future. I'm here to try and get started. My plans have changed over time from an ls swapped 300zx to a 350sbc swapped s30 to just realizing I wanted to retain the L platform in these cars and just go for lightweight, and great throttle response and handling with modest power. So I'm set on an L28 and after a bit of research here actually have come to the conclu
  15. Hello all from Australia, Long time browser, first time poster here because I finally can't find the information I'm looking for! First off, my name's Adam and I have a 1973 240z which is currently running a standard L28, N42 head/block combo, with brand new triple 45mm OER carburetors, and Trust headers to a twin 2" exhaust system. I have just installed a new set of OER carbs I purchased from Japan and am having difficulties sorting out the idle/low speed cruise setting. Bit of details into the setup, 45mm carbs 34mm venturis #190 air correctors (not yet tested to see if these are t
  16. Hello all I'm a first time poster here. Picked up my 1976 280z auto last week and began picking up turbo parts. I plan on running a holset hx35. Now I've gathered: P90 head, which is missing a rocker arm. This will get machined and ported/polished. Megasquirt 1 extra. Not sure what sensors I need to pick up that my l28 doesn't already have on it. Also picked up an intercooler and piping. Now I know I need a tps off of a 240sx but have yet to find one. Is there any other options? To complete the list I believe all I'll need is: BOV, wastegate, turbo manifold, supra injectors (what year?), and I
  17. Alright so this is my first Datsun. Bought it about two weeks ago and how I assumed I got a deal on it I was quickly reminded of why I hate buying modified cars. I'll explain it like this: It's a 73 240z, I bought the car from a guy who said that the car had already been l28et swapped. He told me it used to run and that the cam gear had sheared off the previous motor and that he had just put this motor in he found in a savage yard from a 83 280zx turbo, and explained that he didn't have time for it anymore because he had another project he was too busy working on. I quickly looked over the car
  18. I've got 72 240z that i bought about 7 months ago. I put in an l28 from a 280z with about 50,000 original miles and so everything is hooked up and I've been dieing to get this thing running seeing as it's my first car, but the thing wont start. even spraying gasoline into the carbs and sucking fuel up from the take isn't working. I still haven't tuned the engine yet so that could be a problem, but the one thing i'm not 100% sure on is the distributor. The manuals i have show which wires go where on the cap but there is no real reference point so i'm not sure if the wires are in the right ones.
  19. I am sure it has been beaten to death, but I need to ask it," what do I need to do to put a L28 out of a 1977 280Z into my 1972 240Z?" My '72 has the factory L24 with the SU's, a 3-2 header with a cobbled up exhaust. I found a '77 280z car with it's fuel injected L28, manual trans drive train. My Z has a 5 speed manual currently. I would like to keep the fuel injection on the L28, what do I need to do? I am new to Z cars, I bought my first today, I like the idea of the larger displacement of the L28, I also like the reliability of fuel injection and ditching the SU carbs on my 240 sounds
  20. Ive had my 240z running now for around a year now and it has been doing pretty well. I have a L28 currently and within the past week i noticed a lack of power, more exhaust fumes coming into the car and it was running roughly. The first thing I did was pull each spark plug out to see a change in rpm and Ive concluded that when I remove the #1 spark plug closest to the front of the car there is no change at all. I checked and saw that there was a spark jump, and I looked at the spark plug and it didn't look too bad. my head gasket has been leaking a little since i put the engine in which was pr
  21. I just got a 240z about 8 months ago during the summer. I put a l28 in and it has something like 36k original miles. I am only a Junior in High school and of coarse I have to think all the possibilities of the car. I'm sure some people know of the manga called "Wangan Midnight". I don't plan to put those fender flares, but someday with either this car or another 240z if i get one in the future I would like to bore out the engine to 3.1 and add a twin turbo. I doubt i'll have the skills for awhile to even remotely do any of the work all i've learned so far is taking off fuel injection and addin
  22. I got my 240z running with the pretty brand new 36000 original miles l28. So the thing isn't licensed at all and I'm a junior in high school who still hasn't bothered to get his license yet. I took a real chance but I had to do it. I gave my friends rides around my neighborhood and the thing is really out of tune so it eats up gas so fast. by the like fourth time driving a friend around the car just stops and I keep trying to start it and it goes for like a sec then stops. I got it to the bottom of my street and then the battery was dead from trying to start it too much. Well thank god I've go
  23. I have a 240z and I recently put an l28 in and replaced the fuel injection for carbs. I have everything hooked up, and I got a new fuel filter and I got a new mechanical fuel pump, but when i start the car I am not able to start it. When I spray gas into the carbs and suck up some fuel through the fuel line I am able to start it for like 3 seconds but I am not seeing any gas come up through the fuel filter. What should I do at this point? Could there be a problem with something in the engine that is preventing the pump to work? does the l24 have something that an l28 doesn't have that allows i
  24. So for the past month i've been trying to fix my 240z engine. It is the original L24 and it was seized up. I put some PB blaster into the cylinder walls then tried to turn the engine manually but nothing moved. The damage is a little more than I thought at first. Now I am looking to get a rebuilt engine. Normally, what is the price for a rebuilt L24;L26:L28 cost?
  25. Hi there, I've just finished building a new four barrel carburettor for my next development phase on my L28. The Holley originally started off as a 'run of the mill' 450 cfm (list 4548) vacuum secondary four barrel. Since then, it has been extensively modified and upgraded to suit my requirements. Some of the features it has are: 4 corner idle mixture adjustment Downleg booster venturis Electric choke Reworked metering blocks to include adjustable power valve channel restriction and idle/off idle circuits via screw in jets Percy's adjustable metering blocks for primary and secondary main fuel
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