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Torn down and happy


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Well, I have been spending alot of time on the Z over the last few days. I have found that most of the time when you start pulling a Z down you find ALOT more work or damage then you may have thought you had at first. I am VERY VERY happy too report that is not the case here!!!

Nothing more then surface rust. No holes or rot going from the inside out. She is just as solid as I had thought it was. I am very pleased that I did take it down this far. Like I said it has some surface rust and I know it would have grown into some real damage had I not caught it at this point. So, now I am getting the sandblaster out tomorrow and going over the everything that I can from the firewall forward. Then rust proofing before paint.

I have been doing ALOT of body filler work on the little dents here and there. The biggest headache so far has been the roof. After blocking it out it looked like someone had held a dance on the roof of this poor car. Just dent after dent that wouldnt pop out. Lets just say I have over 2 days work on the roof alone and still not done yet :tapemouth But I am SO happy that I have no body rust anywhere!!!! Just little dents and dings here and there. Plus I am going with the doors and front fenders from my 73. So they where ready for paint from the word go. The only headache thats has caused is now I had to fill the rear side marker lights because I had it done on my 73 front fenders. I just didnt think it would look good with only the rear markers.

Anyway, thats the update for now and I will get some pics up once I am getting her back togather and in primer.


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LOL, its 4 colors that it had now. It was green from the start. Then it was done very well in red. After that the PO's kid did a fast and nasty job of blue. Then I didnt think I was going too have the funds for good paint any time soon so I shot it flat black.

Then about a week ago I made a deal on over $1000.00 worth of color change deep blue-green paint and blue-green pearl clear coat. So now I have about another two or three weeks of body work before it gets the final paint.

Thank you, but I do have alot of real time in it at this point. It's been 12-15 hour days working on her. So with hours like that day after day they add up fast. I have been on a temp layoff from work so I have had nothing but shop time on my hands. That was another reason I didnt think I would have the funds for the paint.

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