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  1. 240260280, is your jet alignment tool primarily for the 4 screw dome carbs, or for either the 3 screw of 4 screw? I can see how it would adjust the nozzle in the 4 screw carb to sit in the appropriate position. I am trying to understand how it would benefit for the 3 screw, as you would have to take the dome and piston out to put the needle in, which would undo your adjustments.
  2. CO, I would be more than happy to test your new “bloats”, but I need the temps to drop below the 117 it is today!! Let me know if you want to send my way.
  3. I appreciate Namerow’s thoughtful analysis, many things to consider in the workings of this “simple” system! CO, your points are spot on, in regards to the reality of floats that have to be raised to their max level, or beyond. I have run into issues with both the float hitting the side and the tang/needle misalignment causing problems. Looking forward to some live on the road testing to validate the float weight gain!
  4. Will be interested to see how they work in running car, though should be great. I will use my Float Sync tool to see how level adjusts in running car. Good job!!
  5. Interesting stuff, CO, I am looking forward to your final results on the weighted floats. I have bought, fixed up and sold 12 to 15 sets of SUs over the years, always testing on my own car for appropriate fuel levels, performance, etc. I needed to bend the float further than what directions said but still within range, and no floats hitting side of float bowl. On my own set of SUs, I am having similar challenges to you, with my front carb needing to be severely tilted up to allow appropriate level of fuel in the bowl. I run same level of fuel in each bowl, no difference in front and back l
  6. I was thinking the same thing; maybe having the short ear version of the fuel bowl lid on the front carb would help get the desired fuel level. But, you are saying that won't make a difference, right?
  7. Was thinking same thing as Patcon; a possible air leak in the one carb, spray around intake, etc, with carb cleaner and see if the idle changes. Also, looking at the pic, it doesn't look like the fuel hose between the float bowl and carb is long enough to provide smooth up and down motion of the nozzle (might be the angle of the pic).
  8. Jeff, look forward to meeting you when you arrive in to the Valley of the Sun!
  9. I have run them in my L28 240Z, great AFRs on acceleration but a little rich on cruise (for me). Randalla uses them on his L28 Z, is very happy with them. I ended up going with the TF needles; leaner at cruise, still strong at WOT.
  10. Wow, that is Gunther Toody (Joe E Ross) from "Car 54 Where Are You?"!! He and Fred McGynne (Herman Munster on The Munsters) were police partners on that show! Okay, I digress ...
  11. Jim (zKars), I etched a slight groove around the Float-sync at 14 mm above each block with a mini tube cutter, works great!
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