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  1. dualies

    72 stock seat one is "crooked"

    Finally sorted it out, the first set of set was in a accident, the seat back was crooked, took it to a seat guy, fixed it, sorry for the confusion.now I have both original 71 and 72 seat, 72 is more funtional, 71 is original. have not decided which one go in yet
  2. MSA stated that 70-71 need to drill one hole, I know for your 73 no need to drill any hole, but if I use Wesco on my 71, how many hole do I have to drill? and will the shoulder belt be long enough??
  3. Can you send me the one you just finished? looks much better than the polish one. where do you get the Dupli color engine enamel? I think i will do mine the same way.
  4. dualies

    78 280z in Santa Cruz

    I was thinking about he same thing, would be a lot nicer without the sun roof and louver, isn't 79 and up Nissan did a complete upgarde of the Z?
  5. http://www.zcar.com/forums/read/8/1891942 looks good, any input from anyone? I think this is the last year of first gene Z is there any draw back on this year? Thinking of getting it. please help.
  6. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/40-7490 Looks good, but very expensive, did anyone tried this yet?is there anyother alternative?
  7. dualies

    additional Calnifornia blue licence plate

    was the qulity same as or close to the one from DMV?
  8. dualies

    additional Calnifornia blue licence plate

    But who make one that is close enough to look "real"? does anyone know?
  9. I have one original blue plate registered with my 71 240z, how can I get another exactly the same one for the front? I checked some licence plate maker, and they all say it is not legal to use it as a real licence plate, any idea?
  10. dualies

    Part # for 240Z windshield??

    my 71 240z windshield have a car-lite logo etched in the bottom middle, is this original winshield that come with the car??
  11. dualies

    1971 JDM style 240Z stroker project

    I like to get some parts cover with cabon fiber, is it real expensive?
  12. Had a radiator removed and flushed, the the whole cooling flushed, use the highest octane gas, change the fan clutch, engine runs cooler, now the problem is gone.
  13. dualies

    rebuilding a 12-80 ignition module

    Thanks a lot man, Now I will have to find that "distributor mount" somewhere.
  14. dualies

    240z ignition points problem

    Arne: do you happen to know if a E12-80 module will fit on this distributor then? Thanks for the input
  15. dualies

    rebuilding a 12-80 ignition module

    quick questins, can this E12-80 module put on a distributor that original has the E12-92 module?

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