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  1. Thank you so much. I am going to look at the latching plate for wear. I think that is what it is, but it also seems to be only slightly protruding as if it doesn't get a good grip on the male portion. The spring works, but I wonder if it doesn't have enough tension. I'll be back on later this evening. Thanks. Ben p.s. I want to get this fixed before next weekend as I am going on a drive with it as part of my local Concourse d' Elegance that I'll be participating in. I am so excited.🙂
  2. I need help everyone. I have been having trouble with my hood on my 260z popping open. I don't have to even go over a bump. It seems like pressure builds up at city speeds and then it pops open. The alignment of the hood is correct and it shuts easily enough, but as soon as I start driving it pops open. I will post some photos of my latch this evening. If any of you have advice please chime in. Thank you, Ben
  3. Alan, that is exactly where I put my hand. Beneath the bonnet extension panel. It was just the weave of the fiberglass and none of those ribs. Now that I look at the photo, the gap does look inconsistent. Thanks for the insight. Ben
  4. I don't know where to begin. I was in Monterey for two whole days. I was on the track at Laguna, I was in the room the GTO sold in, and I saw countless gorgeous cars, but this ZG was 'the' car. I cannot explain the emotions that flowed through me when I saw it for the first time. I had never seen a real 240ZG in the flesh and I was amazed. There are certain cars that photograph well and the ZG always does. But with the aperture of the eye this car is so much more stunning in person. The proportions are divine and the color is perfect. This car is a Fairlady 240ZG (HS30-H) and it was a
  5. 7tooZ, I love Seattle. One of my favorite cities. The author Garth Stein is from there and he is an excellent writer and car enthusiast! JayHawk, those are some spectacular cars you saw. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. Like all of us here I was over the moon with the Nissan Motor Co. being the marque celebrated at the track and there are many photos and stories I want to share, but for now I will leave you with a photo of my wife and I in the 260Z. It was a parade lap, but we still got to do a bit of a shake down. My wife looked at the finish line clock and I had r
  6. The car is clean, waxed, tires shined. I’ll be leaving before sun up. No radio just me, a car and a tunnel of headlights. My favorite time to drive. It’s so peaceful, but not lonesome. Self reflective. Looking within. With young kids these drives are nearly nonexistent. I have everything set out. A camera, phone charger, selvedge jeans, my New Balance driving shoes, a journal, an actual Safari Rally silk jacket (from 1982?), some pens(filled with ink of course), my corral pass, and the list goes on. The car is a ritual. Yours Truly, Ben
  7. That’s a great shot. ? Nice to see Nissan taking center stage.
  8. I am excited to see the BRE cars among others. John Morton is a super nice guy the few times I have talked to him. A celebrity of the Datsun world among me, a mortal. That Hino transporter is really cool! I saw it years ago when it was at Les Cannaday's shop in need of a restoration. Now it is where it should be. If I am not mistaken it has a Cadillac V8. I am counting down the days before I go to Monterey this weekend. The entire Monterey Car Week is a time I look forward to every year. The Historics are my favorite as the cars are in their element. The crews are humming along
  9. I will be in the corral and Sunday I'll be on the track for a parade lap with my wife.?I'm really excited. This week is going to be long, but the weekend will be short.
  10. I wanted to find out how many of you are going to be attending the Monterey Historics this weekend. I am going to be there on Saturday and Sunday and I would love to meet some fellow Z enthusiasts from the forum. I am bringing my Z and with Nissan as the Marque they are celebrating it's going to be heaven. Ben
  11. That is awesome that you brought that to this thread. I had so much more time earlier in my youth. I also didn't need as much sleep. The kids wake me up in the middle of the night nowadays. Ben
  12. That car looks great and like others have said it is without a doubt an early 260Z. Yes our cars are quite close in production! You have the original 4 speed shift knob with the green shift pattern insert. I had one of those on my car for a long time and it is a piece not seen regularly. Is your car an air-conditioning car? I am not sure, but it seems that the only factory options offered for us North American's was the colors of the paint and interior, auto or 4 Spd, and with or without air conditioning. My car also had the Webber DGV carburetors and I have since installed a pair
  13. Congratulations! The 260z is a proper sports car and one to be very proud of owning. I have had mine for nearly 17 years and I've never wished I had a different Z. They are 'The real McCoy.' You and your son are going to have a blast with the project. As for your car, you have to provide us with some photos. My car is RLS30-034436 so they are quite close! Congratulations again and welcome to the club . Ben
  14. Jason, Those wheels are great. What are they? Ben
  15. Everything about this truck and the setting was just right. I love the faded paint, the white roof, and the hubcaps. The owner wasn't afraid to drive it through the puddles and rocks and it was being used as intended; as a truck. I only got a glimpse of it and now I wonder if others get the same stir of emotions when they see our Z's on the road? This truck looks otherworldly and being inspired I drove my Z that night. Ben
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