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  1. So, I may not know many of you on here today. But I'm one of the old farts that's been playing around here since 2001. OMG YES 2001..... One of the main reason I'm back is because the candle has been lit once again & I will be making progress on my 73 in the near future. BUT, before that happens I need to grow that war chest a bit more. With that said tonight I moved my 72 from 20 years of storage into my shop & soon she will be on the market as a rolling shell freshly shot in sealer inside out. The delay is because we are doing the front frame rails so it can be called rust free gem that it is. Anyway, I should be posting some updates & photos soon. BTW, is there am app or phone friendly version for this site now? Stay safe all!
  2. You dont know untill you ask or look. I wouldnt think its alot of car for $250. But at the same time this car is out on the edge of no salt land. So whos ta say what the underside looks like. Plus no telling if the windows are gone. They may just be broken with a BB hole in the glass.
  3. Got my pin on the map now. If anyone is doing a RT66 drive across the states drop in and say hi. Our shop is on Main ST. here in Miami OK at about the halfway point of the RT66 drive.
  4. I feel your pain. I think a few of us have been in your shoes and know what it's like when you find ALOT more rust damage then you had thought. I was looking at the postings today and saw one member that had a 280Z with the 240Z bumpers and it got me thinking about your headache. If your only looking for a fun driver here is a 260Z that I found on craigs list for $250 OBO. http://http://joplin.craigslist.org/cto/1089221078.html Just a thought........ I know the guys that are into the pure resto cars will be upset that I say it. But you could use your 240 parts on that 260 and get a fun little driver outa the deal.
  5. I may get some slack for saying this....... But here it gose...... I have found that one of the best and lasting things for rattle can and non gloss matt black is the paint they sell for BBQ grills. It's made for a very high heat and fights rust. Plus it's one of the few matt paints that I have found that wont gloss or shine when you scrub on it. Also, it dosnt chalk up over time unlike other matt blacks on the market. Just what I have found....
  6. I had a 928sc for about a year and know what your saying. But, your talking about Porsche guys that that feel the only true porsche around has a rear engine. I never got along with their thoughts on that one eather. Hell, I could be doing 65 mph and slip my 928 into third knock the back tires loose and keep um that way if I wanted. But, your on with the Z cars. For most of the zed heads around a Z car is a z car. It's just that easy. Welcome too our world of snob free fun!!!!! Enjoy the ride and congrats on the find.
  7. You got it. I will take the pics tomorrow and try and get them up around lunch. But if I dont get free at lunch they will be up about this time tomorrow.
  8. , its 4 colors that it had now. It was green from the start. Then it was done very well in red. After that the PO's kid did a fast and nasty job of blue. Then I didnt think I was going too have the funds for good paint any time soon so I shot it flat black. Then about a week ago I made a deal on over $1000.00 worth of color change deep blue-green paint and blue-green pearl clear coat. So now I have about another two or three weeks of body work before it gets the final paint. Thank you, but I do have alot of real time in it at this point. It's been 12-15 hour days working on her. So with hours like that day after day they add up fast. I have been on a temp layoff from work so I have had nothing but shop time on my hands. That was another reason I didnt think I would have the funds for the paint.
  9. Sorry, it's all I have on this computer tonight. But I can take some better photos tomorrow and get them up about the same time tomorrow.
  10. Well, I have been spending alot of time on the Z over the last few days. I have found that most of the time when you start pulling a Z down you find ALOT more work or damage then you may have thought you had at first. I am VERY VERY happy too report that is not the case here!!! Nothing more then surface rust. No holes or rot going from the inside out. She is just as solid as I had thought it was. I am very pleased that I did take it down this far. Like I said it has some surface rust and I know it would have grown into some real damage had I not caught it at this point. So, now I am getting the sandblaster out tomorrow and going over the everything that I can from the firewall forward. Then rust proofing before paint. I have been doing ALOT of body filler work on the little dents here and there. The biggest headache so far has been the roof. After blocking it out it looked like someone had held a dance on the roof of this poor car. Just dent after dent that wouldnt pop out. Lets just say I have over 2 days work on the roof alone and still not done yet :tapemouth But I am SO happy that I have no body rust anywhere!!!! Just little dents and dings here and there. Plus I am going with the doors and front fenders from my 73. So they where ready for paint from the word go. The only headache thats has caused is now I had to fill the rear side marker lights because I had it done on my 73 front fenders. I just didnt think it would look good with only the rear markers. Anyway, thats the update for now and I will get some pics up once I am getting her back togather and in primer.
  11. I was putting in some late hours at the shop tonight helping a friend with his motorcycle. A few more of the guys had shown up and we started BSing about paint. Well one of my friends was talking about a custom color that he had mixed up awhile back. It's a metal flake pearl thats a color shifting paint. the tone of it is dark blue in the can but shifts into greens aswell as purple once it's painted. He started talking about it and said " well hold on I have it over here in the paint booth." So he comes back and has a full gallon of the paint and matching clear. He also had a bottle of HEAVY electric blue pearl for mixing in the clear. Now, after some dealing I own all of it!!!!! He paid over $500.00 for what he gave me and you can see why once you open the can and see just how cool this color is. No, it's not the odd paint that changes every color under the sun. This stuff stays in the blue and green shades but dose change into near every shade of blue and green you could think of. Then toss that pearl over the top and OMG I think I may paint one of my spare parts tomorrow so I can show what it's gona end up looking like. I cant wait!!!! Here I thought I was gona be stuck in flat black for the year because I just didnt have the money for what I wanted. Now I have a paint color I could only dream of getting;) I am now going to be spending ALOT of my free time on sanding and body work for the next week or so. Then I can shoot her and enjoy :classic: I cant wait!!!!!!!!! I will do my best on getting a pic of the color tomorrow.
