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  1. thanks ajmcforester, that's very helpful
  2. Does anybody here know anything about the legality of selling drawings of recognizable cars? I've been perusing the website of the Boogerballs guy , and I'm just wondering how he gets away with selling his illustrations. Is it because the logos and emblems and such are mostly small or obscured? There's been some interest in me selling prints of my illustrations, Z's included, and I'd like to know what my legal limitations are. Any experts around?
  3. it definitely glues up there. you'll need contact cement. as for the sun roof, i have no idea how you should approach that. you might consider getting an upholsterer to help you out. wrapping the vinyl where the A pillar meets the ceiling wasn't that bad, but like i said, two pairs of hands definitely makes things easier.
  4. ok, here's the diagram of how the vinyl and headliner goes on. i've taken some liberties with the scale, and the headliner you bought may or may not have as thick a foam as mine did. the trouble we had with that pinch strip was that it kept stretching out so it wouldn't stay on the steel. i don't know if that's because we used the original strip, and if it is, i don't know if new is available. having two sets of hands made it possible though; i couldn't have done it without dad. also, we didn't use any adhesive under the pinch strip. i don't know if that's advisable, but once we got it on there, it wasn't coming off anyway. EDIT: also note, we doubled up the foam padding under the vinyl, though i don't show it in this diagram, and also made it as wide as possible so the vinyl would look nice and smooth.
  5. hey sly, you should check out my vinyl installation photos. they're probably the best example you'll be able to find. here's a photo we took of the headliner right after installation: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76280z/5194049290/ it was by far the easiest part of the whole job. we just lined it up after applying adhesive, applied pressure at the the center first and worked our hands out to the edges, then tucked the slack into that metal lip that goes all the way around the ceiling. prepare to struggle with that U-shaped pinch strip. it wasn't so bad across the header, but the vinyl on the rails did not go quietly. i'll post a diagram in just a bit to show you how it goes on.
  6. sorry, i should have updated the thread: i decided to go with jim's suggestion, a company called Seatz. they were a little difficult to communicate with, but the headliner and rails/columns kit they came through with was very nice. i chose a color called Spice... hopefully it'll mesh ok with butterscotch door panels whenever i am able to round some up. here are some photos of me and dad doing the installation: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76280z/tags/vinylinstallation/
  7. thanks for the advice and compliment E. i finally get a day off tomorrow so i can look at both areas. i'll let you know what i find.
  8. thanks a lot for the suggestions y'all. i got the flu right after i posted this thread, so i haven't had a chance to search for the problem. before i dig in, i thought i should mention: i drove it again today and i heard the relay click when the horn beeped. does this narrow it down at all? this question probably shows how much i know about electrical :/
  9. What model and year car do these door panels go on? The owner is advertising them as being for a 75 260z, and says the distance between the lock pull and the back edge of the door is 8.5 inches. I thought that the 8.5" door panels went on the 77 and 78 models.
  10. i've noticed a strange phenomenon since starting to drive my 280 regularly over the last few weeks. it only seems to happen when i'm in my parking garage, although it did happen once in my driveway. when i'm pulling away from a stop and going under 5 mph, and start pushing on the accelerator, occasionally it makes the horn beep. i have no idea where to even start with this. it did not do this before i took it to my body shop. they removed the horns to paint the front end, and they said they did a little wiring work on the headlights, but i don't think they've touched any other part of the electrical system. thoughts? on an unrelated note, my gas gauge drops and rises in association with how much voltage i'm getting. normal or problem?
  11. i'd like to see photos, for what it's worth. i'm going to need them in a few weeks...
  12. well, since no one seemed to have any photos of their vinyl installation, i went ahead and took several pictures of my own, at jfa.series1's recommendation. you can view them all here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/76280z/tags/vinylinstallation/ here's a sample
  13. dunno if this is helpful, but i'm pretty sure that the smaller offshoot of that duct blows down towards the feet.
  14. i'm about to receive my A-pillar and rail vinyl kit in the mail, along with a new headliner. does anyone have any pictures of their own installation that i can reference? it seems like i once saw pictures of the vinyl work being done on a red 240... also, any advice for order of installation or technique? EDIT: i've seen the vinyl installation section in my copy of wick humble's book, but any further insights would be appreciated.
  15. well shoot. when i talked to him earlier this year, i had the impression that he had someone else make them. does he make them by hand himself? is there something special about auto upholstery vinyl, or will upholstery vinyl from a fabric store work just fine? i bought several yards of material from a fabric mart over on harry hines with which to cover my A pillars, and i'm sure i could get a lot more. i wonder if les will make seats from material that i provide. jim, i would like to see your seats where are you located?
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