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  1. cesar280z

    L28et engine and wires needed

    looking to get a complete engine, 82-83 please send me a message, thanks!
  2. cesar280z

    38 years ago on February 6, 1976

    What a beauty... Congrats Z enthusiast!!
  3. Just a question...440cc injectors...could they be use on a regular PALLNET base rail..on my non modified L28?...without any issue?...
  4. cesar280z

    Inside an FPR - the valve

    So what would be a good brand..at least no leaking?
  5. cesar280z

    Cleaning maf 78 280z

    Any updates?
  6. cesar280z

    76 280z NO PULSE !!

    Did you check the fuel tank?...any debri?
  7. cesar280z

    fuel pump 78 280z

    Seems that the filter doesn't fit..but it does...keep it straight though...
  8. cesar280z

    280z 76 not timing, just cover l28

    Hello, i'm just continuing on the process of cleaning, and replacing old parts from the L28, unfortunately today one of the nightmares that nobody wants happened to me :mad:, the two bolts that hold the water inlet(coming from the heater) broke inside the the timing cover, :mad: , i had already deal with a situation like this before when i was barely trying to get the 280z running (thermostat housing), today however, the studs are almost all the way in... my question,.. is there any way to remove the timing front cover(whole oil pump, dizzy, etc) without messing up the timing? , I know I could use one of those kits to remove broken studs, but right now I could have access to a chrome cover for cheap, and I would like to take advantage of it, if possible. thanks guys ..
  9. cesar280z

    What is needed for a 1978 PFI 280Z to run?

    The third line I believe goes under the aux air valve , it heats up an element on the aux air valve to make it work properly. .I believe
  10. cesar280z


    Thanks guys,
  11. cesar280z


    Just a wondering, has anybody lately contacted (1 week ago) pallnet ? The ony email address that he provided is a hotmail and as we all know hotmail is out. ...and yes I tried outlook and also is not recognizing the address. ..hope pallnet sees this and replies. .
  12. cesar280z

    Speedo Cable Sleeve

    check the following link , it should answer your questions good luck! http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/thread1957.html
  13. cesar280z

    Fuel rail removal FI L jetronic?

    tell me about it!
  14. cesar280z

    1976 280z

    Just to say THANKS to all the people that get in here and take their time to help everybody with any known and unknown issue. I just got my fair lady running, I know I have a a long way to go ..however I know that Z friends of all over are around to help and contribute to keep them running..LONG LIVE THE Z!!

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