  12. Come on people!!!! My guess is that was a reply by a guy that was running out the door for work. Atleast he is working on getting another Z back on the road. I dont see the point in picking on a fellow zed head...... IMO we are a rare breed of car nut's that should stick togather. Not flame each other over dumb little crap like this:finger: I think we all got the point of what he was asking. Now, if he was asking about some dumb s!&t like how can I make my 240Z a 1000HP AWD car in a week. Then game on IMO :stupid: But thats not the case. I know this is not my place nor do I feel I have ANY power here what so ever. But I also dont mind standing and saying whats on my mind. I feel one of the main reasons this site is so good is because of how it's members handle things and keep away from the flame game. :tapemouth I just think we should stick togather and make everyone feel welcome here at the best Z car site on the net. Sorry if I upset anyone by saying this......... I just had too get that off my chest. With that said I hope EVERYONE has a wonderful Friday!!!!!
  13. From 4-24-08 - 11-20-08 Wow, I couldnt get over the starting point and progress made on this car in 7 months!!!!! Had anyone shown me photos of how it was found and said it would be road ready in 7 months I would have been Let alone a G-nose. Tony thats a wonderful job you have done on that car. I know you must be VERY proud of it as you should be I see that it's been awhile since you have posted anything. But if you have any updates that you could post I think we would all love too see her now. I think a few of us here could take note of just what can be done with enough love Hope it's been going well and great job Tony!!!!!
  14. This is a post I had up asking alot of the same things. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33536&highlight=hot+wire There is a link for a zip file FSM If your still unsure I have my 72 harness still open and will look for you tomorrow.
  15. If you go in my photos here you will find my 73 in primer without them. Yes, I love the look without and feel it cleans up the body lines. But, dont think that its an easy job. It was hours of blocking and filling once I patched the holes. Otherwise the patch work will stick out like a sore thumb. Good luck.
  16. That looks good. Just remember its nothing more then a pointer from the dead center of the bolt that holds it in place. I maybe off alittle on the edge that gose over the top so you should check that before you make the real one. Other then that looks fine.
  17. Not sure what year your talking about here. But almost all the 240Zs had a thing with the fuel tanks going bad inside. I have found that if you pull the fuel line from the filter and blow back into the tank untill you hear it bubble that can free up any clogs. Or take a clean bottle and fill it with fresh gas. Then run a line from the fuel pump too the fresh bottle of fuel and try starting it on that. Please just use care and caution if you go the bottle way. Maybe one person holding the bottle and one starting the car. Good luck and hope it helps.
  18. Wow, well I would be looking for the first corvette that I owned. 1961 with bolth tops 283 and a 4 speed. But, I have always had a soft spot for the later 80's Porsche 911 turbo flat nose. IMO it's just pure sex for the road
  19. Sorry, my camera took a spill today and mu phone is a pos for photos. The marker is an inch long and about 1/2 inch wide with a tab at every 1/4 inch. I hope that helps. Let me know any other info you may need and I will see what I can do for you.
  20. Thank you all. I was talking an oil change for the carbs just because I dont know any history on past owners and service. With that and knowing the oil maybe the wrong wt. or atleast going on 38 years old. I would rather be safe then sorry. We have about 15 bikes at the shop on any givin day. So fork oil and 20W is almost always sitting on a shelf.
  21. It's not just Cali. I lived in Vegas for a few and found most of the west coast was that way. Heck I had ta have two complete exhaust systems for my Corvette in Vegas. One would go on long enough for the inspection. Then back with the real system once she passed. It was a true headache that I am glad that I am free of now.
  22. Congrats on your new baby!!!!! She looks like a nice find!!! I am guessing that you have been doing your homework for awhile now being a member here since 04. If it was me I would be looking into getting that hood rust taken care of ASAP. The longer you wait the bigger the job will become. Another easy one you have is the mags. Just set aside an afternoon and get some good rags, a tub of mothers polish, and some rubber gloves. It's an easy job that will pay off big once your done. Just take your time and rest your fingers once in awhile. You will love the look when your done. More then anything..... HAVE FUN & ENJOY THE RIDE!!!!!!! Again, congrats!!!!!
  23. If you dont use the 1\4 louvers please let me know how much you would like for them.
  24. Thank you Danial. But, I was looking there before posting here. Most of the info I found in that site was going WAY off track. Plus I dont know much about the background on 99% of the people posting there. So I find it hard trusting whats being said and have yet too see a post on there thats backed up with photos or dyno numbers. Atleast here I know a good part of whats posted is fact by people that I trust. Or know the names of the peolpe I do trust with advice along these lines. After all this is my baby.
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