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  1. Howdy all, The time has come to say goodbye. I'm getting ready to put this up for sale; hopefully at BaT (waiting to see if they accept the reserve). lf this tickles anyone's fancy, please let them know. Cheers Bill
  2. Dang, I'm with Patcon. Need that, but need it in the mid-atlantic
  3. Hello everyone, I have two Series-1 hazard switches, and on both, the rocker inside the hazard switch (photo attached of a good one, from google) appears to have snapped, rendering both switches useless. Not sure how common this is, but they both failed around the same time. Are we at a point in 2016 where someone can 3D print this bad boy? If not, does anyone have spares, or lastly, know anyone who can rebuild these? Cheers and thanks. Bill
  4. http://www.autoportal.iol.pt/carros/Datsun/240Z/164240/ Stumbled on this while doing research last night. More photos in the link. Works out to about 48,000 miles on the car, and an asking price of $37k! But hey - the Euro is in your favor right now. Get it while it's hot.
  5. Thank you all. These were bubble wrapped pretty darn well. I had zero issues with the shipping here to VA.
  6. Good morning. This is the first new header I've ever bought or inspected. I supposed I was expecting better build quality, having seen the ones that are on my current cars. Is this normal? My current problem is an exhaust leak at the flange; this doesn't inspire confidence that I won't have the same issue with this set. Thanks for the $.02. As always, if anyone knows a suitable alternative. The Stahl site says these folks bought their equipment, but they don't answer the phone or return calls: Datsun 240/260/280Z headers will be offered by:ProFabAurora, OR503-678-2948
  7. Got the tank back. Looks great. Bolted it up today and MAN does it feel great to not worry about your filters clogging. For anyone interested: Looper's Service Center, in Rockville, MD: http://www.loopersc.com/ The owner, Glen, remarked that Mike from Bansai has been taking his tanks there for years.
  8. Hardway - I haven't the foggiest idea. I bought those bumpers off of Craigslist, I think, years ago. Or maybe from a Forum member here. I'd never thought about that before. Mark - That sounds like what I did. I didn't want to cut the car's wiring harness anywhere, so I built a "jumper" harness that connected the '72/'73 radio to the '70's wiring. Worked out well. The antenna up/down work fine, the look is clean, and I can get FM. ...I just can't hear it over the twice pipes when they're wide open
  9. Well overdue update: Still running strong. Had a new friend for a short while: A 1978 Land Rover 88 Santana, fresh off the boat from Spain. The highly-and-professionally modified 1975 280z in the photo is for sale. Jason @ www.JTMmotorworks.com
  10. Quick update: Fuel tank: Dropped the fuel tank and brought it over to Loopers in Rockville, MD to get the Gas Tank Renu process done. Getting rather tired of stopping to clean the in-line fuel filter, although I would have never seen this guy had I not been forced to stop a few months back: Brakes: The issue was, well, a combination of things. I suspect I had the wrong booster and MC. I apologize, I know how frustrating it is to start trying to diagnose an issue and have a forum post come up short. I should have dropped an update back then. Tach: Still no tach. MSD #$%#$&... Any
  11. ksbeta

    Stahl retiring

    Never hurts to inject some muffled humor
  12. ksbeta

    Stahl retiring

    My luck. Waited too long and now they've up and retired. If anyone has a set of their round-port 1-5/8" headers they managed to order before they stopped and wants to sell, please let me know. Their stock is exhausted. Is MSA the only other suitable option now?
  13. Leon, Chas, thanks much. No grinding. Entirely possible I failed to readjust the slave cylinder (the distance) back from tohe 5spd to the 4spd. Will start looking there. Much appreciated.
  14. Good evening, When I pulled the 4spd from the '70 a year or so ago during the motor rebuild, it ran fine. I opted for a 5spd and so the 4spd sat covered in a corner of the garage, upright, but elevated to protect the spline. When I re-installed the 4spd, I noticed it was difficult to get into gear. It felt as though there was something wrong with how the shifter itself was interacting with the box. I need to find the slot for the gear, and then apply an undo amount of force way down at the base of the shifter to get it to go in. Once it's in gear, it runs fine, but this same force is require
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