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  1. Beer. Is there anything it can’t do?
  2. There were lots of peanut butter sammiches too. Peanut butter is cheap, and loaded with vitamins and minerals and protein and stuff. Nature’s perfect food.
  3. I think all of us did.
  4. Carbon deposits won’t cause engine overheating. A cooling system that is not well maintained will. Radiator passages clogged with rust and mineral deposits will. A water pump with a corroded impeller will. I use Techroline, the additive that Chevron puts in their gasoline. It can be found in better auto parts stores. Warm the engine, then introduce it through the carburetor while working the throttle by hand (as it gets into the combustion chamber the engine will stumble and want to die, don’t let that happen). Just as the last of the Techroline is getting s
  5. Dieseling, or running on after shutting the key off is caused by excessive carbon buildup in the combustion chamber. The carbon gets super heated, and when the key is switched off, killing the ignition spark, the glowing bits of carbon continue to ignite the air/fuel mixture.
  6. The OP is using a kit that has a controller in addition to the thermoswitch and relay.
  7. Don't attach it to the ignition coil. When you do, the fan controller grounds the ignition, killing it. Attach the yellow wire to a source that is hot when the key is in the on position.
  8. Those holes are all blind on the heads I have looked at here, so oil shouldn't be coming out through the threads. It is most likely the threads are stripped, or nearly stripped, and the bolt won't tighten up. (The head being different isn't really an issue, it is the thread diameter and pitch, and grip length of the fastener that is important, and a lot of that size bolt tend to have the phillips as well as a hex) Take the cover off, clean the surfaces, check the threads (I always run a bottoming tap to clean them up, then squirt some carb cleaner and blow it out with air. Repair the thre
  9. So don't tune in to your news source of choice then, eh?
  10. I love the ad copy: [quote] . . . . . . . . that was lovingly restored by myself and a good friend. She was originally a hideous greenish yellow color, but was stripped down and redone . . . . . . . . [/quote] Must not have had a shower for a while, eh?
  11. The head doesn’t need to be removed to change the valve stem seals. We covered this before.
  12. Looks like the shop floor at the end of shift at The Big Shed.
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