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  1. v12horse

    Monterey Historic Races August 2018

    I will be in the corral and Sunday I'll be on the track for a parade lap with my wife.😀I'm really excited. This week is going to be long, but the weekend will be short.
  2. I wanted to find out how many of you are going to be attending the Monterey Historics this weekend. I am going to be there on Saturday and Sunday and I would love to meet some fellow Z enthusiasts from the forum. I am bringing my Z and with Nissan as the Marque they are celebrating it's going to be heaven. Ben
  3. v12horse

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    That is awesome that you brought that to this thread. I had so much more time earlier in my youth. I also didn't need as much sleep. The kids wake me up in the middle of the night nowadays. Ben
  4. v12horse

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    That car looks great and like others have said it is without a doubt an early 260Z. Yes our cars are quite close in production! You have the original 4 speed shift knob with the green shift pattern insert. I had one of those on my car for a long time and it is a piece not seen regularly. Is your car an air-conditioning car? I am not sure, but it seems that the only factory options offered for us North American's was the colors of the paint and interior, auto or 4 Spd, and with or without air conditioning. My car also had the Webber DGV carburetors and I have since installed a pair of roundup carbs from a 72' 240Z. These cars are great and I look forward to your build. Sincerely, Ben P.S. The last picture was how my car started out in 2001. The other photos are how it looks today.
  5. v12horse

    Purchased my First S30 Today!

    Congratulations! The 260z is a proper sports car and one to be very proud of owning. I have had mine for nearly 17 years and I've never wished I had a different Z. They are 'The real McCoy.' You and your son are going to have a blast with the project. As for your car, you have to provide us with some photos. My car is RLS30-034436 so they are quite close! Congratulations again and welcome to the club . Ben
  6. v12horse

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    Jason, Those wheels are great. What are they? Ben
  7. v12horse

    Identify this Datsun Truck

    Everything about this truck and the setting was just right. I love the faded paint, the white roof, and the hubcaps. The owner wasn't afraid to drive it through the puddles and rocks and it was being used as intended; as a truck. I only got a glimpse of it and now I wonder if others get the same stir of emotions when they see our Z's on the road? This truck looks otherworldly and being inspired I drove my Z that night. Ben
  8. I was leaving the Alameda antiques/collectables flea market and this was pulling in. It looked like such a great truck. I would love to see more of these early Japanese cars and trucks. I thought you guys would like this. Help me figure out what year and model it is. -Ben
  9. Jason, I feel the same way about these parts being something to behold. It is not just the rarity of the parts themselves, but the mystique of the parts as it takes some serious information digging to merely identify the parts. These few interior items we have discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of neat parts and information that came from the Omori factory(Datsun Comp headquarters that is now NISMO)during the time of our beloved cars. I want to know where the Works race cars where made, see photos of people putting them together, visualize schematic drawings of bucket seats, exhaust systems and other parts. The development that went into the Z is immense and it seems the information of that time and the people that are still around have not been utilized to share this rich history. Have fun with Alan and say 'hello' for me. I'll make it across the pond one day. Sincerely, Ben
  10. That headrest is a great find. I believe it is a nismo reissue from their 15th anniversary. Ben
  11. Hello Jason, I know what your saying when you talk about replicas of these seats and them looking less than ideal. If your really are interested I do believe that Kameari (the company that I got the replica headrest from) sources the buckets as well. I am not sure of the quality or the "look" but it is worth checking out. I would also talk to the guys at JDM Legends, but they are stateside. You are across the pond so I know there are resources for a nice set of Datsun Buckets (or one). Good luck on the hunt. If you email Kameari they will email back and you can purchase items through a paying service similar to PayPal. Ben https://jdmlegends.com
  12. All fixed. Thanks for the heads up. -Ben
  13. I am trying to post in a way that is accurate and I encourage anyone to correct and/or add to what I have to say. I took the car on a proper drive after work today and everything from the snug fit of the competition bucket, the direct steering, the tight suspension, and the sound of the engine all made for such a thrill. Speaking of the Datsun Competition bucket seat; I bought it a number of ago from a guy that had it in a 1800sss Bluebird that was newly imported at the time. The 510 Bluebird coupe has a swept back roof varying from 510 sedan (2 and 4 door) with the large greenhouse type roof. They are both beautiful cars just different. I had always intended to install the seat in my 260Z and it took a lot more time than I would have ever imagined, but now its getting used and squished by my big American body. I will emphasize that it is quite snug, but not uncomfortable. The headrest is a modern replica from Kameari (Thanks Alan T. for the lead.) I feel even more connected with the car and the road while in that seat. It is a bit of a chore getting out as I have to put my hand on the sill, arch my left tip toe to the ground, and then lift myself up. The steering wheel is an original Datsun Competition piece and it was sourced by a very generous member here many years ago whom I am still very gracious for (I hope we can meet one day). The Datsun Competition 'Rally' shift knob is a piece that I saw on Yahoo Japan Auction (again many years ago) and it is a reissue of the the original that was made by Nissan for the 15th (?)anniversary of NISMO. I believe they made the steering wheels and bucket seats for those reissues as well. I would never have thought I would have this set of interior items, but over time I was able to gather the pieces to complete the ensemble. It took a lot of research, some luck, and members of this forum to make it happen, but it was worth it and there is a little story to each piece. I would love to learn more about these pieces and their role in competition cars. The construction of the seat for instance is amazing. The shell looks like fiberglass and the vinyl stretched around it is done to a very high standard. There had to have been a lot of handy work done to make it. My understanding of the 'bucket' seat is that it was Nissan's generic racing seat. I have seen them in anything from Z's to Cherry's. The steering wheel is similar in that it is slightly smaller in diameter than an original, a bit thicker, and not as deep as a standard wheel. It looks similar to the steering wheels in the WORKS rally cars, but those are slightly larger in diameter. In Japan the steering wheel is referred to as a 'handle' and slang for the Datsun Competition piece is Compe handle. The horn button I am using is from a Fairlady Z (1970-1973). It is almost faux pas for me to fit that button because the vast majority of enthusiasts in Japan would have a 'proper' Datsun button, but thats so common here in the states. It is funny how that works. The shift knob is wood (walnut? )with a metal insert. I have always thought it had the perfect shape for a shift knob. Someone once said it was shaped like the end of a broomstick and that's not far off the mark. Anyways, thats all I've got for now. -Ben
  14. v12horse

    260Z dream car

    Thanks Leon. It was great to have you there and I look forward to taking drives with you and your beautiful car. Its pretty awesome that we live around the corner from each other and have very similar cars (understanding wife's, and little kids). In regards to working on your car all you need to do is install that steering wheel you have been hoarding. Other than that your Z is spot on. I took my car for a drive last night after work and it is consuming. It is so much car being something I am getting reacquainted with. From the time I had it the car was very original in all ways. Now it looks quasi stock, but it is whole other machine. I am not sure if I am sick, but my ears have a faint ring to them still. The exhaust note is not even that loud. Today I am on the hunt for an all-weather car cover. I park in a carport, but the backend is exposed and the car gathers dust quickly. Do any of you guys have a recommendation for a good car cover? -Ben
  15. v12horse

    260Z dream car

    I am still at a loss of words since I picked up the car yesterday. My expectations were high and Rob exceeded them. Amazing is all I can say. I have a lot more to write and I will provide the details soon. I still can't believe the car is my little old 260z that I got as a college loner over 15 years ago. Now it is looking and running how it was intended to be. I have so many people I want to thank, but for now I will leave you with a few photos. p.s. Check out my son in the hatch area. Ben <- This is one happy Z owner.

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