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  1. The entire thing. Boot, rod and cylinder. I also replaced master cylinder recently as well.
  2. Hey guys, I own a 77' 280 z and one morning the clutch system lost all pressure and locked into gear. I was able to get it off the road and inspected it for the cause of the issue. My slave cylinder under the passenger side was leaking fluid from the rubber boot side facing the rear of the car. I purchased a new part at a local auto parts store and installed it, inserting the metal rod into the boot like the one i took off. I bled the system and it tested good and i made it about 2 blocks before the clutch died again. upon looking under the car the boot had blown off and was pouring out of the
  3. Recently i have noticed an issue with my idle. when i turn the headlights on it gets very rough. The in dash voltmeter reads a little over 12 without them on, and goes to 12 when on. Two days ago i noticed the voltage was getting lower and lower as i was driving down the road until the car died. I replaced the battery and the alternator and the voltage still seems low. Is there a component i am missing? The only thing that has changed since i noticed the issue was i removed the cars after market cd player which no longer worked.
  4. Anyone know of a website that would have a used wheel hub for a 77' 280z for the passenger front side? I have a post up on craigslist and the classifieds here, but am getting no bites. The only thing i am missing to get my car back on the road.
  5. On the diagram after showing it to him. On the strut assembly he said i only need the part at the bottom. And on the axel diagram its part # 38 that i need. I'll check a junkyard when i get off otherwise if you have it available we can work something out.
  6. You wouldnt happen to have a picture of what these might look like would you? Hes saying a knuckle OR a spindle hes not sure what it might be called. But researching, they are two different things.
  7. So i took it to a shop and they said they are having problems finding the part. looking online i can't find the part he is talking about. Anyone know what it might be called? He said a Spindle / knuckle and something about the wheel bearing being welded to it. Looking online i can't find anything that fits that description.
  8. So on the way to work this morning i heard this grinding noise from the front right side of my car. Almost to work i hear a crunch and the car pulls to the right. I brake to check it out and NO BRAKES! I stop with the E brake and park it. When i get out the front right tire is smoking and smells terrible. Also the camber is off. The tire is at an angle. Like this \ School starts on monday. This couldnt have happened at a worse time!
  9. Hmm, Every now and then i get a gas smell. the exhaust isn't smoky at all. No backfires. Although it feels as if it will backfire at any moment with the way it runs. Under the hood everything looks fine. No oil leaks, or weird stuff i could tell.
  10. Hey guys, i have a 77' 280, lately My car has been lurching forward / chugging / just running terribly. It used to do it sometimes when the engine warmed up but it has been really cold here lately so i didn't notice if it was doing it or not. But now it does it really bad whether the engine is warmed up or not. Other things i have noticed that may be related. sometimes the car takes a lot of time turning over to start and it feels like it won't start then it does. But the idle is very low. about 1k ish, and dropping lower then coming back up. Also my oil pressure seems a little higher then usu
  11. Before i shell out any more money, Could a bad starter be the cause of all these problems, a local shop called to tell me i had a bad starter. The battery draining over night i can see, but the car losing power when i turn on the headlights? How much should this cost also? Would rather just do it myself then pay 300 dollars plus for them to bolt on a starter.
  12. So, replaced the voltage regulator. Still the same problem. Using a multimeter on the battery running with the radio and lights off is 13.20 V when i turn the lights on it just starts dropping. I watched it go down to the 11s before we shut them off. Let the battery charge back up to 13.20 and shut the car off. Tried to restart car a few minutes later and it will not start. Multimeter says there is still a drain on the battery when the car is off. But i didn't watch it long enough to see how far it would drop. Add on accessories in the car are power locks installed by PO and a Cd player instal
  13. Alternator and battery are both less then a year old, Been fighting Electrical gremlins for a while, first thinking alternator, then battery. But neither fixed the problem for more then a couple of months.
  14. Ok so it DOES have a voltage regulator, just not in the place my manual said it was. Was under this giant bracket. The battery with the car off and the regulator disconnected is 10.20 when i plug in the regulator it starts ticking down as i watch the meter, from 10.20 down to 10.10 and lower i just didn't feel the need to watch it any longer. Does that mean that the regulator is bad, just grounding out my battery's charge? If it is bad should i buy another one or upgrade the alternator to the 80s ZX model with the internal regulator? From the closest auto parts store to my house a new regulato
  15. Will get some pictures up today since i won't be doing much today as the car will not start. Last night the car died when i turned the headlights on, but ran without them. After looking through my haynes manual, and digging around in the forums there is a device that i can't seem to find on my car, the "voltage regulator" will a z run without one? I seem to just have a ball of wires. Like i said, i'll get some pics up.
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