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  1. What are you asking for the set of SM needles? Oops, sorry, couldn't see price on cell phone, can see it on my laptop!
  2. Kinda missing that green ... 😏 Nice work!!
  3. Mike, is there any wheel offset? Any issues with the front rotor caps hitting the wheels?
  4. Yes, CO, have a micrometer, definitely makes it easier! Will keep you posted on results. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  5. Good point, CO, makes sense. Will see how the tapering process goes. Would be much easier to get one needle modified, versus getting two identical ones! Will be an interesting test! Will keep you posted.
  6. I wouldn’t trust me with winging it! Will have to get vise out and see what I can do. Just moved and most stuff in storage. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. Hi, CO, I always slightly tighten the needle in the piston, raise the nozzle to top position (flat with base of carb), push piston down until needle shoulder is flat with the nozzle, then tighten the needle. I believe this is the correct way to do it. This position is slightly higher than the bottom of the piston, but lower than the trench in the piston. So, I have actually lowered the needle from its standard position. I guess I want to make sure I am uniform on all sides of the needle, am afraid with out some constant rotation may have flat spots, etc.
  8. Thanks, Phil, good stuff! I will rely on your station measurements above and give it a try. I don't have a drill press, will have to figure out how to use my hand drill in some stationary format to get desired results. Will get some 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper to taper the needle. Might start with some old SM needles to practice on, move on to the RH.
  9. Have been thinking about doing that, Phil, any suggestions on what steps are best to make this happen? What is best way to taper a needle?
  10. I installed a set of RH needles and they ran lean (16 to 17 APR) on WOT on numerous test runs. Went back to SB needles. There are a few rich spots on the SB needles (cruise is around 13.5), so dropped the needle shoulder down so even with bottom of piston. This kept the WOT numbers on target (13 to 13.5) and the cruise numbers are closer to 14. Will test further, but pleased so far! Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  11. Thanks, Phil, appreciate the comparison of all 4 needle specs, very helpful!
  12. Not this trip, though I have done that a few times! We drove through Superior, Winkelman and Globe yesterday, a fun drive!
  13. Just participated in a 200 mile drive through some old AZ mining towns yesterday, had a great time! The Z ran outstanding on cruise and acceleration, good AFR numbers. I did notice a few rich spots (around 12 AFR), but all around very good. Got 25.5 mpg driving through the hills, am happy with that! Am going to order the RH needles for comparison purposes, and possibly lean out a few spots in the range. Am very happy with the SB needles, just love to tinker!
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