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  1. Robin

    280Z piston rings

    Wanted, new .030 over ITM Ring set for 280z
  2. The checkered tail (yellow and black) is the tail marking for the 459th Bombardment Squadron, the shark teeth were added after they arrived in Cerignola.... very cool car in my eyes.
  3. Hi Steve, the markings on your Z are familiar....459th Bombardment Squadron and the 459th Bombardment Group of the 15 Air Force stationed in Cerignola Italy during WW2. My dad was stationed there during the war flying in a B-24H. Any connection to this bomb group? Welcome aboard!
  4. Update. Received and installed new stub axle.. that hidden problem has been fixed. However, i still have the rotational noise (loud) coming from the back end. When I turn hard to the right (shifting the weight to the left side) the rotational sound will subside... could this be the u-joints on the half shaft or possibly the differential. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the heads up Zed what i would like to do (if i have an option here) is click on paypal and get it done. I did check the other side..all is well in appearance. Thanks for the offer zkars!
  6. Getting closer to getting the car on the road, put 4 miles on her and heard a bad rotational sound coming from the rear end. My first thought was that it could be the diff. however i had excess heat on the wheel on passenger side.. must be a wheel bearing. Unbolted the half shaft from the stub axle and this is what i found. This is not right, correct? There was not a axle nut holding the flange on but just this nut, lock washer and a couple flat washers screwed into the axle. Anyone have a direction i can take to source a stub axle? Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info Sean. I talked with MSA on Friday in regards to this issue and they seemed to be surprised that i was having a problem.. go figure. I purchased the header 6 years ago and the Exhaust System last week. Maybe the headers available now will be the fix. I would prefer to install a different header out of the options that i have at this point. I already drilled a hole and welded in a bung in the forward section of the exhaust. I have been working on this car now for six years.. whats another week or 2 before i hit the road.
  8. Hello, I have a 280 motor installed into my 73 240z, using the 280 motor mount brackets. The problem is that the header collector end is not low enough to clear the tranny mount when attaching the exhaust pipe. Either I need to have more back down angle of the motor or the entire motor lowered to allow proper clearance. I'm not sure if the 240 motor brackets (that i have) will change the angle of the dangle to accommodate for good clearance. Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. I attempted to buy the one piece at MSA about a month back.. not available. So, i settled for the 3 piece as you have... the top piece is also "wonky". The flat of that piece is also not @ 90 degrees from the main cushion (as shown in jfa's pics) instead it is pointing up, not going to work. Just tonight i opened the packages to install, did not look right, jumped on this site and found this thread.
  10. You can also find the straight fuel fittings @ http://www.carburetion.com/FuelFitting.asp
  11. never mind.... i see where now .. cheers to a strong cup of coffee
  12. Travel'n Man.... where did you purchase the heat shield and 3 barb fuel rail from? . thanks
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