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    Hi John.....


  2. Hi All !!!: Still around bet not quite as involved as the past 15 years. Still have Silver Bullet 1972 240Z, however, many will be pleased to hear that I have retired her from competition !! As a batter who has 60 consecutive hits, the competition has been getting harder each year. So, I retired her with 60 consecutive wins and only display her on Boston (Town days and parades, polo matches). Mostly with the Larz Anderson Auto Museam.No more hearing, "Oh no, here comes ken with the Silver Bullet...Whats the use!!! ". I have added to my stable with a 2011 370Z coupe with all the goodies. It has the sport package as well as 7 speed manual transmission as well as automatic (allowed as I approach my 83 birthday). I have showed it 4 times. Two in Ct. and two in NJ shows and it way awarded ist place in all four shows......the beat goes on! Health issues have courtailed some of my activities but I'll continue as long as I have. Thanks guys for remmembering me!! 1972 Datsun 240Z 2011 Nisson 370Z Ken Lewis
  3. Ken


    I now have a 2011 370Z Touring model with sport package and 7 speed auto/manuel transmission Built June 15, 2011. Parked next to the SilverBullet240Z which was build October 1971. Both perform outstanding. On an 800 mile roundtrip the 370Z averaged 31 miles per gallon (on Interstate) The 240z continues its winning ways...over 60 shows Canada to Texas and East of the Mississippi River. Ken in N.H.
  4. until
    ZCCNE Spring Auto Inspection in support of Make A Wish Charity.
  5. Hi John: Down here in Southern NH. Town by the name of Windham. Between Nashua and Salem....Did you just obtain this car? ken
  6. Remove your distributer cap and see if your pickup is missing.....
  7. Ken

    Happy Birthday Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Silver Bullet 240Z

  8. Still hanging in!! Will be 76 on September 6th of this year. Many of you have seen the SilverBullet240Z at many of the shows and conventions. Its appeared in 45 or more shows. Its driven from Canada to Texas. Never trailored. In 2006 it was driven over 6,000 miles between May and the end of June. From NH down to the Tail of the Dragon and then down to Dallas-Ft Worth for the convention. Last summer won the Larz Anderson Automotive Museum, in Boston, Best of Show, on Japanese Car and Motorcycle Day. Best Japanese Import at the Make A Wish Foundatio Classic in Boston. Appeared in NJ and Ct shows and was awarded two 1st place trophys in the Import Car Wars. Really enjoy driving the car around the country. The winters are the most difficult to take here in NH. We had 100 inches of snow this winter. Hope to have the Bullet out on the road by May, myself included! ken
  9. What is the prize for the correct answer John? ken
  10. Ken

    Buying carbs again??


  11. Wish I Were There!! After a great deal of planning, entering destination into my GPS and looking forward to a beautiful drive to Cleveland, I was beset by dreadfull weather reports concerning heavy rain and storms along the 700 mile trip. I enjoy the drive as much as the convention e.g. my 5,200 mile drive to the Texas convention includeing runs of the Tail of the Dragon and back to NH. Now John (Bad Dog Parts Jeffery) is calling me with condition and travel reports as he and Pete (Z-YA) travel westward. I had made the decision that I would not enjoy 700 miles of pounding rain and sadly cancelled out! Now I wish I had made the attempt. Even tho here we've had three days of heavy rain. I will miss seeing everyone and hope to see you all next year!!:classic: ken
  12. Ken

    Happy Birthday Jukie,,,,We were both born on the same day of the same year!


  13. Carl: Your right about the cost of that paint job! However, the paint appears like it was completed just a week ago. As beautiful as ever and showing no defects or marks. I hope to be able to make the Cleveland convention.....I will seek out the washers. Did Jim tell you he sat in the Silver Bullet during the convention in Dallas ? I hope this note finds you and family well. best regards returned, ken
  14. See my gallery.....901. Ken
  15. Ken


    Really like the four spoke Libre's ! Took a lot of bead blasting, cleaning and bakeing to remove the original brake dust embedded in the metal. The powder coating color matching to the car really made them a standout set of wheels. Would not have any other!! See my gallery for a closeup of the wheels on Silver Bullet 240Z. Ken
  16. Fiber optic lines work very well. The 69 T-Bird had a small panel with colored jewell lenses. A fiber optic line ran to each tail light bulb and would glow when on. When you applied your brakes the jewels increased in brightness letting you know that all your brake lights were working. Anytime a bulb burned out you knew right away and which one it was. Could be set up to transmit headlights the same way. No electrical connections needed. Ken
  17. Last May 16th, 2006 at the age of 73 I drove the 1972 Silver Bullet 240Z from Nashua New Hampshire to Fontana Village (Tail of the Dragon-NC&Tenn) then down thru Birmingham, Mountgonery, Mobile Ala thru New Orleans to Housten Texas. Then up to Dallas, Inving and Ft Worth. Back to Housten . Then back to Nashua New Hampshire arriveing afternoon of June 8th, 2006. The roundtrip covered 5,256 miles and included 4 days running the Tail of the Dragon (318 curves in 11 miles). a week at the Nissan/Datsun Convention in Dallas/Ft Worth (Car was awarded 1st in Nissan Modified Class at the convention-3 points short of the Gold Cup award). Car ran great , every thing working properly. Averaged 550 to 650 miles a day at Interstate Hwy speed (could not have done it without the comfortable Recaro seats). I averaged close to 30 mpg (5 speed overdrive transmission with a 3.3 rear). Used a half quart of oil for the 2,600 miles down to Texas and changet oil and filter when I got home. Great trip, and I would do it again. Ken
  18. 2ManyZs (Keith) is a good friend to a great number of members of this club. He provided a great wealth of information, suggestions and encouragement to many members. His knowledge of the 240z is legendary and I am proud to call him a good friend of mine. He is missed by many on this forum....... Ken
  19. 73 years and 7 months. Drove SilverBullet to 17 Nissan/Datsun events last summer including Tail of the Dragon and the ZCCA Convention in Dallas/Ft Worth. Over 6,000 miles for the summer. Ken Lewis
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