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    i just got it it is a 72 240z i redid the top end and am gonna redo it all little by little
  1. I ran my car out of gas adjusting the carbs and know it won't pick up the fule from the tank is there any easy way to git the fule to the pump
  2. OK here is a picture of the close to finished product. I went with mono color. I think it dose the job know one more coat and then clear coat.
  3. OK guys i have made up my mind.thank you for all your input but i am going to paint them the color of the car.I just like that yellow car and dont like the car that painted the whole thing black.
  4. OK I'm painting the car blue a 1972 240z. I was wondering how the car looked if i painted the taillight covers the same color.I was wondering if anyone has a picture of a z with these painted.
  5. OK i have used Ospho before the filler primer I'm not seeing any rust coming threw and it has bean primed for about 3 weeks wile i have bean doing touchup bondoing.
  6. That sounds good getting the car dipped but I'm a little past that stage. I just have to say hats off to any one that dose the hole car and dose not take shortcuts every time i look at it i find something else.I'm back tracking . This car is going to be my sons car and I'm doing one for me next.
  7. OK i have already sanded my car down to metal and painted it with filler primer. But i was told that if i go to bare metal then i have to use self etching primer.Therein lies a problem I'm i have already painted it will i have to sand it all off? I'm wondering what will be the effect of just using filler primer.Also wile i have a professional reading this the URL is the paint I'm using please give me input on it. http://www.paintforcars.com/kits_darkcherrymetallic.html
  8. you can take the hoses loos out side the car and blow it out with eather your mouth or an air compressor just make shure the valve is open
  9. OK the main rust spots on a older 240 are the rear hatch the battery area and the floor boards i don't have a newer z so i don't know about there performance but the old ones pull there weight some part's are expensive and others are reasonable
  10. My car is going to be a daily driver. It will be my truck back and from work because i have to. It would be pretty hard to put a 40 foot ladder on my 240 but as soon as I'm off work **** that truck.Grocery store wall mart out of state you name it it will be in the z. The only problem no room for the kids that is too bad guess i will just have to git a baby sitter.
  11. I just got my black dragon book and it is allot of help bet there are a couple little things i cant find no mater how hard i look.like #1 the 2 rubber stops for the gas door#2the gaskets that seal the door handles from the body and the rubber bumper #3 the round ring for the key lock
  12. OK dose any one know what the stock hp is on a 5/72 240z and I'm wondering how much more my header gives it. And an msd ignition.Is there any thing that i can do to boost it with out messing with the motor.
  13. Yes i know i tried to do all the body work and paint but it is taking to long so I'm paying some one to do it quicker.
  14. I don't know if it is just because i own a Z know. That I'm noticing them but i took a drive today and i saw 2 different Zs one in goose creek that one was green and if any one one here belongs to that car let me know.And a light blue one that has a temporary tag on it just like 3 houses down by summerville high school.Also i went to every junk yard in the area and no one has a 240z for parts.
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