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  1. Not that hard to do, I did mine when I had my 240. Just take you time. Mine took about 3 hrs each seat but I replaced with new foam and refinished the seat supports.
  2. I said goodbye to mine. I sold the car, hope it enjoys it's new home. I will really miss this one, it was special and a hell of alot of fun.
  3. Just a slight gain, get a "C" grind cam. They come up for sale every now and then.
  4. The one I bought was too tight but if you take your time with a round rat tail it will fit. This is my last posting today as I have some buyers coming out to buy my 73 Saterday. Thanks all for the 6 or 7 yrs.
  5. Thanks for that post, I have a BRE311 cam on the shelf and never knew the specs.
  6. Did that, just asking a simple question of anyone who knows if this is right.
  7. 1st off yes I have done a search and well, there is no definitive answer to what is the stock wire hook up. No Pertronix, no ZX convertion. Just plain stock wire hook up. Ok, I just did a front harness replacement on my 73. The harness is off a 72 becuse it does not have that stupid aux harness off the voltage reg plug that wires back to the fual pump relay. Anyway, I had a differant setup with my last harness. What I need to know is the stock setup, stock wires, stock wire colors. What I have seen is the long strand with the temp relay wire, yellow also has a black wire with a spade that should go to the distributor. Coil plus side gets a short black/white wire and neg gets a short black wire. The resistor gets the thicker black wire to the back end and green to the front stud. Reason I ask is becuse I have seen lots of photos with all sorts of combinations. Just want to make sure on this. Thanks
  8. Why do you need a new flywheel, just have your resurfaced at a machine shop.
  9. I've seen your car, I'm not going to bother with this fight you seem to want. Have a nice day Mr mechanic
  10. Wrong, the width of a tire will matter in ride quality, putting wider tires on the front end will make it heavier, and I said when I bottom out they rub, If it's lowered it's going to bottom, that is if you drive the damm thing. I'm not running around scaping bottom all day. With 50 yrs behind me working on cars I think I know how to work on and setup suspension, not my first Z. Standard tire on the car was a 175SR14 that's what the car was designed for adding 4+ inches to the track will make the steering heavy, sorry but that how cars with no power steering react when you throw on wider and heavier tires, go figure. I never said he would have trouble I said streering will get heavy.
  11. 205/60-14 and 215/60-14 is too small of a diameter, looks weird. 225/60-14 is closer to the 25" stock diameter but the steering is going to be heavy on the front end. I'm running 205/60-15 on 7" fronts and 225/55-15 on 8" rear on a lowered strut and spring suspention. The ride is harsh in part to the size of the tires, the wider the tire the harsher the ride. I do rub a bit in the rear when I bottom out. I'm going back to stock height with 14x6 slots and I'm looking at 195/70-14 because of the right size overall diameter. Ride should be good and steering will be a bit lighter. 225/60-14 is close to stock diameter but the steering is going to be heavy like an old truck. I like the way my car looks and the handling is just plain insane but I sure hate the ride and I drive it most of the week.
  12. First off the car is a 73. I've done the alternator upgrade ( and the fuel pump relay problem) and headlight wiring harness. Everything worked great (about 6 month now) untill a week ago, dead battery and blown alternator and the diode on the upgrade plug was blow or melted. I bought some new upgrade plugs, and replaced the alternator, charged the battery. The issue I found was the white/red wire coming off the voltage reg plug was burned up. I cut and jumped it down stream in the harness to some clean wire in the harness. Seems to be ok for now. Questions, the amp gauge moves around like a tach anything from the middle to a 50+ reading, is this normal ? If it's a 60 amp alternator shouldn't I be getting a 60 amp reading ? Would upgrading the harness with larger gauge be worth the effort and where would you get color coded wire and plugs. Thanks
  13. There is no decoder ring, these cars were cookie cutter build, same thing one after another. Alloys were done at the dealership, also side stripes, and a/c
  14. The only ones left out there are going to be hard as rocks. I have new 0 miles spare and the sidewalls have pulled away from the rim and don't want to seat back in. I have to take it over to a tire shop and put a band on it to get it to seat again.
  15. Why not build a 2.7 out of the 2.4 like Robello does ?
  16. Ignition is Mallory w/ Pertronix 2. Fuel pressure is 2-4 psi, the pump is new. The old one was new too.I can here the pump running. Fuel system has no restriction. It's strange in that it runs fine on the street, but I hit the freeway and it just flat runs out of fuel. I'm only running 3000 to 3500.
  17. Running a 2.8 on triple Dels. Facet 2 to 4 lb. fuel pump, filter before the pump, 5/16 hose all the way to the carbs, no pressure reg, no return, Carbs were pro rebuilt . It has run hard for the past few months. Out of the blue it dies out past 3500 rpm on the freeway only. On city streets it still runs ok. I have change the pump, lines, and filter with no joy. It will not even run at 3000 rpm on the freeway. Any ideas ?
  18. This is a joke question, right. Am I on Candid Camara ?
  19. Remove and cap off water lines going to the SU's. Choke's are not used, either remove or hide the cables. Be prepared to tune, tune, and tune those carbs. Get a sync meter, timing light and a good book to guide you. I have found there is no one tune that works for everyone. There are as many tunes as there are guys running triples.
  20. My speedo reads 41,000. The paper work says 241,000
  21. Maybe I'm not seeing it, is the oxy sensor in the system ? I have a 73, so I don't have to deal with all that FI stuff but that header looks like a non smog item.
  22. The old 175SR-14 would be a 175/78-14.
  23. Sounds like a carb problem, maybe not enough transition jet or it's just cold and they don't do well when there cold.
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