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new Z owner from Malaysia..Hi All!!

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hi all,

glad to find this forum and saying hi to all. Hope to learn loads more about the classic Z here.

Abit about myself here. Located in Kuala Lumpur and currently own a 1977 GS30 260Z 2+2 and restoring a 1971 HS30 240Z.

Hope to get to know more classic Z owner around the South East Asia region too!!..



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would like to share more photos here of my GS30 and of course the restoring process of the HS30.

Firstly, the GS30...

rear view


sweeeeett engine bay..running the stock L26


photo with her much younger sibling...ROFL


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here comes the rather sad start of the story when i pick her up after months of searching in Malaysia.

Came by a few units here in Malaysia but almost all of them refuse to change hand. Saw a 1972 HS30 in KL which is in its most orginal and nicest condition, met the owner and he owned the car since bought new in 1972itself!!...respect!.

Finally, after around 8 months seraching for one, this is the best i can find and it was willing to sell!!...not even thinking too much, i took it up and planned a long and painful restoring process for her:hurt:

when we first met!


and she was habitat for more then 100 of snails, perhaps a few kingdom of ants too!!



and there you go..tht's the new boyfren!!



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after uncovering her from the bushes..she aint tht bad looking at all!!..got meself a tow truck and truck her all the way back to my mechanics which is nearer to my hometown, way up north Malaysia, 10km away from Thailand border that is.



and when she finally arrived at the workshop, look at how much attention she attracted!..hahhaa..and tht's for how ugly she looks!:sleepy:


i was lucky to have bought the car with some spare given by the privious owner. The previous guy bought the car some 4 years back. After stripping her off in ready for a race car conversion, he found out the rust on the floor and the project was abandoned. Lucky enough he kept most of the parts taken off from it.



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after sending her to the workshop, i got to get my axx back to KL after tht weekend itself though. Just after 2 weeks, i went all the way back and visit her again. And these are the photos...

the scrap floor and other parts of the oxidised metal body


the floor board and any pther parts of the new body were all fabricated from new metal sheet. Pictures from Internet had helped alot in this.







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these are the wheels tht's i'm gonna put it on her soon. Wheels arrived 3 weeks ago but i havent got a chance to take newer photos for now..shall update u guys once i've got any though...broken my leg and got to be on cruches for the next 2 months or so..bet the process is gonna slow donw abit..damnit!!:mad:

the front: Watanabe 15"x9.5jj offset -25



the rear: Watanabe 15" x 11jj offset -44



stay tune for more updates guys!!!..cheers!:cheeky:

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Welcome to our Club, looks like you are doing a super job. Keep in touch. I noticed on the red 260 you still have the emissions carbs. How well does she run with the flat tops? Keep up the great work and all the best with you leg. Gary

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this is the pic taken when i was there choosing the colour..wanted the purple/burgendy colour of the ZG. Will probably put on the ZG once the car is rolling as i already got them ready at home too..


out of topic for abit..but this one is the 260Z tht i met in Bangkok. Belongs to a fren of mine, running SR20 now..pics were taken months ago..


nice front:


the rear?....


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nice 260,the 240 will look good when its done,being right hand drive you might be able to get some of the bits from over here in England,give me a shout if you need anything,i was out in Malaysia in February, we stayed in Borneo

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got it now, thanks. Well, the only thing tht i can tell of driving the 260Z around is tht it runs smooth enough. No problem in cranking it up even a month left undriven.


thanks. Getting parts from England is always an option for me but the only thing is how to get them shipped back here to Malaysia. Tried to order stuff from the US, ended up with more expensive postal fee then the parts themselves.

U must have staryed in Sabah or Sarawak then. I was in Leeds for 4 years during my degree though. Was in London every other weekend, stayed in Collindale back then. :)

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hi guys,

here are some newer update of my project..and i'm gonna name her as Megumi!!....anyway, decided to finish her up as a ZG replica.


The body restoration works were completed and now left with the outer surface work for spraying.



Even the crippling legs, i do miss her alot!!..


The wheels will be sparayed with same colour, the dark grey




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