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  1. hello tony... i really need your help bout findin the ori wide body of 260z fenders and the back spoiler... im from kk.. thanks... text me on hp n i'll call u back. +65 81106065... currently im working at spore

  2. hi guys, its been too long i know..but these are the latest..cheers!:classic:
  3. hi Bart, dint realise your story was here all the while!.. great job! and let's see when she's fully done. cheers~
  4. jay28, thanks so much for giving the 2+2 such a great done up...i know what to do to my 2+2 now!!! cheers!
  5. hi guys, anyone seen this item up for sale around? cheers~
  6. hi guys, just to share some updated pics here..:bandit: will have more coming up..cheers!
  7. hi guys, Thanks again for those encouragin words. Bart, yeah, Pattani is not far at all from my place, or from the place the car is now. Do let me know if u're near though:p by the way, only 2 fella working on the car...slowly... VYN, many thanks. Shall post more pics once available!! idpearl, yupe, custom made a full aluminium radiator for the car already..
  8. hi guys.. thought of showing it here too.. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?p=258447#post258447
  9. hi idpearl, i think i've seen tht car just not too long ago.. guys, the resto process is getting abit too slow but neverthelss...this is the car with the G-nose and custom made hinge. Still have no feedback from BadDog parts though..the hinge works well..
  10. guys, having difficulties in getting the G nose fitted withouth the Hinge...therefore waiting for it to be sent out from US...meantime, here are some other Malaysian Z photos i wish to share!!>..cheers!
  11. hi guys, i need a set of the hinge post to Malaysia. Contacted John from baddogparts.com though. anyone here has got a faster solution as John will only be starting operation again after 1st of June as he is out of the country. Thanks!!!:dead:
  12. hi guys, Thanks for the bag dog parts website lead. nissanman, true enough. Thanks alot for the pictures that you've shown. Would be great to see more of the pics!..or perhaps i should try to do the same as yourself. Thanks a million!! cheers
  13. hi guys, bought the ZG nose conversion kit from Japan and found out later that i actually need the special hinge for the stock bonnet to open and clear the extra peice of bumper. Anyone who has experience in this anywhere that you know that i can buy the hinge from? Thanks in advance for any sort of help!!!>..cheers!:classic:
  14. this is the G nose replica kit from Japan..bought it for around USD350. Not sure how well its gonna fit, its all up to the installation work later on.
  15. hi guys, here are some newer update of my project..and i'm gonna name her as Megumi!!....anyway, decided to finish her up as a ZG replica. :knockedou The body restoration works were completed and now left with the outer surface work for spraying. Even the crippling legs, i do miss her alot!!.. The wheels will be sparayed with same colour, the dark grey
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