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  1. I ahve not really check will roll out one day soon and check, Kid K
  2. Here is the cars new ride hight.
  3. Which ones, i brought htem all off Yahoo new.
  4. Mook up the wing(60mm lower springs on a boat from Japan) And DAT arse!!! Next to get the motor running....... one day
  5. Slow and steady.............................................. Never gets finshed Fitted some of me freshly repaired and polished trim and the side
  6. Wooo i would like those scuff panels................
  7. Buy it now is 12k for that gold coupe, has a had a bit of work done but a fair bit of rust in that body.
  8. Another over priced coupe Datsun 240K GL 1974 2D Hardtop 3 SP Automatic 2 4L Carb KHGC110 Kenmeri | eBay
  9. Seller tells me this is his last set of mirrors.
  10. Mirrors if anyone is looking Nissan Skyline C110 Kenmeri Datsun 240K Genuine JDM Fender Mirrors | eBay
  11. Anyone know if these "sedan" springs also fit he coupe?
  12. Hmmm 4 months into new year and not much has happen i have almost all the parts to SS trim now so think i will do that soon. I have played around with the dash just waiting on some more parts to arrive then will hope to get that in too.
  13. Maybe i should throw mine up on Ebay
  14. And its back tho looking cleaner this time. datsun 240k couple skyline c110 - Project Car - Drag Car - Nissan | eBay
  15. Had a look though my parts bin, Had 3 spares but none of the type your after.