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  1. Racer X

    Spark plug order

    A lot of deferred maintenance there. Wonder how long its been since the cam cover was off?
  2. Racer X

    VG30 Engine Identification

    Yes, I am, and yes, I did. Some useful info there too, although my engine is NA. I plan on keeping it that way so some of the exhaust fitment challenges will be easier. And not having turbocharger(s) to leave room for will be a plus. Also saw quite a bit of naysayers about this swap, but hey, you work with what you have. Even though the VG30 in stock form doesn't offer a big increase in performance, it does offer better reliability, and I won't have to be constantly tuning and adjusting the the carbs and valves. I'm really good at it, but it is a chore, and some days I'd rather have time for other things.
  3. Racer X

    VG30 Engine Identification

    That has some great information, and is helpful, thanks! Pretty much all that. I have to assume it came from a Z, as I don't recall any 2 wheel drive pickups from that era, the Pathfinder was a 4x4 SUV, and the Maxima was FWD, right? It would be good to know the production date, just so I have a better idea what I have here. I picked it up about 16 or 17 years ago when I had my race car at a car show. Several people who came by during the day offered up parts and other cars. One guy had a brand new never used or installed L series header, I snagged it for $40. As I was loading up at the end of the day a guy told me he had a Nissan V6 with a tranny I could have for $50. I drove by his place on the way home and he and I wrestled it into the side door of my race trailer. I have a number if early Z's and I always thought it would be fun to drop it in one. Now I am at that point where it is time to see if I can get it started and run it a bit to determine the condition. The harness was cut when it was pulled and it doesn't have an ECU, so I'll need to find an aftermarket set up I think.
  4. Racer X

    VG30 Engine Identification

    Thansk for the reply. Yes, I saw this. It doesn't really offer any real information though. And the last post in that thread has a (dead) link that looked promising, but since it is dead it is useless. As near as I can tell this engine should have been originally installed in a 300Z, likely an early one, but other than that I can't be sure.
  5. Been trying to identify a VG30 engine I have. Searched the innerwebs and even this forum (among others) with poor results. When I search using the serial number I get lots of hits that lead me to engine swap threads, or information about the later 'W' version from after 1987. As near as I can tel this one is the 'A' version, but I can only guess as I cannot find a definitive description of the serial numbers for these engines. The one I have is normally aspirated, is bolted up to a manual transmission with no transfer case. So from that I cen be sure it was not in a front drive car, and not in a 4 wheel drive pick up. Is there a resource I am missing that breaks down the engines by serial number, that would help identify this engine? The number off of the rear pad on the right side of the block is VG30 369725A. Thanks in advance for your help. Racer.
  6. And Cadillac wins for the second time this year, in the new Cadillac prototype. Young Ricky Taylor and company came from sixth on the grid to win the classic 12 hour endurance race. Two races, two wins. Will they be on top at the end of the season? Stay tuned.
  7. It would be fitting, since today is the running of that race. In fact it is on right now. I was surprised to see the television coverage is nearly flag to flag, but disappointed that Fox is the network covering it. Fox butchers racing coverage.
  8. So I really wasn't happy with the condition of the scan I posted, so I spent a few minutes in Photoshop fixing it up. How does it look now? Paul Newman Portland by Racer, on Flickr
  9. I'll need to go out and make a list. A few 240's, a few 280's, a 280 2+2, and I think I have one 260, but can't recall for sure. Oh, and a '79 280ZX that I was going to fix for a guy and when I told him what the repairs would cost he sold it to me for $200. I made the repair (the heater valve in the dash) and drove the car for about 10 years or so. It was just a beater, but still fun to ride around in. When the rain lets up I'll need to make take the time and get a tally, along with VIN'z. I have what was represented as a first year 240 that I got for free. The previous owner said his wife issued an ultimatum, and he had to get rid of a bunch of cars. I think he needed to trad in his wife. My woman is very supportive of my hobbies. She knows very well that it keeps my attention focused at home, and away from thoughts of other women.
  10. You mean all the parts cars? The brown and red Z's are my only 'complete' runners. I do have a couple more that have potential. But they are a ways off from seeing the road again.
  11. Thanks! More pics? Check out my Flickr album here: Racer's Z and More And I tried to create an album here, but it looks empty. Also looks like I created a second album too. The software this forum uses is unfamiliar to me, and is not very intuitive. I'll get there eventually.
  12. Longtime lurker, finally registered. Been into the Z as long as it has been produced, although it was not until 1989 that I actually owned one. I started out as the typical American teenager, with muscle cars. A Chevelle or 3, as many Impalas (including a '66 SS 396 that I traded for a VW Beetle), a '71 Camaro (still own it) and a '65 Comet Caliente (wish I still had this one). Picked up a '71 Z that had been raced since '79 in 1989. Ran some novice races, and then spent the winter of '89 ~ '90 completely rebuilding it. The car was hideous when I picked it up, bright green on one side, blue on the other, with an orange stripe down the middle. The previous owner was known as a rolling chicane. I broke that chain and put the car where it belonged, in the winner's circle. The car before it was mine (number 339 behind the nice looking red white and blue one): The car as it looks today: The logbook dates to 1979, and has a long racing history in the Pacific Northwet running ICSCC (Conference) and SCCA road racing meets. It has been a lot of fun to race. I liked the Z so much that I now have 14 Z cars, although most of them are parts cars, parked out behind the shop. I did pick up a 2 owner car around 1995, here it is with the race car: Cheers, Racer.

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