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    240Z--1971 Bought in '91, full up resto, just had second pearl white paint job. Libre wheels, BRE spook, '72 motor w/ mild cam, Triple Webers, MSA headers & exhaust. Totalled 7/27/2012
    1972 Z purchased Oct. 2012. 50,500 documented orig. miles; matching # car.

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  1. I had triple Webers on my '71 for years. Big bog at low end, until I put in a new engine w/ a performance cam. The linkage is critical. Make sure your linkage is rock solid and opening all carbs at the same time. I also used a Color-tune glass sparkplug to set mixture. Ran great with almost no need for constant adjustment. Only drawback was it used 1/3 more gas than the SU's.
  2. I am here in Melbourne, Fla. Tee-shirt weather. I will not rub it in any more.
  3. I had a spare motor when I sold it. The buyer didn't want the engine 'cause he was dropping a rotary in it.
  4. I was in the market for a new car in 1972, but a Z was outside my budget. I purchased a Datsun 1200 coupe. I kept this car for 14 yrs. and sold it; the buyer drove it away. My boss used to call it a 120-Z.
  5. I can help with two. One is my invoice from a car I purchased new in 1972, the other is the window sticker from an '86 I bought used in the late '90's.
  6. Any body have any word about Mr.K.? After all, he is 104, and I'm sure he might have some health and age things going on. Personally, I would like him to keep on going! The world will be a sorrier place without him.
  7. Here in Florida, we have the option of using a year-matching license plate on our over 25 yr. old cars. I had a 70-71 plate that was correct for my county on my '71. The plate is yours as long as you own the car. Well, back in July 2012, I unfortunately wrecked the '71. Got my agreed valuation from my insurance, and proceeded to purchase a '72 240. I had taken the plate from the '71 to return it to the friend who gave it to me. He traded me the '72 plate for my new toy. I sent the plate to DMV in Tallahassee with the requisite form and a check. They 'authenticate' the plate to make sure it is
  8. As the title says, I need to reinstall my tail-light lens and I am wondering what the best adhesive/sealant is to use. There was some fairly stiff white sealant on there, but it must have dried out over the years, 'cause the lens kept coming away from the housing. I cleaned it all off, and am ready to re-install. Any ideas are appreciated.
  9. Hate to rain on your parade, but I thought # 13 was the lowest # Z out there. The first 12 were Nissan show cars and factory mules, IIRC. Bob Sharp had one of those that got the roof dented by a model at a car show. Please correct me if I'm in error.
  10. Beermanpete takes the prize. I just mic'ed one I have on hand. 16mm it is.
  11. Carl, I just couldn't let the Webers go. The console is there; just not in place. The engine/tranny got shifted to the right in the collision, and I pulled the console to see if I could get the car back in neutral. (shift lever was jammed against the tunnel) ARE's are 14".
  12. I have been totally compensated. We are all settled. I just don't want my past 21 yrs. of labor to be crushed. I tried to buy it back, but they were asking too much; and I just can't do what I did 20 yrs. ago. I know this can be of use to anyone with a 240. There is just too much good stuff in there.
  13. OK. My totaled '71 is finally up on the Cranky Ape web site. http://www.crankyape.com/default.asp?pg=DisItems&Cat=11&locID=18 It obviously doesn't run, but has a wealth of parts. There is a Crane cam in the head; The motor is out of a '72 and was rebuilt about 45,000 miles ago. Dash is mint; was recovered back in '92 and has NO cracks or blemishes. All gauges work, incl. the clock. Relays installed for the H/L's and fog lights. Crane XR-7000 electronic ignition. Taillights have been refurbished and are like new. Hatch is an original series 1, with the vents. (car was built in 2/
  14. As I posted here at the end of July, my 71 240 was totalled in an accident. The left front was pretty badly damaged, and the frame rail was bent. Insurance declared a total loss, and the car was picked up from my home by CrankyApe auctions, out of Kissimmeee, Fl. The ins. co. was willing to let me buy the car back for 4K. I can't do what I did 21 yrs. ago, so I took the full value settlement. CrankyApe is putting the car up for auction, and I would really like to see it go to a good home; i.e. some one who has the time and energy to get all the excellent parts off this car. It has a mint condi
  15. Well, got the news today that they will let me buy it back (salvage title), but they want to reduce my payout by $4,000. Seems a little high. Has anyone else bought back a totalled car from their insurance co.? Can the buyback be negotiated somehow? What do ins. co.'s usually do in cases like this? Do they send the car to be stripped for parts (i.e. sell to Zcar source in Az.) or is it simply crushed? I will call my adjuster tomorrow and ask some questions, but if anyone has any experience with this situation, I would be most appreciative.
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