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  1. I’ve lived an hour and a half drive from Canada since 1970. Going to Canada is like driving across town. Been there so many times I lost count. When I turned 18 the drinking age up there was 18 so we would drive up Friday after work and spend the weekend bar hopping and sleeping in my friend’s van. Always came home speaking “Canadian”. That’s what its all aboot, eh? Spent lots of dolers on beer. When I was in Roanoke, Virginia a guy there accused me of being Canadian, said I had an accent. So, yeah, I speak Canadian, eh?
  2. There is a guy on Ratsun who has made a few custom steering wheels using wood for the rim. https://ratsun.net/topic/78921-diy-steering-wheels/?tab=comments#comment-1700673
  3. I was a journeyman mechanic for 30 years, and a state certified diesel and gas emissions specialist (among many other certifications). I’ve probably forgotten more than the average shade tree mechanic knows. I am interested to see how California is going to get by without internal combustion engines. Agriculture is the state’s largest industry, with plenty of tractors and trucks. Then there is the trucking industry, and no manufacturer is currently producing all electric long haul trucks. Locomotives are another one that is going to be difficult to replace with pure electric. I
  4. Emissions regulations eliminated open crankcases way back in the late 1970s. Since then all engines reingest the crankcase vapors to be burned with the fuel/air mixture.
  5. I was thinking round numbers, like 10.
  6. Dusty Hill May 19, 1949 July 28, 2021 Rest In Peace.
  7. Nice longboard. Have you ever tried the street luge? A buddy modified a couple of longboards and we ran down a long, twisty road near his house. Most enjoyable.
  8. Our generation invented skateboards. The next generation perfected them. The generation has made a career of skateboarding.
  9. I believe there is a locating pin on the later ones that isn’t on the earlier Zs.
  10. Got the gas tank out of the 72 yesterday. Looks real good inside, only a tiny bit of surface rust inside, the outside is covered in a thick layer of undercoating. Now for cleaning and preparing for reinstalling.
  11. The wheels I ordered several months ago finally arrived. So now I can mount the tires I bought last winter. Can't wait to get them mounted and on the car.
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