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    71 Z CP Car built from new car
    72 Z CP Car built from new car
    74 Z CP/GT2 Car built from new car-ROLLING ROCK CAR
    1974 Z CP/GT2/IMSA Car built from new car-GALLEY MOTORS CAR
    1974 Z IMSA/ASR Car built from new car
    1969 Z SN 471
    1970 Z's (7) keepers (1 w/factory delivered vinyl roof)
    1974 Z bought new
    1987 300Z (Low mile)
    2009 Nissan 370Z Track Car (Bought new, low miles)
    1969-83 Z Cars dismantled - 345
    1935 Dodge Sedan
    1937 Packard Super 8 Rumble Seat 3 Window Coupe
    1961 Corvette Fuelie RPO 687 Big Brake
    1967 Corvair with 40mm IDA 3C Webers (low mile)
    57 Cushman Eagle

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  1. Took a shot of what I had not bolted down: Mikuni Solex from Datsun Comp-- 50's / 3 Sets of 44's , 1 Set NOS / From Mikuni America, 44's and 40's / Webers 45's, 42's, (4)Sets of 40's / IDAL 3C 40's / 1 Mechanical Fuel Injection set up (Hillborn type) From a 2.5 liter hydroplane. I know a little bit about trips...........
  2. Minilite's- The 5 White ones were bought from Sharp (he was selling off some racing parts) - off the C Production Z
  3. This is how they did it back in the day...… They ran a pickup from the corner out of the cell to a fuel pump, plumbed back towards the cell thru an added bulkhead fitting in the quick fill plate and into the canister you can see, in the cell. Main pickup is out of the bottom of the canister and out thru duel pumps and a filter.
  4. The car in the B&W photos I’ve owned since 1980. There is a picture of the car on a Page 50 -Orange #39.Well funded National car. The pictures were from 1977 when it was built. You’re confusing it with Sharp’s car because the same fabricator built them
  5. This should answer your questions about the bars under the dash..........
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