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    1982 280zx very good shape..after putting 3500 into her paid 3000 manafold shocks ect tire wise????kumho toyo yokohama falkin or bf goodrich for the 225 60 14 but goodrich seems to be poorly reviewed....she had 38500 when i bought her 8 months ago 44500 now..

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  1. Two seater with t tops and t top sleeves
  2. I bought a 82 280zx 5 speed always garaged blue z from the original owner with 36,000 miles about 3 years ago, it now has 57,000 miles..I took it to precision z in chatsworth ca. New shocks, royal purple ect..new tires ect runs great..some minor dings, No cracks on dash. very nice car..any idea on price?
  3. I must admit day by day I find myself making irrational excuses for taking my Z out.Breakfast the other day when I usually make it myself I decided to go to my favorite restaurant ''THE PLACE'' in Ventucopa problem is I live in Burbank 95 miles away.But Im meeting new people as well,after living in burbank for 5 years I just met my first cop, he wanted to know what was up with the exhibition of speed and the quick lane change.I told him im having a rough time finding the right tire with my 14 inch rims and all...He kind of likes BFGS...
  4. now that i see my message went thru...im computer challenged watching me trying to figure out the internet is like watching some kid in the special olymp..... i better not go there.im new to the z world years ago i had a 928 porsche which was allot of fun but i sold it after a year, two years ago a customer backed out of a deal for an nsx and four years ago i let a pantera get away..last year i was working on a house and told the lady if she ever wanted to sell her 1982 280zx stick call me.. she did ..i bought.. i like...,39000 miles always garaged original owner.., im having allot of fun driving it..it handles fantastic especaily in some areas where there is no one around i drive it quite hard...the tires have allot of tread but one is 19 years old the other 3 are 11 years old. i met a z owner who suggesting i go with 225 60 14s instead of my 205 70 14s more rubber on the road.. problem is bfgs are it ..and nobody seems to like them all that much, bottom line i've heard so much about the 240 zs racing ability, is a STOCK 240 vs a280zx FORGETTING ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES that much better handling and speed wise ..and is the 280 limited to the point where tire size and brand are academic..when i had my 928 there were other porsche owners who looked down on the 928, v8 and all, but there were some guys, one out in arizona as i recall who did some amazing things to the 928 and handed porscha owners there lunch..the z crowd doesn't seem to have that attitude regarding different modles..
  5. you can get bfgs 225 60 14 at tires-easy.com and im pretty sure costco who have them on sale
  6. Hello all.great site...About 6 months ago picked up a 1982 280 zx from a customer.Original owner, always garaged.Not maintained well,oil air filter shocks ect.But very good paint and interior.And only 38500 miles.Paid 3500 and put in 3200..What fun I like taking it to some local areas and letting her fly, it handles amazing..Thought Id get new tires but...well a bit confusing..6 spoke 14 inch rims that came with car ..Leaning towards bf goodrich 225 60 r14..I may wait and check out the annual orange county get together in late april and see how they look as well.
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